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Ari Archer TruncatedDinosour

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#ifndef _UWU_H
#define _UWU_H
#define awignas alignas
#define awignof alignof
#define awa auto
#define bowo bool
#define NOOOOOWOOOOO break
#define cawase case
#define charizardowo char
TruncatedDinosour /
Created May 15, 2023 20:17
simple python bundler
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
def a() -> None:
print("this is")
TruncatedDinosour /
Created April 20, 2023 20:08
discord server to use the new discord's Clyde AI

i have a friend discord server but is set it up now so yall could join, yall are free to join and use clyde, it has clyde enabled, i set up the permissions and everything, yall will only be able to chat in a single channel, join if none of those links work <3

:) chat there or reply to this if anything

TruncatedDinosour /
Created March 5, 2023 13:35
concept for GNU BASH syntax highlighing in python using linux procFS by Ari Archer
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""concept for GNU BASH syntax highlighing in python
author : Ari Archer <> / <>
license : GPLv3
this concept works ... almost, theres a problem, we need to somehow
take ownership of the stdin fd, but we cannot, the reason we need to take
ownership or priority over that fd is to make sure were the only ones reading
View heycomputer.c
#include <stdio.h>
#define hey int
#define computer main(void) {
#define can
#define you
#define please
#define say puts
#define thanks ;
#define kys return
#define bye }
TruncatedDinosour /
Last active March 6, 2022 12:32
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
from time import sleep
# python3 -m pip install --user beepy
from beepy import beep # type: ignore
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print(f"Usage: {sys.argv[0]} <time in minutes>")
TruncatedDinosour / index.js
Created July 10, 2021 13:08
A rlly painful JSfuck script, it literally just prints "hello"
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'use strict';[][[][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]][([][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+([][[]]+[])[+!+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]+([][[]]+[])[+[]]+([][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]]((!![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+([][[]]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]+([][[]]+[])[+!+[]]+(+[![]]+[][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]])[+!+[]+[+!+[]]]+([]+[])[(![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+([][[]]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+([][(![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[][(![]+[]