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View change google doc font size.ahk
; *********************** chrome FONT SIZE = 6 (gdoc)
; shortcut you can use: Alt=! CTRL=^ shift=+ windowskey=#
; you can debug it by inserting mesage box in the code: msgbox it's not full screen
; dont put comment inside a function: it will bug.
!q:: ; (alt+Q)
; first, maximized the screen
WiliTest / some_google_doc_shortcuts_to_change_font_highlight.user.js
Last active Jun 8, 2020
some google doc shortcuts to change the font and highlights (works with tampermonkey)
View some_google_doc_shortcuts_to_change_font_highlight.user.js
// Help needed: I failed to send a value to the text resize and to apply it. Any idea ?
// to install this script: install the tampermonkey extension. Then click on "raw" on this github page.
// *perso note:
//to install or to send update:
// 1/ edit must be done on github (cf. the url in the tab settings).
// 2/ Edit/update the script (using the edit github button) + increase the version (or it will ask to reinstall in the next step)
// (don't need to increase the version if the change are just for myself: just reinstall it to keep the version)
// 3/ click on RAW (it will show the changes).