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install it via

brew install youtube-dl

full playlist

here's for fast ai's course:

from keras.layers import Dense
from keras.layers import Flatten
from keras.layers import Conv2D
from keras.layers import MaxPooling2D
from keras.layers import Dropout
from keras.models import Sequential
def vgg16():
model = Sequential()
model.add(Conv2D(64, (3, 3), padding='same', activation='relu', input_shape=(224, 224, 3)))
adammenges / index.html
Created October 22, 2021 17:55
Psychedelic waves
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<div class="world"></div>
<div class="title">
<p>Looking at these waves for 1 minute<br/>will bring you 56% more serenity*</p>
<p class="remark">* According to a very serious and reliable study conducted by myself.</p>
<div class="credits">
<a href="" target="blank">my other codepens</a> | <a href="" target="blank"></a></div>