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Dem keyboards don't go click click on their own you know

Alec Clews alecthegeek

Dem keyboards don't go click click on their own you know
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alecthegeek / SqlplusStartup
Created Jun 4, 2009
Oracle SQLplus. Add this to $SQLPATH/login.sql
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set sqlprompt "&_USER@&_CONNECT_IDENTIFIER> "
define _editor='c:\Progra~1\Vim\vim72\gvim.exe --nofork'
rem -----
rem Also add to filetype.vim
rem ------------------
View Find the git dir for local repo
if b=`git rev-parse --git-dir 2>/dev/null`; then
echo git here at $b
echo no git
alecthegeek / Kill UNIX processes by string
Created Sep 14, 2009
Kill a proccess identifed vy a string
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#! /bin/sh
# See
string="$1" ; export string
scriptname=`basename $0` ; export scriptname
kps=`ps -ef|nawk '$0 ~ ENVIRON["string"] && $0 !~ ENVIRON["scriptname"] {print $2}'`
echo $string has PID \"$kps\"
View Dimensions: Find bad item lib files
Query that might help locate item library files that have been inserted incorrectly
select filename
from pcms_item_data, pcms_workset_items, pcms_workset_info
where file_version > 1
and lib_file_length = 0
and pcms_workset_info.product_id = '$GENERIC'
and pcms_workset_info.workset_name = '$GLOBAL'
and pcms_workset_info.workset_uid = pcms_workset_items.workset_uid
View Text mode 'gitk --all'. Thanks to schacon
git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --all --graph
alecthegeek / build IDs with git
Created Nov 4, 2009
Generate build ID in Git
View build IDs with git
use the output of git log -1 '--pretty=format:%h %ai' (example: "d19611c 2009-10-01 01:58:19 -0400")
(from Nikolas Coukouma)
alecthegeek / gist:226499
Created Nov 4, 2009 — forked from claudinec/gist:226453
Locate dropbox conflicts
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find ~/Dropbox -name '*conflicted copy*'
alecthegeek / yahoo pipe to filter github RSS feeds
Created Nov 10, 2009
yahoo pipe to filter github RSS feeds
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alecthegeek / Pomodoro_Template.tsktmpl
Created Dec 29, 2009
Pomodoro template for taskcoach
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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<?taskcoach release="0.77.0" tskversion="27"?>
<task id="168052332:1262058476.11" startdatetmpl="Today() + TimeDelta(0)" status="1" subject="Pomodoro Task">
Estimated : xP
Actual (X):
Internal Interuptions ('):
External Interuption (-):
alecthegeek / git-croncheck
Created Mar 4, 2010 — forked from elecnix/git-croncheck
be notified when your repo is dirty
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# Put this in your crontab to be notified when your repo is dirty or commits needs to be pushed to a remote.
# Example crontab:
# MAILTO=user@yourdomain
# 0 * * * Mon-Fri /path/to/check-repo-status /path/to/repo
cd $1
git status | grep 'working directory clean' 2>/dev/null 1>/dev/null || {
git status
git diff