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David Pennington Xeoncross

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Xeoncross / zaplog.go
Created Jan 22, 2020
Example helper for creating a new zap.Logger instance that logs to stderr without the caller/stacktrace.
View zaplog.go
package zaplog
import (
// For testing use
Xeoncross / logger.js
Last active Jan 21, 2020
Expressjs Server Monitoring with Winston + Morgan
View logger.js
const { createLogger, format, transports } = require("winston");
// { error: 0, warn: 1, info: 2, verbose: 3, debug: 4, silly: 5 }
const level = process.env.LOG_LEVEL || "debug";
function formatParams(info) {
const { timestamp, level, message, ...args } = info;
const ts = timestamp.slice(0, 19).replace("T", " ");
Xeoncross / domdocument_encoding.php
Last active Jan 20, 2020
Fix HTML encoding errors with PHP DOMDocument
View domdocument_encoding.php
// Ignore errors
libxml_use_internal_errors(true) AND libxml_clear_errors();
// original input (unknown encoding)
Xeoncross / fingerprint.php
Last active Jan 17, 2020
Generate a fingerprint from and RSA SSH public key
View fingerprint.php
print "\n";
$rsa = file_get_contents('');
$ssh = file_get_contents('');
// For reference
print $rsa . "\n\n";
print $ssh . "\n\n";
Xeoncross / clean_html.php
Created Mar 8, 2013
Sanitize HTML using PHP and the DOMDocument
View clean_html.php
* Clean HTML string removing all element attributes and elements which are
* not in the provided whitelist (but keeping their allowed children).
* @see
* @param string $html to clean
* @param array $whitelist
function clean_html($html, array $whitelist)
Xeoncross / timezone.php
Created Sep 8, 2011
The perfect TimeZone selectbox list for PHP 5.3+
View timezone.php
$regions = array(
'Africa' => DateTimeZone::AFRICA,
'America' => DateTimeZone::AMERICA,
'Antarctica' => DateTimeZone::ANTARCTICA,
'Aisa' => DateTimeZone::ASIA,
'Atlantic' => DateTimeZone::ATLANTIC,
'Europe' => DateTimeZone::EUROPE,
'Indian' => DateTimeZone::INDIAN,
'Pacific' => DateTimeZone::PACIFIC
View Every possible TypeScript

Hasse diagram of every possible TypeScript type

  • any: magic, ill-behaved type that acts like a combination of never (the proper [bottom type]) and unknown (the proper [top type])
    • Anything at all is assignable to any, and any is assignable to anything at all.
    • Identities: any & AnyTypeExpression = any, any | AnyTypeExpression = any
    • Key TypeScript feature that allows for [gradual typing].
  • unknown: proper, well-behaved [top type]
    • Anything at all is assignable to unknown. unknown is only assignable to itself (unknown) and any.
    • Identities: unknown & AnyTypeExpression = AnyTypeExpression, unknown | AnyTypeExpression = unknown
    • Prefer over any whenever possible. Anywhere in well-typed code you're tempted to use any, you probably want unknown.
Xeoncross / traverse_node.go
Created Jan 5, 2017
Simple DOM node traversal in golang using a very useful collector/matcher function
View traverse_node.go
package main
import (
Xeoncross /
Created Nov 5, 2012
Git - calculate how many lines of code were added/changed by someone
# Run this in the project repo from the command-line
git log --shortstat --author "Xeoncross" --since "2 weeks ago" --until "1 week ago" | grep "files changed" | awk '{files+=$1; inserted+=$4; deleted+=$6} END {print "files changed", files, "lines inserted:", inserted, "lines deleted:", deleted}'
Xeoncross /
Last active Jan 7, 2020
Ideas for an authentication library in Go to handle login, sessions, and request protection for HTML forms as well as single-page apps (or other clients)

Login / Auth System

Protect against:

  • DoS
  • Lock accounts after failed attempts
  • forgotten password tokens (or remeber me, CSRF, etc..) being used as logins (hash them all)
  • someone faking a login attempt and that action loging out valid user sessions
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