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masak /
Created Apr 18, 2012
How is git commit sha1 formed

Ok, I geeked out, and this is probably more information than you need. But it completely answers the question. Sorry.

Locally, I'm at this commit:

$ git show
commit d6cd1e2bd19e03a81132a23b2025920577f84e37
Author: jnthn <>
Date:   Sun Apr 15 16:35:03 2012 +0200

    When I added FIRST/NEXT/LAST, it was idiomatic but not quite so fast. This makes it faster. Another little bit of masak++'s program.
View gist:5231110
OVERVIEW: LLVM 'Clang' Compiler:
USAGE: clang -cc1 [options] <inputs>
-### Print the commands to run for this compilation
--analyze Run the static analyzer
--migrate Run the migrator
--relocatable-pch Build a relocatable precompiled header
--serialize-diagnostics <value>
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