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Primary player controls for wall running
@author Brandon Austin
@version 0.3 05/24/17
#include "WallRun.h"
#include "WallRunCharacter.h"
View MusicPlayerComponent.cpp
#include "Tacopocalypse.h"
#include "MusicTrackData.h"
#include "TacoSingleton.h"
#include "Engine.h"
#include "SoundDefinitions.h"
#include "MusicPlayerComponent.h"
// Sets default values for this component's properties
View TacopocalypsePawn-CalcRotationDiff.cpp
FVector ATacopocalypsePawn::CalcQuatDifference()
//Get the current rotation in quaternion
FQuat CurrentQuat = GetTransform().GetRotation();
//Get the quaternion rotational difference
FQuat TempQuat = PrevQuat.Inverse() * CurrentQuat;
//Update the previous rotation value
PrevQuat = CurrentQuat;
View MemoryManager.cpp
#include "MemoryManager.h"
namespace MemoryManager
//Helper functions to help determine allocation sizes
int convertSize(int x);
int calcSize(int right, int left);
const int MM_POOL_SIZE = 65536;
char MM_pool[MM_POOL_SIZE];