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It's a Doc Hack Day!

Welcome! No matter what you're level of Symfony or how you feel about your English (I'm sure it's just fine), we have plenty of things we need help with! This document will guide you through everything:

Where are we meeting?

We're meeting on Freenode in the #symfony-docs channel. Come hang out!

What can I work on?

Easy. We have a Google Doc:

From here, you can see a big list of issues. Some are easy, others are harder or take more time. Some might be done, others are waiting for you. Check out the Level to find something

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Difficult
  • Needs Conversation These have some unanswered question on the ticket that needs the community's review. Sometimes the question has nothing to do with Symfony even - we need your expertise to move this forward!

How does the process work?

If you're new to contributing, check out Contributing to the Documentation. We use a format called reStructuredText.

But don't worry, we're really nice and we'll help you out along the way.

  1. Find something to work on. When you've chosen something, just put your name on the spreadsheet. Don't worry, that doesn't commit you to have to finish it - but we hope you do. You can always take your name off of it later.

Can't find something or have questions? Find WouterJ or weaverryan in the #symfony-docs channel or at the conferenc.

  1. Work on it! Sometimes this means just commenting on a ticket, other times it means creating a pull request. Do whatever you feel comfortable. Every task needs its own work. As soon as you've started something, create a PR and prefix the title with [WIP]. This lets everyone comment and collaborate on it while you're working. When it's finished, just remove the prefix.

  2. Finish the work or what you can! One way or another, when you're done, add comments to your PR that you think will be helpful (or update the spreadsheet with any notes if there is no PR to comment on).

And have fun! Do what you can - we appreciate the help.

Have questions or want to high-five online?

We'll be hanging out in the #symfony-docs channel on Freenode - find WouterJ or weaverryan, and we'll be happy to chat with you. Everyone else there will be nice too - it's the documentation, so it's a pretty-easy going group :).

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