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Alex King alexkingorg

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mrdoob / RequestAnimationFrame.js
Created Feb 22, 2011
Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
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* Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
* @author paulirish /
if ( !window.requestAnimationFrame ) {
window.requestAnimationFrame = ( function() {
return window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
mjangda / wpcom-open-graph.php
Created Sep 5, 2011
Add Open Graph tags to your WordPress site
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* Open Graph Tags
* Add Open Graph tags so that Facebook (and any other service that supports them)
* can crawl the site better and we provide a better sharing experience.
* @link
* @link
litchfield /
Created Oct 12, 2011
Double decode utf8 and cp1252
#!/usr/bin/env python
Ever had a mysqldump of utf8 data stored in latin1 tables, dumped in utf8 and
munged with windows cp1252?
If so this is your friend. Just pipe it through this little baby and spare
yourself hours of unicode hell- it'll take your dirt and spit out clean utf8.
You can also import it and use it in your python code.
bigdawggi / README.txt
Created Oct 24, 2011 — forked from alexkingorg/wp-switch-to-post.php
switch_to_post() stack implementation (similar to switch_to_blog()) for WordPress
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# Switch to Post README
## Overview
switch_to_post() stack implementation (similar to switch_to_blog()) for WordPress
## Questions
1. Do we want to still switch to post if the get_post fails?
2. Have a (bool) return value based on get_post?
## Test Steps
bigdawggi / Outbound Link Tracking - Google Analytics.js
Created Nov 22, 2011
jQuery-based outbound link tracking with cases for new window as well as same window locations
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markjaquith / .all
Last active Oct 10, 2018
Bash stuff
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for f in ~/Dropbox/bash/*; do source $f; done
bdha / vbox_to_kvm.txt
Created Mar 1, 2012
Migrating from VirtualBox to KVM on ZFS
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# It's important to convert the vbox image (VMDK or VDI or whatever) using
# the same version of VirtualBox that created it. You can try converting the image
# with qemu-img or kvm-img, but weird version mismatches will possibly make it not
# work.
# On your VirtualBox machine:
VBoxManage clonehd machine.vmdk machine.img --format RAW
scp machine.img root@kvm-host:/somewhere
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gordonbrander / tiny-state-machine.js
Created May 25, 2012
World's Tiniest JavaScript State Machine
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var StateMachine = {
// Register valid states for this object.
__states__: {
'success': ['failure'],
'failure': ['success']
// Set initial state.
__state__: 'success',
evansolomon / gist:3568555
Created Sep 1, 2012
Bash helpers for navigating WordPress code
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# Alias ST2's command line tool for a shorter (easier-to-remember) name
alias st="/Applications/Sublime\ Text\"
# Search for an open Sublime Text to a function definition
function fx() {
ack "function &?$1\(" | awk {'print $1'} | sed 's/:$//g' | xargs st
# Example usage from the root of a WordPress repository
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