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aladagemre / d_social_login.php
Created May 21, 2014 11:14
Dreamvention Social Login Turkish translation
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// Heading
$_['heading_title'] = 'Hesap';
// Text
$_['text_sign_in_with_google'] = 'Giriş Yap';
$_['text_sign_in_with_facebook'] = 'Giriş Yap';
$_['text_sign_in_with_twitter'] = 'Giriş Yap';
$_['text_sign_in_with_live'] = 'Giriş Yap';
$_['text_sign_in_with_linkedin'] = 'Giriş Yap';
aladagemre / quickcheckout.php
Created May 21, 2014 11:20
Dreamvention Ajax Quick Checkout Turkish translation
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$_['option_register_payment_address_title'] = 'Ödeme detayları';
$_['option_register_payment_address_description'] = '';
$_['option_register_shipping_address_title'] = 'Teslimat detayları';
$_['option_register_shipping_address_description'] = '';
$_['option_register_shipping_method_title'] = 'Teslimat yöntemi';
$_['option_register_payment_method_title'] = 'Ödeme yöntemi';
$_['option_guest_payment_address_title'] = 'Ödeme detayları';
aladagemre /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:02
Raspberrypy Temperature Logger
import time
import datetime
period = 1 # secs between each measurement
filename = "output.csv" # filename to write data.
def get_temperature():
# Open the file that we viewed earlier so that python can see what is in it. Replace the serial number as before.
tfile = open("/sys/bus/w1/devices/10-000802824e58/w1_slave")
# Read all of the text in the file.
aladagemre /
Created February 10, 2015 16:25
Jekyll to Pelican convertor. Only fixes categories, tags list to comma separated tags and single category
# encoding: utf-8
import os
filenames = filter(lambda x: x.endswith(".md"), os.listdir("."))
def parse(filename):
print filename
lines = open(filename).read().split("\n")
tags_i = None
last_tag_i = None
tags = []
aladagemre /
Created June 24, 2015 17:42
TDK'dan bir küme kelimenin eş anlamlılarını çeken betik
# coding: utf-8
# TDK sözlüğünden eş anlamlıları çeker.
# words.txt dosyasında her satırda bir kelime olacak şekilde girdi listelenir.
# meanings.txt dosyasına her kelime için eş anlamlılarını bulur ve satır satır yazar.
import requests
import codecs
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
aladagemre /
Created August 24, 2015 17:53
Recursive mp4 duration counter
When you have lots of mp4 files in a folder recursively (lots of subfolders and mp4s residing inside),
You can use this script to measure total duration of all mp4 files.
Useful in estimating the total course duration.
Run this script in folder where you want to start counting from.
import subprocess
aladagemre /
Created June 27, 2011 18:25
Image downloader for Latex
"""Asks for image URL, downloads it to images folder.
Generates bibtex record and appends it to the end of the bib file.
Prints the figure LaTeX code."""
import urllib
import shutil
import os
def download_file(url, binary=True):
filename = url.split('/')[-1].split("?")[0]
aladagemre /
Created December 9, 2015 22:38
igraph c binding code
lib IGraph
VS_ALL = 0
VS_ADJ = 1
VS_1 = 3
aladagemre / mptt-load
Created March 2, 2013 20:43
Easy way of MPTT Fixtures: parsing tree and creating objects manually
View mptt-load
Parses a given file as a category tree and saves each item as MPTT Objects.
Example format of the input file:
- Books
-- Novel
-- Tech
--- Science-Fiction
--- Documentary
-- Fun
View DbUpdaterJob
public Map<String,Object> run(Map<String,Object> args) throws Exception {
String crawlId = (String)args.get(Nutch.ARG_CRAWL);
numJobs = 1;
currentJobNum = 0;
currentJob = new NutchJob(getConf(), "update-table");
if (crawlId != null) {
currentJob.getConfiguration().set(Nutch.CRAWL_ID_KEY, crawlId);
//job.setBoolean(ALL, updateAll);
ScoringFilters scoringFilters = new ScoringFilters(getConf());