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checkpoint jesse's vm bgp conf
# global configuration
AS 64986
#holdtime 15
#keepalive 5
# listen on
# listen on ::1
fib-update yes
# route-collector no
log updates
nexthop qualify via bgp
group "nycmesh" {
neighbor {
remote-as 65009
descr "kibble"
announce all
enforce local-as no
enforce neighbor-as no
#tcp md6sig password mekmitasdigoat
multihop 3
# restricted socket for bgplg(8)
# socket "/var/www/run/bgpd.rsock" restricted
# neighbors and peers
# do not send or use routes from EBGP neighbors without
# further explicit configuratio maybe you need announce all on your side?
# i got that hmmmmmmmmmmm well can we just comment out all these stock filters?n
#deny from ebgp
#deny to ebgp
allow from group nycmesh
allow to group nycmesh
match from any set nexthop self
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