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Yggdrasil / gist:163d63a11f0efbc6a13b
Created Jun 30, 2015
Fetch and format a list of Pingdom probe servers via bash-scripting
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# It can be useful to pull the list of Pingdom probe servers and format it for various applications, such as ACLs or whitelists.
# We simply use the RSS-feed and some Bash-scripting.
# For example, an Apache access-list:
printf "# Pingdom servers at %s\nAllow from " "$(date -u +%F' '%T' '%Z)" ; \
wget -qO- \
| awk '/IP: / {print $2}' | awk -F';' '{print$1}' | sort -n \
| while read ip; do \
printf "%s " "$ip" ;
done | sed 's/ $//' ; echo

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# Intial git svn clone:
# git svn clone --prefix=svn/ -A ~/.svn2git/authors -s wxWidgets
cd ~/svn-git-mirrors/wxWidgets;
if [ -f .sync-running-wxWidgets ]; then exit 1; fi;
touch .sync-running-wxWidgets
Yggdrasil / gist:4051062
Created Nov 10, 2012
Puppet virtual users class
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# Class: users
# This module manages users
# Parameters:
# Actions:
# Requires:
Yggdrasil / swap.pp
Created Oct 19, 2012
Puppet class to manage a swapfile on a node
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# Class: base::swap
# This class manages swapspace on a node.
# Parameters:
# - $ensure Allows creation or removal of swapspace and the corresponding file.
# - $swapfile Defaults to /mnt which is a fast ephemeral filesystem on EC2 instances.
# This keeps performance reasonable while avoiding I/O charges on EBS.
# - $swapfilesize Size of the swapfile in MB. Defaults to memory size, but see Requires.
Yggdrasil / gist:3655448
Created Sep 6, 2012
Puppet: Run apt-get update before installing Package
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exec { "apt-get update":
refreshonly => true,
schedule => daily,
Exec["apt-get update"] -> Package <| |>
View NginX Hooks Location
location /hooks {
alias /srv/hooks/public;
passenger_enabled on;
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DPKG_BUILD_ARCH="$(dpkg --print-architecture)"
set -e
DESTDIR="$(mktemp -d)"
debra create "$DESTDIR"
trap "debra destroy \"$DESTDIR\"" EXIT