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Vectorspace AI Vectorspace-API

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Vectorspace-API / nlp-nlu-correlation-matrix-dataset-api
Created January 27, 2019 23:59
NLP/NLU Correlation Matrix Dataset API
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Vectorspace-API / correlated_cryptos
Created October 9, 2018 00:46
Pass a URL, global trend, concept, keyword or any text and get related cryptocurrencies based on an algorithm used for uncovering hidden relationships in data
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Vectorspace-API / correlated_stocks
Created August 30, 2018 03:43
Pass a URL, global trend, concept, keyword or any text and get related stocks based on an algorithm used for uncovering hidden relationships in data
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Vectorspace-API / Vectorspace-COVID-19-dataset-builder-returns
Created April 26, 2020 00:01
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"dataset_build": {
"time": "1587858047461048",
"dataset_url": "",
"vxv_token_addr": "0xC2A568489BF6AAC5907fa69f8FD4A9c04323081D",
"DPP_hash": "5fb68225c010cef9286226e7f7ebc7be52e87dca"
Vectorspace-API / Vectorspace-COVID-19-dataset-builder-curl
Created April 25, 2020 23:45
Vectorspace AI COVID-19 Dataset Builder - curl
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curl -d "ccl1=TMPRSS2&ccl2=Cytokine&ccl3=Arbidol&ccl4=ACE2&ccl5=AGTR1&query=concept_column_labels&themesource=theme_CMDB-ai-covid-19-drugs-v04&db=CMDB-ai-covid-19-v04&vxv_token_addr=0xC2A568489BF6AAC5907fa69f8FD4A9c04323081D" --get
View Vectorspace AI realtime NLU dataset test 14 for Elasticsearch-Kibana Graph import
"sym_id": "1",
"symbol": "ABBV",
"dpp_hash": "f9602b3ba4e10554a57f59d3680e15bca7301a3d",
Vectorspace-API / 2018-top-100-dataset-requests.csv
Created November 13, 2018 04:56
Vectorspace AI 2018 Top On-Demand Dataset Requests
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Dataset Type # of Requests
Search Trends 2997
Metals 2964
Foods 2957
Top Gainers/Losers 2957
Human Genes 2953
Pharmaceuticals 2951
Real estate 2913
Commodities 1759
Cities 1655
Vectorspace-API / summarize_data
Created September 11, 2018 09:25
Context-controlled data summarization with auto ranked tag extraction
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"summarized_data": [
{"sentence":"And though our sense of direction often feels innate, it may develop and perhaps be modified in a region of the brain called the retrosplenial cortex, next to the hippocampus, which becomes active when we investigate and judge the permanence of landmarks"},
{"sentence":"Recently, Maguire and colleagues proposed a new unified theory of the hippocampus, imagining it not as a repository for disparate memories and directions but as a constructor of scenes that incorporate both"},
{"sentence":"By contrast, following a sequence of directional instructions, as we do when using GPS, does not activate the hippocampus at all, according to work done by Veronique Bohbot, a cognitive neuroscientist at McGill University"},
{"sentence":") Edvard and May-Britt Moser have similarly hypothesized that our ability to time-travel mentally evolved directly from our ability to travel in the physical world, and that the mental processes that make navigation poss
Vectorspace-API / summarize_data_curl
Created September 11, 2018 09:21
Curl: Context-controlled summarization
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curl -d "query=" -X POST
Vectorspace-API / Contact
Created September 9, 2018 22:15
Vectorspace Life Sciences
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