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algernon / Makefile
Created Jul 7, 2011
JSON to BSON conversion in C
View Makefile
all: json2bson
rm -f json2bson
json2bson: json2bson.c
${CC} $(shell pkg-config --cflags json libmongo-client glib-2.0) -Wall -O0 -ggdb3 -std=c99 ${CFLAGS} \
$(shell pkg-config --libs json libmongo-client glib-2.0) -o $@ $^
check: all
./json2bson <test.json >test.bson
algernon / trim-at-boundary.clj
Created Aug 7, 2011
Trim strings at word boundary, with a maximum length
View trim-at-boundary.clj
(ns algernon.util
(:require [clojure.contrib.str-util2 :as s]))
(defn trim-at-boundary [string max-len]
(if (< (.length string) max-len)
(str (s/take
(reduce #(if (< (+ (.length %1) (.length %2) 1) (- max-len 3))
(str %1 " " %2) %1)
(s/split string #"\s"))
algernon / utf8wtf.rb
Created Nov 17, 2011
Fun stuff with UTF-8
View utf8wtf.rb
#! ruby -KUTF-8
hello world = "Goodbye world!"
  = "For real?!?"
 1 = 2
puts 1 + 1
puts hello world
algernon /
Created Nov 25, 2011
The Journal => JSON exporter, via systemd-journalctl
#! /usr/bin/python
## Usage: systemd-journalctl |
import json
import sys
class JournalCtlParser:
fp = None
def __init__(self, fp):
algernon /
Created Aug 24, 2012
Obfuscated uniq -c in Perl
#!perl -n
BEGIN{$;=open(STDOUT,"|sort -nr")&&0;}$"=$_ if !$;++;next if $_ eq $";print $;-1 ."|".$";($;,$")=(1,$_);END{print "$;|".$";}
algernon /
Created Oct 9, 2012
AMQP consumer in python, for testing
#! /usr/bin/python
import sys
import pika
# Import all adapters for easier experimentation
from pika.adapters import *
pika.log.setup(pika.log.INFO, color=True)
algernon / dance.bas
Created Nov 25, 2012
My very first program, ever
View dance.bas
10 PRINT CHR$(27);"N"
20 PRINT "\o/"
30 PRINT " | "
40 PRINT "/ \"
50 FOR I=1 TO 1000: NEXT
60 PRINT CHR$(27);"N"
70 PRINT " o "
80 PRINT "/|\"
90 PRINT "/ \"
100 FOR I=1 TO 1000: NEXT
algernon / python-lisp-hybrid
Created Feb 4, 2013
A python "dialect" with significant parens. The point is, any whitespace at the beginning of line that is used for indentation must be replaced by opening parens, and to end a block, you must close all relevant parens.
View python-lisp-hybrid
def foobar(blah):
((for i in range(1, 10):
((((print "blah: %s" % blah))))))
algernon / fizzbuzz-seq.clj
Created Feb 10, 2013
A fizzbuzz implementation that produces a lazy list of results.
View fizzbuzz-seq.clj
(defn fizzbuzz-seq
(letfn [(nil-prefix [n s]
(concat (take n (cycle [nil])) [s]))]
(map #(let [s (or %4 %2 %3 (inc %1))] s)
(cycle (nil-prefix 2 "Fizz"))
(cycle (nil-prefix 4 "Buzz"))
(cycle (nil-prefix 14 "FizzBuzz")))))
algernon / fizzbuzz-logic.clj
Last active Dec 12, 2015
My feeble attempt at implementing FizzBuzz using core.logic, one which can be run back and forth aswell. Requires core.logic 0.8.0-rc3-SNAPSHOT or later.
View fizzbuzz-logic.clj
(refer 'clojure.core :exclude [==])
(use '[clojure.core.logic])
(require '[clojure.core.logic.fd :as fd])
(require '[clojure.test :as t])
(defn multo
"Ensure that `n` is a multiplicate of `div`."
[n div]
(fresh [x]
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