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Andrew Dunkman adunkman

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adunkman / lessjs.rb
Created Apr 14, 2011 — forked from andyfowler/lessjs.rb
Jekyll plugin to render LESS ( files during generation.
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module Jekyll
class LessCssFile < StaticFile
def write(dest)
# do nothing
class LessJsGenerator < Generator
safe true
adunkman / gist:2580972
Created May 2, 2012 — forked from hellosmithy/transparency.styl
Cross-browser alpha transparent background CSS (rgba) Stylus mixin
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// background transparency
background-transparency(color, alpha = 1)
ms-color = argb(color, alpha)
background rgb(color)
background rgba(color, alpha)
.lt-ie8 &
zoom 1
.lt-ie9 &
background transparent
filter s('progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=%s,endColorstr=%s)', ms-color, ms-color)
adunkman /
Created May 4, 2012
StrangeLoop Session Proposal

#Title TBD

###Abstract How many languages and APIs can we squeeze into an hour? Let's take a tour through as many popular REST APIs as we can by writing 5 minute applications in a variety of languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C#, etc). We'll discuss some of the finer points of REST API design and why some languages are naturally better for consuming web services than others.

Talk Type: Survey
Track: /etc
Video Approval: Yes
Talk Duration: 50 minutes
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# Next Meetup: Tuesday, january 15
# Topics:
- connect/express middleware - 3
- non-http networks - 8 - DUN DUN DUN
- Torrent
- Multicast (Frank)
- Serial
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