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alexdelorenzo /
Created April 20, 2018 07:19 — forked from Schnouki/
OpenVPN for a single application using network namespaces -- helper scripts
#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# Initialize VPN
sudo vpnns up
sudo vpnns start_vpn
# Popcorn time!
sudo ip netns exec frootvpn sudo -u $USER popcorntime
# Cleanup
Ansible playbook to setup HTTPS using Let's encrypt on nginx.
The Ansible playbook installs everything needed to serve static files from a nginx server over HTTPS.
The server pass A rating on [SSL Labs](
To use:
1. Install [Ansible](
2. Setup an Ubuntu 16.04 server accessible over ssh
3. Create `/etc/ansible/hosts` according to template below and change to your domain
4. Copy the rest of the files to an empty directory (`playbook.yml` in the root of that folder and the rest in the `templates` subfolder)