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Created March 7, 2013 01:05
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A function for refactoring PHP code. Extracts the currently marked region and moves it to a new function.
(defun php-extract-function (start end name)
"Moves the currently marked text to a new function"
;; Prompt for new method name
(interactive "r\nsNew Function Name: ")
;; Kill selected region
(kill-region start end)
;; Insert call to new function
(insert "\n" name "();\n")
;; Set a marker so we can jump back to this line
(point-to-register 1)
;; Move to end of current function
;; Insert new function
(insert "\n\nfunction " name "()\n{\n"
(car kill-ring-yank-pointer)
;; Jump back to where function was snipped from
(jump-to-register 1))
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