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Impero languageResources.txt (trimmed)
# This is a file found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Client\LanguageResources.txt".
# I have removed the parts that are in non-english languages, duplicate items, and trimmed some long messages.
# Anything suprising or suspicous is marked with 10 unicode full blocks (█) at the start of the line.
# Weird substitution things are replaced with "[something]" (without quotes).
# Enjoy!
cannot have their password reset
- If you use a Full Version Activation Code, Impero will download your licence file and will be fully functional.
of the options. User
* Potential savings are calculated based on shutting down the computers when they have been idle for [something] minutes
*Please note the logoff, restart and shutdown actions will first ask any logged on users for confirmation and allow 1 minute to respond...
. Users in AD groups containing
[Add New Member]
[something] (physical machine) using [something] (remote machine name)
[something] computers selected
[something] days
[something] has [something] GB free space out of [something] GB remaining
[something] hours
[something] left the chat session.
[something] mins
[something] ms
[something] removed [something] from the chat session.
[something] seconds
[something] was closed by an Impero Console user
+1 Credit
+10 Credits
+30 Credits
+5 Credits
+50 Credits
< Previous
1 user ticked
1. Press 'Go To Website' to submit your registration data
2. Copy and Paste the activation data from the website here
3. Press OK to register Impero
A Console User
A Console user has been notified of your help request
A Console user has been notified of your request
A Console user will be in contact shortly
A favourite by this name already exists, please select a different name
A Hibernate action item has been triggered
A new user
A profile with that name already exists, please choose a different name
A report with this name already exists
A Standby action item has been triggered
A website (e.g-
A Website Address / URL
A Window (e.g- Control Panel)
A Window Caption (eg. *Control Panel*)
A Window has been closed
A written answer. Marked by keyword
A written word or phrase
A written word or phrase (e.g-hack impero)
A4 Landscape
A5 Landscape
Abort if the following applications are openAbout ImperoAcceptable Use PolicyAccess Denied
Access Denied. Maybe the password or username is incorrect
Access Revoked
Access right is for a
Access Rights
Access rights for [something] were successfully copied to the new user or ticked entities
Access Rights List
Access to datasource is denied
Access to dynamic Pin groups
Access to only Global FavouritesAccessed Banned Resource
Accessed HTTP containing
Accessed URL containing
Account Name/Email Address
ACPI supportAction Details
Action Policy
Action Policy Item Add
Action Policy Item Removed
Action to perform once files are found
Action to perform when maximum licences reached
Action to perform when remote viewing or remote controlling users in this group
Action to perform when users raise 'Minor' captures
Action to perform when users raise 'Moderate' captures
Action to perform when users raise 'Severe' captures
Action to take on duplicate loginsActions to perform after reaching maximum licences
Activate Pin Group
Activate Session
Activated Modules
Activation Code
Activation codeActive Blocks
Active Consoles
Active cooling
Active datafile has failed, logging will not be possible while in this state.
Active datafile is healthy but one or more datafiles report failures.
Active directory connection
Active Directory Group
Active Directory Groups
Active Directory Settings
Active Windows
Active Workstations
AD Groups
AD/LDAP Control
ADapter RAM
Adapter typeAdd / Define all Hotspots,
Add / Import Attachment
Add A Background Image (Optional)
Add a custom colour tint to the Impero interface
Add a New Group
Add a new Group, filtering users by Computer or User Name, IP Address, MAC Address, AD/LDAP Security group and much more.
Add Access Right
Add Action
Add Action Item
Add All Answer Options, and set the words / images for them
Add All Answers, and set the words / images for them,
Add All Keywords / Phrases,
Add All Possible Answer Options,
Add all the answers, and set the words / images for them
Add Allowed Item
Add an existing question from all current questions...
Add and Edit Answers
Add and Edit Answers, and select Correct Answers
Add Answer Location
Add Answer Option
Add Answers
Add any attachments you want as part of the question
Add Any Background Words / Images (Optional),
Add Application
Add Application to Licencing Control
Add Application to Software Licencing
Add Attachment
Add Background Image
Add Block
Add Choice
Add Container
Add credits
Add Custom Report
Add datasource
Add Date, Time, Username and Computer name to each printed page
Add Directory
Add Domain
Add Exclusion
Add existing datafile
Add Filter
Add Filter To Containers
Add Firewall Item
Add Fixed Item
Add Group
Add Group Member
Add Groups
Add Groups feature
Add Hotspot
Add Image
Add IP Range
Add Item
Add Machines to Profile
Add New Policy
Add new user...
Add Note
Add or Edit Answers
Add Order
Add Printer
Add Printer to pCredit
Add Profile
Add Report
Add Result Locations,
Add school
Add School ID
Add schools
Add Search Container
Add the ticked users to the group...
Add the Ticked users to the 'Screens Locked' group
Add to allow list
Add to Favourites
Add to Group
Add To Palette
Add to policy list
Add to profile
Add to Quick Access Toolbar
Add User
Add Users
Add Users To Chat
Add Whitelist Item
Add/Edit Policy Item
Adding logs to daily reports. Completed
Additional Proxy Ports (separate multiple ports with semicolons)AddressAdmin ToolsAdministratorAdv SettingsAdvanced Blocking System
Advanced Policies
Advanced Policies - Esafety
Advanced Policies - Full
Advanced Policy System
Advanced SettingsAGP supportAlert console users
Alert Console Users of Activation
Alert Consoles
Alert consoles when HD space < 200MB
Alert consoles when users in this group log on
Alert OptionsAlerts have been enabled (assuming that your access rights allow you to receive alerts)
Alerts have been temporarily disabledAll backups
All changes are saved to the file you have loaded.
All Consoles
All Containers
All datafiles are healthy
All datafiles are reporting failed, logging and queries will not work while in this state.
All datafiles are reporting healthy.
All Dates
All Escalated Captures
All False Positive Captures
All Groups
All MIME Types
All non-user based settings can be modified from here.
All Processes For All Computers
All Require Attention Captures
All Resolved Captures
All rights reserved
All Screens
All Services For All Computers
All Severe Escalated Captures
All students exams will be ended.
All the ticked computers' hard disk drives can be searched for the file matching the wildcard you specify, Impero can automatically Del...
All Unclassified Captures
All Under Investigation Captures
Allocate print creditsAllow all devices
Allow any client version to connect
Allow certain resources to bypass other blocks
Allow Impero Console users to bypass group policies for Low or Medium groups
Allow Licence Resyncs
Allow List
Allow List feature
Allow only encrypted devices
Allow Only Policy
Allow service stop
Allow service stop with password
Allow Students to go back to previous question(s)
Allow the use of Include All group criteria
Allow unencrypted devices
Allow Uninstall
Allow uninstall under the following conditions
Allow user to close
Allow user to log out
Allowed booking types
Allowed devices only
Allowed to Clear
Allowed to Control
Allowed to Remote Control
Allowed To View Group and
Allowed to View Policy and
Allow-Only Websites
Alphabetically sort the list below
Always allow remote viewing of clients (bypass client security)
Always ask users to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy when they log on
Always Take Control on Full Screen Mode
An 'Acceptable Use Policy' with the same name already exists, please choose another
An Allow-only list disables all other websites other than those in the list. For example, if you add* , this website ...
An Application (e.g - game.exe)
An Application (eg. *game.exe)
An application tried to access a banned internet port
An error occured while attmempting to get the global settings from the server
An error occured
An Impero Console user is requesting you to send them a file. Please choose a file that you wish to send them.
An Impero Policy has been enabled which Locks your screen. This failed because your username contains 'admin'.
An installation is already in progress, please wait until all installations have finished
An installation is currently in progress. Do you wish to cancel this?
An unknown error occured
An unknown error occured, please contact Impero Solutions LtdAnalysis Completeand set the maximum number of links allowed.
and set the maximum number of selections allowed
and there are no other users in Confide to replace them. please create another user.Answer mode
Answer Type
Any allowed items you add MUST be at least 3 letters
Any blocks you add MUST be at least 3 letters
Any devices not on the allow list will be blocked
Any items you add to a White List will be allowed even if they happen to be blocked in another group policy.
Any members of the existing built in groups will be removed if you apply this change. This action cannot be undone.
Any unencrypted devices will be blocked
Any whitelist items you add MUST be at least 3 letters
APM supportApple Disk Image File - *.dmg
Apple Installer Package - *.pkg
Apple iPhone 4 and iPad link to setup files <a href=''>install files</a>
Apple MAC Client (OSX 10.5 or later) link to setup files <a href=''>install files</a>
Apple Master Installer Package - *.mpkgApplication Busy
Application Description
Application Name
Application ReportsApplications
Applications Used
Applied Groups For This User
Applied groups settings for this user
applied policies
Applied Policy Viewer
Applied Result
Applies to Ticked UsersApply Changes
Apply changes to
Apply Configuration
Apply Product Changes
Apply Profile Changes
Apply Settings
Apply these settingsAre you sure - this will overwrite the settings on the selected policies.
Are you sure you have completed this question?
Are you sure you want to add all the computers in this group to the selected profile?
Are you sure you want to add data file '[something]' at '[something]?
Are you sure you want to backup now? Queries will not be processed while backing up.
Are you sure you want to close the Impero Console?
Are you sure you want to delete this exam?
Are you sure you want to delete this question?
Are you sure you want to leave this Pin Group?
Are you sure you want to remove data file '[something]'?
Are you sure you wish to add the ticked users to the '[something]' group?
Are you sure you wish to cancel the current import?
Are you sure you wish to clear all the Acceptable Use Policy signatures?
Are you sure you wish to clear the Application Log of the remote computer?
Are you sure you wish to clear the Security Log of the remote computer?
Are you sure you wish to clear the System Log of the remote computer?
Are you sure you wish to continue?
Are you sure you wish to delete
Are you sure you wish to delete the selected policy?
Are you sure you wish to delete the selected users?
Are you sure you wish to disable Impero?
Are you sure you wish to enable this action policy?
Are you sure you wish to end any broadcasts?
Are you sure you wish to end the exam?
Are you sure you wish to finish designing questions?
Are you sure you wish to force an update on the selected computers by adding them to the update queue?
Are you sure you wish to overwrite the access rights for all groups with the access rights of the selected group?
Are you sure you wish to overwrite the access rights for all policies with the access rights of the selected policy?
Are you sure you wish to reactivate your Impero Activation Code?
Are you sure you wish to remove '[something]'?
Are you sure you wish to remove all the group members?
Are you sure you wish to remove the following Access Right?
Are you sure you wish to remove the selected items?
Are you sure you wish to remove the selected printers?
Are you sure you wish to remove the ticked users from the '[something]' group?
Are you sure you wish to remove the ticked users from the group?
Are you sure you wish to remove the ticked users from the system?
Are you sure you wish to restore this backup?
Are you sure you wish to set the print credits to Unlimited for all the ticked users?
Are you sure you wish to set the print credits to zero for all the ticked users?
Are you sure you wish to start the Impero Server service.
Are you sure you wish to START the selected service on all computers?
Are you sure you wish to stop the Impero Server service?
Are you sure you wish to stop the selected service on the ticked computers?
Are you sure you wish to uninstall Impero from the selected computers?
Are you sure you wish to view the screen of this person?
Are you sure you would like remove '[something]' from Software Licencing Control?
Are you sure you would like to clear the group members that are in this personal group?
Are you sure you would like to delete this personal group?
Are you sure you would like to remove 'Given Out Licences' for any computer or user that hasn't used '[something]' within the last 7 da...
Are you sure you would like to reset the 'Most Licences Used' for '[something]' to the 'Licences In Use' ?
Are you sure?
As you cannot come back to it later.
Ask a quick question here
Ask device user to enter username
Ask for confirmation on remote viewing non thumbnails
Ask For Files
Ask if Allowed (Auto ALLOW after 10 seconds)
Ask if Allowed (Auto DENY after 10 seconds)
Ask Question
Ask Quick Questions
Ask Users to Join
Assign Task
Assigned To
Assigned To Changed from
Assistance requestat an electricity cost per KW in pence/cent
ATAPI zip drive boot supportAttach a file to the answer. (e.g. Video or Audio)
Attached toAttention!
Audible alarm
AUP SizeAuthorised
Auto DiscoverAutomatic backups are created every night. You can create your own backup here or restore a backup
Automatic log off
Automatic Updates
Automatically accept next time
Automatically request Active Directory credentials if user is already authenticated on a device.
Automatically update Education ProAvailable Dates
Available Logs
Average Available Memory
Average Cost per PC
Average CPU Used
Average Daily Idle Time
Average Idle Time
Average Logons
Average Money Wasted
Average power consumption per PC in watts
Average Time Logged On
Average Time On
Average Wasted Power
Avoid Exact Match
Avoid Sequence
Awaiting Authentication...
Awaiting results...Background Image
Background Images / Words
Background ItemsBackup && Restore
Backup and Restore
Backup directory
Backup has already been done
Backup Log
Backup now
Backup TypeBackups retained
Backups using
Ban all resources apart from items in this policy
Ban InternetBanned
Base BoardBasic / Advanced
Basic PropertiesBattery Level
Battery Status
Been read
before trying again.
Before using Patch Management please make sure your target computers have a valid system restore point. Also make sure that you have a...
Below are the open personal groups of Impero Console users that you may Join or Leave. Please choose a group you would like to Join or Leave.
Below displays the product settings for the currently selected profileBetween the following timesBlackBlank screenBlock / Detect Policy...
Block List
Block List Feature
Block particular applications from accessing Internet ports
Block particular internet MIME types such as Flash videos, images etc.
Block Selected Window
Block websites, applications, and other resources
Blocked Applications
Blocked Item
Blocked Websites
Blocked WindowsBooking Alert
Booking CSV location
Booking Override Password
Boot device
Bootup state
Bring to FocusBroadcast for Group Members
Broadcast Options
Broadcast Screen
Broadcast screen scale (of original)
Broadcast Timeout
Broadcast your own or another network user computer screen to the ticked users.
Broadcast<BR>ScreenBroadcasting feature
Broker AddressBrowse for Group
Browse For Groups
Browse for Insight broker certificate file
Browse for Timetable file
Browse Support ForumBrowser Button 1
Browser Button 2
Browser Button 4a
Browser Button 5
Build number
Build type
Built In
Built-In GroupsBy moving the repository you are responsible for any files left in the previous location
by user
Cable management strategy
Can Run Reports (Access Everything)Cancel Broadcast
Cancel Import
Cancel Sending
Cancelling report...
Cannot access directory
Cannot Delete File
Cannot load image, invalid format. Please use a valid .bmp, .jpg, .gif or .png
Cannot load image. File not found.
Cannot Register Impero? Try registering Impero using your default web browser
Cannot Replace User
Can't add favourite
Can't blank, user's screen is lockedCaption
Caption contains banned wordCapture Count (grouped by Capture Type)
Capture Count (grouped by Computer)
Capture Count (grouped by Severity)
Capture Count (grouped by Status)
Capture Count (grouped by User)
Capture Only
Capture Overview for User
Capture Reason
Capture Reports
Capture Transparency
Capture Type
Capture Video Overlay
Capture Viewer
Capture Vista AeroCategoryCD boot support
Censor Reason
Censor Reason and Policy on block screenCentral Log ViewerCGA Video support
Change Access
Change Email Settings
Change Font
Change Group Settings
Change Image
Change Log
Change Password
Change Password feature
Change Passwords
Change Proxy Settings
Change selected polices to these settings
Change Severity
Change the Grades and boundaries
Change the properties of this exam
Change User PasswordChat Forum feature
Check All
Check Internet Connection
Check WebsiteChemistry
Child Protection
Choose a group you would like to broadcast for users to
Choose a recording to play
Choose Class
Choose Clean-Up date
Choose Columns
Choose commands from
Choose datafile to be added
Choose File
Choose Image
Choose language
Choose location for datafile
Choose MSi
Choose Setup File
Choose the installer file you wish to install to your Apple MAC computers and press Send.
Choose whether you would like to enable resource logging here and choose your log file location. If enabled, Impero will log all the re...
Choose your broadcasting options. Ticked users are included in the broadcastClassification changed to
Classification List
Clean-Up Now
Cleanup SettingsClear Alerts
Clear All
Clear All Actions
Clear Application Log
Clear Background Image
Clear Block List
Clear Captures
Clear Event Logs
Clear Matches
Clear Members from Personal Group
Clear Preferences
Clear Profile Members
Clear Queue
Clear Security Log
Clear Signatures
Clear System Log
Clear Tasks
Clear the list of users who have agreed to the Acceptable Use PolicyClick above image to zoom
Click an item to select it as your answer
Click 'Attach File' to attach your answer file.
Click browse and choose the location of the Impero V2 data folder to continue (the v2 data folder MUST reside on this computer or the m...
Click here to add a new policy item
Click Here To Add Image
Click here to change the Text Color
Click here to set group owner and login options
Click on the Image to select an image to portray that user.
Click Open to load results Data,
Click the button to show all Answer Options,
Click To Add A new Question to this Exam, you Can pick the Type after clicking this button.
Click to add an attachment to this question (e.g. Video or Audio)
Click To Create a new Exam and edit Exam Settings
Click To Delete This Exam and all of its Questions (If Any)
Click To Delete this Question
Click To Edit This Exams settings
Click To Edit This Question
Click to go to
Click to mark your answer
Click to open a previous Exam Results folder.
Click to Preview This Question and Answer as the User Would See it
Click to remove the new line
Click to Save this Edit and go back to the Previous Screen
Click to set correct answers,
Click to Show / Hide the list of options in the Drop Down Menu
Click To Sort the exams list in alphabetical order (A - Z)
Click To Sort the exams list in Reverse alphabetical order (Z - A)
Clicking 'No' will clear Current Correct Answers.
Clicking 'No' will clear Current Links.
Client Cleanup
Client requires definition update
Client Security
Client Type
Client Update Queue
Client Update Required
Client version
Client VersionClose message automatically after 30 seconds
Close Selected Windows
Closing the console will deactivate all of your Pin group sessions.
Closing this form will delete all unsaved screenshots from memory
Code set
Collapse Nodes
Collapses any expanded nodes in this groupCollect File
Collect File feature
Collect Files
Collected files can be found in your My Documents area under the folder 'ImperoDownloads'. Collected files will be in date order.Color ...
Color Printout Costs (if disabled, nobody can print to the printer)
Color Printout Costs (if enabled)Comma Separated File
Command Prompt
Command remote computers to power on, off, logon, logoff etc.Common MIME TypesCompare
Compare Averages
Compare Total'sComparing Averages From
Comparing Total's From
Comparison of Computer Logon and Idle TimeCompleted with warnings
Compress Power LogsComputer Availability
Computer Group
Computer groups that should NOT be used (tick the groups you do NOT wish to be used)
Computer Idle
Computer is online and available for use
Computer List
Computer Management
Computer Name
Computer Offline
Computer subset
Computer system
Computer Usage
Computer Usage Report
Computer usage reports allow you to view information about your computers such as: how long they have been turned on, who had logged on...
Computers may take upto 20 minutes to initiate a scan
Computers Sampled
computers ticked
Computers Used
Concurrent logon limit has been reached. You are logged ontoConfide ViewerConfirm backup
Confirm disable option
Confirm Group Changes
Confirm Password
Congratulations, Impero has been successfully registeredConnect to Impero Server
Connect to...
Connected To
Connection lost to datasource
Connection Problemconsole
Console Access
Console Access Rights
Console Limit
Console Log Viewer
Console log viewer. Impero Console logs are kept for 30 days.
Console Logs
Console Settings
Console User
Console Username
Contact details
Contact Service
Container enabledContinueConversation Topic
Convert Mac Power LogsCopiesCopy Access Rights
Copy Access Rights of Entity
Copy Error
Copy the access rights for [something] to
Copy the access rights for the current group to all groups
Copy the access rights for the current policy to all policies
Copy this entities access rights to all other entites
Copy to Clipboard
Copy to
Copying data to new file
Copying Installation Files...Correct Answer Setup and to set how hotspots are displayed (invisible, outline or filled in)
Correct Answers
Correct Answers Re-Ordering
Correct Links
Correct Links SetupCosts Overview
could not connect
Could not find the selected Policy Item! It may have been removed, renamed or you may not have access rights.
Could not find the selected Policy! It may have been removed or renamed.Country codeCPU %
CPU status
Create a Dynamic Pin group
Create a new Pin group.
Create a Static Pin group
Create and Edit Exams and Questions
Create Backup
Create Correct Order
Create File Favourite
Create new datafile
Create New Exam
Create New Group
Create New Policy
Create New Question
Create Starting Order
Create Website Favourite
Created By
Creating Correct Answers
Creating new filecredits (-1 for unlimited)
credits on/when
Credits updated for the ticked usersCritical
Critical Updates Available
Current Acceptable Use Policies
Current clock speed
Current Group Default Policy
Current Open Personal Groups
Current Question
Current refresh rate
Current repository size
Current State
Current voltageCustom Lock screen
Custom Report
Customize Quick Access ToolbarDashboardData provider is corrupt, data cannot be readDatabase Change
Database path
Datafile upgrades
Datafile viewerDatafiles are used by Impero to store logging information. The active datafile is the current datafile being written to ...
Datasource already contains a database which cannot be used or upgraded
Datasource was created by another server and cannot be usedDate
Date / Time
Date \ Username
Date and time submitted
Date Ending
Date Inserted
Date Reported
Date Starting
Date to begin scheduled report
Date, User, Computer, Logon Time, Accessed, Found Item
Date/Time GeneratedDatesDay by Day Power Usage
Day Rate Begins At
Day Rate Cost
Day(s)days remaining
Days Remaining
Deactivate Pin Group
Deactivate Pin groups?Debugging
Decompressing dataDefault credits given to newly discovered users (users are discovered when they log on)
Default gateway
Default Group Type
Default Password
Default printerDefine Policy Schedule
Define the URLs for external tools
Define which MIME Types you wish to define here. Banning MIME Types allows you to ban content such as Flash, videos and images from bei...
Define which programs are banned from using websites and ports here.
Define who can use Impero here. Access rights can be granted to users, computers or active directory groups. Access rights are merged i...
Define your Acceptable Use Policy below
Defined areas to selectDelete Attachment
Delete Attachment
Delete container
Delete Filter
Delete Group
Delete Image
Delete log files if older than the time specified below
Delete Policy
Delete Profile
Delete unsaved images?
Delete User?
Delete Users
Delete/Replace User?Deleted File Exclusions
Deleted FilesDeny Remote Viewing and Control
Deploy MAC Software
Deploy MSI
Deploy MSi feature
Deploy Now
Deploy patches to servers
Deploy software (MSI / MAC)Deployment
Deployment OptionsDescription
Deselect all users in this group
Design capacity
Design voltageDesktop Utilisation Report
Detailed BreakdownDetails
Detect Only
Detect written words and sentences.Add keywords to the list below to detect when they are written by remote users or see <a href=''>adv...
Detect Written Words and Sentences
Device Allow List
Device ID
Device interface
Device login method
Device typedevices.
DHCP enabled
DHCP lease expires
DHCP lease obtained
DHCP server
Dial type
Directed IP Address
Directories cannot be installed, please choose a file
Directory Group Name
Directory groups not imported, please try again
Directory ImportDisable Account
Disable Account feature
Disable Accounts
Disable Alerts
Disable alerts until next logon
Disable anonymous reporting
Disable Client Resyncing
Disable Group
Disable Impero
Disable Internet
Disable Internet feature
Disable pCredit (Printer Credit System)
Disable Printer
Disable printing
Disable Printing feature
Disable Removable Media
Disable the Acceptable Use Policy
Disable USB
Disable USB feature
Disable USB Storage
Disable Workstation
Disable<BR>PrinterDisallow service stop
Disallow UninstallDisconnected
Discover Printers
Disk drivesDisplay adapters
Display an Operating System indicator above the thumbnail
Display Name
Display Resolution
Display Statistics
Display Statistics (for Today)
Display type
displaying reportDisplaysDistribution of Adobe software requires that you agree and comply with the Adobe licensing
DNS Domain
DNS enabled
DNS enabled for WINS resolution
Do complete first
Do not allow user to cancel shutdown
Do not allow user to cancel the shutdown
Do Not Remove
Do not show battery level warnings
Do not shutdown if the following applications are running
Do not use cleanup
Do nothing
Do the following
Do you accept the Acceptable Use Policy?
Do you want to do this?
Do you want to Open Or Save the File?
Do you want to Save your changes?
Do you want to use your own Logo? (This will be displayed top right in window)
Do you wish to Delete Or Replace them on these Issues?
Do you wish to perform the action on this computer?
Do you wish to remain anonymous?
Do you wish to Replace them on these Issues?
Do you wish to save the changes you have made to this group?
Do you wish to save the changes you have made?
Do you wish to save this exam?Domain
Domain Info
Domain Name
Domain Name (eg. - Test.Local)
Domain role
Domain Server Name (leave empty to use this computer)
Domain ServerDomain\UsernameDOS Window
Double Click to Open or Save
Double Rate Energy CostDownload updates
Downloading data from Impero Server
Drag an answer up or down to re-order
Drag an answer up or down to re-order them
Drag an item to another to create a correct link,
Drag an item to re-order.
Drag and Drop a series of images / words, with optional background images / words
Drag Drop
Drag each item to desired Location
Drag one item to another to Create a Match
Drag the Answer Locations (Coloured Outlines) to the desired location.
Drag the Answers (Black Outline) to the desired location.
Drag the answers between colored boxes until you are happy with the answer.
Drag the Background Boxes (Green Outline) to the desired location.
Dragging an Answer (Black Outline) onto any Result Location (Blue Outline),Draw / ReDraw - click to define a point for your region, you...
Draws or edits a picture.Drive integrity
Driver date
Driver name
Driver version
Drop Down
Drop existing session
Drop In
Drop In Room
Drop In Session ends in
Drop-in Session Length (minutes)DuplexDuplicate name already exists, please pick an option.
Duplicate Username(s)DVD/CD-ROM Drives
e.g - Domain\Username
e.g - H:\ (the users Home Drive)
e.g - Windows Help and Support
Each computer that uses this software will receive a licence
each Keyword / Phrase is checked for in the responce
Each user of this software receives a licence which is removed once they close the software
Each user of this software will receive a licence
EDD spec supportEdit Application Details
Edit Profile
Edit Schedule
Edit the palette colours and options available.
Edit the question and answer panels. Hit preview to see how it will look to the usereg -
eg. c:\windows\calc.exe;C:\windows\notepad.exe
EISA supportEmail [something]
Email Address
Email Alert
Email Alert will only work once the SMTP Server settings have been filled in on the Impero Server application.
Email Content
Emails will NOT be sent if you have not filled in your email server settings on Impero ServerEnable / Disable Account
Enable / Disable Windows Account
Enable Account
Enable Account feature
Enable Accounts
Enable Action Policy
Enable BIDI
Enable concurrent login limit
Enable debugging menu on client right click menu
Enable dev queue
Enable email alerts for all users
Enable enhanced Impero security and logging
Enable Fill
Enable Group
Enable Internet
Enable Patch Management
Enable Printer
Enable Printing
Enable Room Booking
Enable Shutdown After Deployment
Enable Text
Enable the computer availability service
Enable the Group Timetable
Enable the Impero Confide System
Enable TLS/SSL Authentication (server must support this feature)
Enable USB Management
Enable USB Storage
Enable Wake On Lan on Deployment
Enable YouID password reset
Enable YouID Seamless Sign-In
Enable/Disable Alerts
Enable/Disable Alerts Temporarily
Enable/Disable Group
Enable/Disable Proxy Logging
Enable<BR>PrinterEnabling Impero Client security allows you to have greater control on who can add/remove or stop the Impero Service. ...
End Date
End Exam
end of reports
End Process
End Session feature
End Sub
End TimeEndpoint
Energy Consumption
Energy Cost
Enforce Licence Limit
Enforce maximum licence limit
Engine Initilisation
Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security settings prohibit you from Uninstalling Impero from the ServerEnter a computer name or IP Address
Enter a file name
Enter a group name here
Enter a username
Enter 'Acceptable Use Policy' text here
Enter An Exam Score
Enter an IP Address Range
Enter Application to Block
Enter Credit
Enter DOS Commands Here
Enter Keyword to Detect
Enter Message
Enter MSI Parameters
Enter Password
Enter Question Text Here
Enter Script Here or Press The Buttons below
Enter Search Criteria Here
Enter Server IP
Enter session Pin code
Enter text here
Enter the IP or Hostname of an available Impero Server below.
Enter the location of the .msi package
Enter the name of the [something]
Enter username here
Enter Website to Allow
Enter Website to Block
Enter Window Title to Block
Enter your directory settings. Ensure you enter the fully qualified domain name, otherwise the process will most likely fail
Enter your name
Enter Youtube Education ID
Entire NetworkEntry TypeError adding question
Error browsing for icon
Error details
Error Exporting - File could be open elsewhere
Error Exporting - File could be open elsewhere, if not try different settings
Error Exporting - Image too large, either decrease size or change export type
Error loading from file, check file is not empty
Error loading Image selected, The File may not be a valid image
Error reading in file
Error reading student file
Error while Exporting Exam
Error with Internet data returnedError: Errors from all computersESCD supportEstablishment Name
Estimate Update Time At
Estimated charge remaining
Estimated run time
Event ID
Event ViewerEveryday
Everything remote users do on their computers is logged to the Impero Server, available for review using this feature. All Captures ca...
Everything remote users do on their computers is logged to the Impero Server, available for review using this feature. All Captures, Websites and Applications accessed, Documents printed and so on can be viewed, searched and reported on.
Exact match
Exact MatchingExam - New Exam
Exam - Old Exam
Exam Designer
Exam Duration
Exam in progress, Would you like to End the Exam for all Users?
Exam in Progress.
Exam Module
Exam Paper
Exam Results
Exam Still In Progress
Exam Store Location Changed
Exam System
Exam Taker
Exam Time Left
Exam Timed Out
Exam Title
Exam Wizard
Excluded GroupsExisting Backups
Existing Group Members
Existing Groups
Existing Policies
Existing QuestionExpected battery life
Expected life
Explanation of how pCredit rules are appliedExport ..
Export Both To PDF
Export date
Export Details
Export Exam
Export Graph
Export Licencing Information
Export Location
Export Notes
Export Options
Export policy items to XML
Export Report
Export Results
Export successful
Export Summary
Export Table
Export To CSV
Export To PDF
Export User Logs
Export was successful
Extended Information
External Tools
Extra Information
Extra Parameters ( e.g- /install )
Extra Parameters ( e.g- /q )Failed File Transfer
Failed Install
Failed to load school list for:
Failed to save Mimic Script
Failed to send message, please check your settings
Failed: An invalid activation code was passed
Failed: An invalid fingerprint was passed
Failed: No activation code was passedFalse PositiveFan
Fatal ErrorFeature Access Restricted
Fetching...File Attachment
File doesn't exist
File Extension
File Extension MIME Types
File in use
File load error.
File Name
File or Website name
File Search
File transfer
File Type
File/ApplicationsFilename Invalid
Filename/PathFilter by
Filter Enabled
Filter school list
Filter/Container name can't be blank
Finalising upgradeFind All
Find File
Find Files
Find Item in PoliciesFinished
Firewall Policy
First line contains headers
Fixed Item
Floppy 1200k support
Floppy 2880k support
Floppy 360k support
Floppy 720k support
Floppy NEC support
Floppy Toshiba support
Font ColorFor [something] minute(s)
For [something] second(s)
For a limited time
For all policies always email the following
For group
For more information visit:
For some settings to take effect such as session timeouts, existing sessions need to be expired.
Force a log off when user is idle
Force a log off when user is idle for more than
Force a shutdown when user is idle
Force a shutdown when user is idle for more than
Force applications to close
Force Google Chromebooks to authenticate with Active Directory
Force Google Safe Search
Force Install Agent
Force shutdown (work will be lost if not saved)
Force Uninstall Agent
Force Update on Impero Client
Force Update To Latest Version
Force user to enter a valid Active Directory username and password to join a Pin group.
Force user to input a user name to join a Pin group.
Foreground app boost
Form factorForward
Found Computers
Found Item
Free physical memory
free space
Free virtual memoryFridayFrom Impero Server
From PolicyFull Access
Full Access to EVERY 'My Personal Group'
Full access to Global and Personal favourites
Full Access to 'My Personal Group'
Full access to Pin groups
Full charge capacity
Full Name
Full screen viewing on Chromebook
Full Version
Full Version (Leased)
Full Version (on trial)Fully qualified Domain Name(FQDN) of a Directory Server (e.g- servername.test.local)
Functions to apply to the currently selected group
Further InformationGeneral Settings
Generate a log report.
Generate Report
Get Software Licencing Details
Give a reason why they are being logged off?
Give a severity level
Give or take access to resources for the current group - all the functions under this feature apply to the group and not individual use...
Give your computer users tasks to complete. You will see who are completing the tasks from the alert panel on the main interface.Go to Full Screen Mode when Maximising Window
Go To Policy Item
Go To Website
Grading Scheme
Graphical ResultsGroup Access Rights
Group Access rights (for Impero Console Users)
Group already Excluded
Group Creator
Group Details / Members
Group Functions
Group Members Usernames
Group Members
Group Operation
Group Owner
Group Performance Monitor
Group Policy
Group Priority
Group Properties
Group Setting
Group Settings
Group Timetable
Group Utilisation
Grouping and Policies can be migrated. However, scheduled policies will be migrated and set to disabled. Impero V2 console access right...
Hardware Components
Hardware type
Hardware version
Hardware/Software Inventory
has been disabled due to a group setting and will not be visible to console users
has Issues assigned
Has Recording
has requested a file(s) from you.Healthy
Heat generation
Heat pipeHeightHelp Guide
Help Request Failed
Help Request Submitted
Here are your selected directory groups. Ensure that the group type for each group is correct and then click OK to import. Any duplicat...
Here you can add one or more words to detect or block. Wildcards are accepted and especially useful for URL and filename blocks. Choose advanced settings to perform operations when this block is detected.
Here you can view all the connected Impero clients on your network. In order to control and monitor your clients you need to use Impero...
Here you can view existing or create new policies for the group you have selected on the main console window.Hibernate computers
Hibernate feature
Hibernate if user idle for (mins)Hide computers that are powered off or not logged on to
Hide Desktop Shortcut
Hide Impero Workstation tasktray icon
Hide layered windows when remote controlling
Hide Not In Use
Hide 'Open Impero Console' menu item
Hide Pin group join button. This will stop users from joining Pin groups.
Hide Q&A's once loaded?
Hide 'Request Assistance' links
Hide Vowels
Hide vowels for display (e.g- n**ghty w*rd)High Contrast IconsHorizontal resolution
Host Chat Forums
Hosting board
Hot Spot
Hotspot Drawn Filled in
Hotspot Invisible
Hotspot Outline only Drawn
Hot-swapableHour(s)How long do you wish to block the internet for?
How long do you wish to lock the screen for?
How many seconds do you wish to record the screen for?
However, the following user is selected
However, this could indicate your administrator is making changes to the Impero Server settings. If so, please ignore this message.I do...
I don't have an account.
I have a Proxy Server
I20 boot support
ICM intent
ICM methodIcon ErrorIDE controllers
Idenfication codeIdle Analysis
Idle Cost (money wasted due to computer idle time)
Idle Costs
Idle Time
Idle Time Reached
Idle Wastage Report
IEEE 1394 boot support
IEEE 1394 Controller
If its a network location please copy the file to your desktop and try again
If its a network location please copy to desktop and try again
If required, be more specific of when to enable the policy between
If user is idle for more than a certain time
If you are having difficulty registering Impero, please try adjusting the settings below
If you are having problems registering Impero using the internal registration system, you can register Impero using IE or other browser...
If you are unsure what the Impero Server IP is, leave it blank.
If you choose yes, this application may take a while to close
If you have any support queries please visit our support site and create a support ticket.
If you made any changes you can choose to keep or undo them.
If you remove this 'Acceptable Use Policy' and it is attached to a group it will no longer be shown, continue?
If you use a proxy server to access the internet, please fill in the details here if you cannot register Impero
iLog data files use to record logsIMAGE HAS BEEN MODIFIED OUTSIDE OF IMPERO!
Image NameImpero
Impero - Answer Question
Impero - Enable Action Policy
Impero - Error
Impero - Exam Designer
Impero - No Logo Defined
Impero - No YouID Identifier
Impero - No YouID URL
Impero 1-2-1 Chat
Impero 3.6 log files are now stored in an SQL database. In order to use logs from previous versions you must import them. This process ...
Impero allows you to customise the Lock Screen on your network
Impero can be used to show computer availability on your network. The availability is delivered via a web page and shows users where th...
Impero cannot contact the directory using the supplied settings
Impero Capture
Impero Capture Image for
Impero Client (Service Control)
Impero Client (Uninstallation)
Impero Client Service Stop
Impero Client Uninstallation
Impero Client Version
Impero Client will automatically try and find Impero server. To make this process faster, you can enter the IP address of the Impero Se...
Impero Collective Block List
Impero Confide system
Impero Console cannot be used at this time, the Impero Server appears to be unavailable. Please check the Impero Server is running and...
Impero Console couldn't retrieve the software licencing details, please try again
Impero could not connect to the directory. Please check your configuration settings on Impero Server.
Impero couldn't save the screenshot to
Impero couldn't save the screenshots to
Impero has asked all clients to send a screenshot of their screen, the screenshots will be displayed below when you receive them
Impero has not been registered, are you sure you wish to quit?
Impero has not been setup to use your Domain Controller, please check your Active Directory settings on Impero Server
Impero Host
█████████Impero injects a DLL into all running processes. Use the form below to define which applications you wish to be excluded fro...
Impero is currently setup to allow full access and a password is needed to access Impero Console
Impero is not connected to Impero Server. You cannot open the Console at this time.
Impero is now active. All you need to do now is install the Impero Client software on your network which can be done remotely using Imp...
Impero Log Viewer
Impero log viewer is already busy performing an operation
Impero may take up to 10 minutes to start
Impero needs to know what language you<BR>would like to use
Impero Password (you will need to enter the Impero password to continue)
Impero Patch Management
Impero Policies
Impero Power Management gives you a group based power management interface, allowing you to schedule power settings for devices across ...
Impero Proxy Application Exclusions
Impero Proxy Logging has been disabled
Impero Proxy Logging has been enabled
Impero recommends that the AUP size should not exceed 100%
Impero requires the installation of <font color='red'>2</font> applications which are called Impero Server and Impero Client. You can i...
Impero Server
Impero Server - Backups
Impero Server - Database
Impero Server - Datasource Viewer
Impero Server Accessed
Impero Server could not make contact with the Impero Server Service at this time, please try again
Impero Server has been unable to perform a Web Check for over 3 days, please check your proxy settings to resolve this issue
Impero Server IP / Hostname
Impero Server is not fully started yet or,
Impero Server is now performing a Web Check. Please click 'Help->About' to see the Web Check status. If the Web Check is not successful...
Impero Server Stopped
Impero Server Test Email
Impero Server will cease to function until reactivated
Impero should be uninstalled from the computers within the next few minutes.
Impero should update on the selected computers within the next few minutes (depending on the size of the update queue).
Impero software licencing control allows you to keep track of, and enforce software licencing across your network.
Impero successfully saved the screenshot to
Impero successfully saved the screenshots to
Impero uses the Microsoft .NET [something] Framework, if the remote computer doesn't have this installed then please install .NET [some...
Impero uses the Microsoft .NET[something] Framework, if the remote computer doesn't have this installed then please install .NET [something] [something] or Impero will not function
Impero V3 and Impero V2 are two completely seperate systems. However, it is possible to convert some V2 settings to V3.
Impero Version
Impero will automatically remove these licences after 5 minutes of inactivity of this application (if the computer it is running on doe...
Impero will not move existing patches to the new location
Impero will now try and find printers for the following domain
Impero will try to update your Impero Collective Block List now, re-open this 'About' window to check whether the update completed succ...
Impero's Policy system is very advanced, allowing you to perform block operations on the current or any other group. Create a range of policies and add items corresponding to the policy type. If you add a blocked item, you can perform a number of actions automatically once the blocked item is detected on any remote PC. can be accessed cannot be accessed. Please check your proxy server settingsImport Block
Import Directory Groups
Import Exam
Import Groups
Import Log Files
Import policy is either empty or corrupted
Import policy items from XML
Import time
Import Users
Import/ExportImportant Information
Important NoticeIn order to export a capture to PDF you must select one item only
In order to export a users session log you need to select a logon time
In order to print a users session log you need to select a logon time
In order to run Impero on this computer, you must first register.
In order to view a capture screenshot you must select one item only
In Person
In Policy
In ProgressIncluded UsersInformation
Information Needed
Infrared device
Infra-Red DevicesInjection Exclusions
Injection exclusions have been set. Active clients will reinject now. Some clients may not apply the new settings until the computer ha...
Input a name you would like to identify this favourite by
Input name for new container
Insert district Id
Insert Image
Insert school IdInsight not licenced
Insight UsersInstall Apple MAC Software
Install Error
Install File
Install Impero Client
Install Impero Server
Install Locally
Install location
Install MAC Software
Install MSi
Install Now
Install Remotely
Install results from the past 24 hours
Install Software To
Install the Client to all other computers. The Impero Client has two modes of operation and is used by both staff who monitor and users...
Installed Patches
Installing now...Internal reference designatorInternet Address
Internet Banned
Internet DisabledInvalid characters in profile name
Invalid Directory
Invalid Email Address
Invalid Exam Store
Invalid Licence
Invalid Old Exam
Invalid usernameInventory feature
Inventory Viewer
IP address
IP Address(s)
IP enabled
IP filter enabled
IP port enabled
IP subnet
iPad Compatible
IPad/IPhone Remote Control
IPX enabled
IR supported
is active
is connected to remotely via
is currently in use in a Question(s)
is Disabled
is invalid or corrupt
Is ROM socketed
ISA supportIt appears that you may be trying to uninstall Impero, please enter the Impero Enhanced Security password in order to contin...
It has been more than 30 minutes since you have applied any setting changes. The Impero Server interface manager will now close. However, Impero Server will still remain active.
It should contain a file with extension
It will automatically edit any existing polices. The import list will ignore any text entries containing 3 or less characters.
It will take a few minutes for all Impero Client to re-synchronise their groups and policies with Impero ServerItem Added
Item IdItems are queued
Items are sent direct
Items ImportedJoin a Pin group session.
Join Group
Join Pin Group
Joined Personal GroupKeep printed jobs
Key Words
Keyboard supportKeyword
Keyword / Phrase Setup
Keyword Detection
Keyword Detection featureKilowatts (KW)Language
Language Selector
Large High Contrast Icons
Large Icons
last 3 days
Last backup
Last boot
Last Communication
Last Contacted
Last import status
Last import time
last Month
Last Scan Date/Time
Last software update check
Last Started
Last Status Update
Last Updated
Last Value
Last Web Check
last week
Latest Client Allowed
Latest Server Allowed
Latest Version AvailableLayout
Lease Days RemainingLeave blank for all computers (or ICT1* etc)
Leave Group
Leave Pin Group?
Left or Right Click a color to select it for Drawing.Licence Details
Licence generation error, please go to C:\debuglog.txt and send this file to Impero Solutions Ltd
Licence In Use
Licence Limit Reached
Licence Problem
Licence Type
Licence Type: Full Version
Licence Type: Leased Version (with Free Support)
Licence Type: Trial Version (with Free Support)
Licenced to
Licences Given To
Licences In Use
License Expires
License Expiry Date
List computers by Username / Computername. Deselecting this option will restore the default Computername / Username method
Listen to user
Live Chat
Live Thumbnails
Live<BR>ThumbnailsLoad Mimic Script
Load Script
Load Search Filters
Load selected searches from file
Load Tasks
Load TimeTable File
Load User ListLocally by entering the Impero passwordLocation of
Location of "Personal Groups" directory structure (if used)
Location of Custom Lock Screen Image
Location of Exam Store
Location of Log FilesLock
Lock Group
Lock Groups feature
Lock internet
Lock present
Lock Screen
Lock Screen Changed
Lock Screen Settings Invalid
Lock Station
Lock the screens of all computers in the current group
Lock the users screen when the network cable is pulled out
Lock this Group
Lock ticked Users
Lock user
Lock Users feature
Lock Windows feature
Lock Windows Sessions
Lock workstation
Locks the Windows Station; the user must enter their password to unlock.
Log all Printed Documents
Log all resources that Impero client users access
Log all running Applications
Log all websites accessed
Log an image for captures that generate image evidence
Log Deleted Files from My Documents
Log device off after
Log device off at
Log device off automatically
Log Off
Log Off iOS Device
Log off user
Log On
Log on feature
Log On iOS Device
Log On iOS Device feature
Log On Screen
Log On to all the ticked computers
Log on user
Log on using domain credentials
Log type
Log Viewer
log viewer - captures only
log viewer - full access
Log Viewer (Legacy)
Log Viewer feature
Log Whitelist Item Activation
Log<BR>OnLogoff Computers
Logoff UserLogon Computers
Logon Time
Logon UserLogs
LogViewer Generate Report
LogViewer Options
LogViewer Search
Longest Time Used (Window caption)Low Color
Low Color Mode
Low Hard Disk Space
LS120 boot supportMAC address
MAC Addresses
Mac power logs are being converted, this may take up to 10 minutes to complete.Machines
Machines In Use
Mail From (a valid email address of who the email is from)
Mail Server Name or IP
Mail Server Settings
Make Private
Make Public
Manage Allow-Only Resources
Manage Classroom Layout
Manage Group Access Rights
Manage Group Blocked Resources
Manage Group Members
Manage Group Policies
Manage Group Policy
Manage Group Settings
Manage pCredit Settings
Manage pCredit Settings for Group
Manage Policy Items
Manage Printer Costs
Manage the current groups Blocked Resources. Please note, this feature will only show you the groups 'default' block list; there could ...
Manage User Credits
Manage Written Word Detection
Managed Policies cannot be removed
Managed Policies cannot be renamed
Managed Policy
Managed Policy items are not viewableManual Add
Manually Add Computers
Manually AuthorisedMark
Mark as UnreadMarked unread
Marks Per Correct Item
Mass Policy Edit
Mass Policy EditorMatch Sequence
Match up answers by drawing a line between them.
Max Average historically
Max Average in Sample
Max Choices
Max historically
Max in Sample
Max Licences
Max number of concurrent patch deployments
Max recharge time
Max Selections
Maximize the Ribbon
Maximum allowed booking time (minutes)
Maximum Allowed Licences
Maximum baud rate
Maximum clock speed
Maximum control
Maximum Items Reached
Maximum Licences Allowed
Maximum media size
Maximum number of processes
Maximum recharge time
Maximum refresh rate
Maximum size
Maximum speed
Maximum transfer rateMB Free
MCA support
Media typeMember NameMemory Available
Memory banks
Message received
Message sent successfully
Message to be sent
Message was not sentMessages
Metro application list
Migrate V2 Data
Migrate V2 data to V3
Migration Failed
Migration SuccessfulMime Type
MIME Type Policy
MIME Type(s)
Mimic Script
Mimic Script could not be loaded
Mimic Script saved successfully
MiMiC Scripts
MiMiC Scripts feature
Minimize console when broadcast starts
Minimize the Ribbon
Minimum client version allowed to connect to this server
Minimum Hours idle
Minimum refresh rateMinor Capture Threshold Reached
'Minor' captures email addressesminute(s)Misc
Misc PrivilegesMissing column
Missing Patches
Missing patches grouped by severity
Missing profile data
Missing separator
Missing timetable
Mobile DeviceModem inf pathModerate
Moderate Capture Threshold Reached
'Moderate' captures email addresses
Modify Policy
Modify Script
Module NameMonday
Money Wasted
Money wasted is £/$
Money you could potentially save by powering off idle computers £/$
Monitor typeMonitorsMono Cost
Mono Printout Costs (if disabled, nobody can print to the printer)
Mono Printout Costs (if enabled)Months
More Info
Most Common Window Caption
Most Frequent User Logons
Most Licences Used
Most popular missing patches on the network right now
Most Used PCs
Most Used Software
Most Visited Websites
Move to
MSCorlib Version
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice (1)
Multiple Choice (Many)
Multiple Computers
Multiple Users
Must get all correct
Mute sound
Mute Sound feature
My Devices
My Documents
My Documents' area
My Groups
My Personal GroupName Already Exists
Name of Group
Name of item you would like to find
Needs Marking
NETCON statusNetwork adapters
Network Devices
Network overview of idle times for the networkNever backed up
New access right settings have been applied
New Alert
New Exam
New Images Search
New Message
New Password
New Pin Group
New Schedule
New Store
New TaskNext >
Next backup
Next Export Date
Next repository cleanupNight Rate
Night Rate Begins At
Night Rate Cost
Nightly backups of the datafilesNo Access
No access right for you could be found for this policy, please contact your administrator
No access to any favourites
No Access to Feature
No Access To Group
No Access to 'My Personal Group'
No access to Pin groups
No Access to Policy
No action
No action Required
No active computers are ticked. Do you wish to perform this operation to all computers in the current group?
No Active Directory / LDAP configuration settings found.
No Active Directory / LDAP configuration settings found.<BR><BR>These can be set on Impero Server
No Active Directory / LDAP configuration settings found.<BR><BR>These can be set on Impero Server.
No Apps
No Audio
No computer checked
No computer has been selected.
No computers are ticked
No connection info exists for this connection
No contact details
No Control
No Correct Answers
No Credit
No Data
No datasources which can be backed up
No district id
No Exam Selected
No exams found
No exams found in the Exam Store.
No files
No files found
No group selected
No images found
No information available
No longer take remote control of the thumbnail computers
No mail server settings have been set
No members in this profile
No name given for report
No personal group files available.
No Profile
No profile selected
No Question Text
No Report
No reports defined
No Results Found
No Results Found.
No results to export
No results.
No Scan Date
No Screen Shot
No Student Data was found
No such group
No Tasks
No User Logged In
No User Logged On
No users are selected
No Users Defined
No users found for the current group
No users tickedNone
None selected
None selected, Do you want to Export the entire Table?
None specified
Normal Icons
Not available
Not connected
Not Deployable
Not Enough Answers
Not enough space on backup drive
Not Present
Not Responding
Not set
Not StartedNote: Default group policies are removed when the group is removed
Note: Default group policies are renamed when your rename the group
Note: If it is your personal group, it will be recreated the next time you run Impero Console
Note: If the user(s) remain in the group please check the group member list to see why the user remains in the group
Note: If unsuccessful, please check your proxy settings
Note: If you have chosen to install the Impero Client, please make sure that a file called ImperoClientSetup.msi exists in the followin...
Note: If you wish to see the logs in your old location you must copy the 'Text' and 'Images' folders from the old location to the new location
Note: Impero shows computer availability by checking your Impero 'computer' type groups and reports which computers are turned off or n...
Note: Impero updates system policies automatically
Note: It may take a few moments for the group to appear on the console
Note: It may take up to 2 minutes for the Web Check to complete
Note: The computer hardware must support wake on lan for this feature to work
Note: The computer hardware must support wake on lan for this feature to work. Impero uses port 9 to perform the wake on lan function
Note: The remote computer must have the c$ share enabled in order to copy the installation file, this could be blocked by the Windows F...
Note: This may take a few minutes to complete
Note: To enable the group settings for this group you must lower the priority of the Entire Network
Note: To turn Impero back on you must restart your computer. A better option might be to temporarily disable Impero using the 'Group Se...
Note: Use asterisk (*) to check for a partial match. eg - Enter * for the application name to include all appliations etc
Note: Use asterisk (*) to check for a partial match. eg - Enter *games* to allow any webpage on
Note: Use asterisk (*) to check for a partial match. eg - Enter *games* to always allow any webpage on even if it has bee...
Note: Use asterisk (*) to check for a partial match. eg - Enter *games* to banned any webpage on
Note: We recommend that you setup access rights on Impero Server by clicking the 'Settings' and 'Console Access Rights' tab on the next...
Note: You may have selected a User, Computer or Organisational Unit instead
Note: You must have the 'Delete Policy' access right for this policy to do so
Note: You must have the 'Group and Policy Management - > Add Policies' access right to do so
Note: You must have the 'Manage Classroom Layout' access right to do so
Note: You must have the 'Manage Group Policies' access right for this group to do so
Note: You must have the 'Rename Policy' access right for this policy to do soNothing
Nothing SetNovell
Number of buttons
Number of bytes
Number of concurrent logins allowed
Number of correct answers
Number of function keys
Number of licensed users
Number of power cords
Number of processes
Number of processors
Number of usersOffOk
OK and Add to whitelist
Old automatic backups are trimmed once this limit is met.
Old ExamON
on computer
Once set, a cleanup is initiated instantly
Once the number of active connections reaches the limit, no more connections will be allowed until slots become available.
One or more fields are empty
One or more of your criteria matches all possible users/computers. This has been removed for security purposes. Please use a more spe...
One to One Remote Chat
Only allow the following users,computers and Active Directory groups to access Impero
Only ask users who have not already agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy
Only detect this (do not block it)
Only fill in the details below if your proxy server requires authentication
Only filter Internet Explorer web traffic (disable the internal Impero Proxy)
Only shutdown non-logged in machinesOpen / Save
Open a Command Prompt to all the ticked users allowing you to send DOS commands to the remote machines and see the results on this comp...
Open Console
Open Impero Console
Open Previous Exam Results
Open Results
Open the properties of the currently selected groupOperate
Operating system
Operation failed
Option 1
Option 6OptionsOr Console users in group
Or the following ticked users
Order / Rank
Order Answers
Organisation IdOrientation
Original Screen SizeOS language
OS suite
OS typeOther Info
Other Information
Other miscellaneous settings for Impero can be found below
Other Personal Groups
Other Pin Groups
Other Supported Devices
Out Of Date
Outlook Email
Outlook email content
Overview of idle times for the network
Overwrite Group Access Rights
Overwrite Policy Access Rights
Overwrite settings for '[something]'?Paint Picture
Palette Edit
Paper size
Parallel portsParameters
Parameters must be in format: PROPERTY=
Parameters must be in format: PROPERTY="setting"
Parsed entry
Parsing entries
Partial match
Partial Matching
Particular DatePassword (leave empty to use your password)
Password is incorrect, please try again
Password Needed
Password protect bookingPasswords do not matchPatch count
Patch Deployment
Patch Download
Patch failed to Install
Patch failed to transfer to client
Patch Installed Successfully
Patch Management
Patch Name
Patch Repository Options
Patch sent to client
Patch TypePath to exe
PC name
PC Power Usage (in Standby)
PC Power Usage (when On)
Pc Utilization for group
PCI support
PCMCIA boot support
PCMCIA controller
PCMCIA support
pCredit Feature
pCredit Printer Setup
pCredit Printers
pCredit User Credits
pCredit Users
Pending Patches
per KWh
Percentage of Successful vs Fail from past 24 hoursPerform a vast number of administrative functions from File Searching to Print Credi...
Perform a vast number of administrative functions from Task Manager to Print Crediting
Perform actions related to the remote computer screen for individual computers, not the whole group
Perform actions such as enforcing google safe search
Perform actions such as shutdown computers
Perform Feature
Perform Inventory
Perform operation as logged in user
Perform operation as
Perform the following action when detected
Perform the following actions
Perform various actions such as applying policies and viewing captures in the log viewer
Perform various miscellaneous actions related to computer interactions, such as sending files
Perform Web Check
Performing analysis for
Permission Required
Permissions LevelPersonal Group
Personal Groups
Personal Groups Joined ToPhysical ComputerPin
Pin Group
Pin Group Settings
Pin Groups
PING Reply, OK
PING Timeout. Please ensure the remote computer is powered on and check firewall settings, still trying to install
Pipe Status
Pipe ThreadPixels X-direction
Pixels Y-direction
Playback previously recorded screens. Public recordings are available for any console user to view, and Private recordings can only be...
Please Add / Select an Exam, Then Add / Select a Question
Please add a profile name
Please be aware that this feature depends upon 3rd party software functioning correctly
Please change the name to less than 80 characters
Please check a computer from the list above
Please check Impero Console to confirm this.
Please choose a file that you would like to install
Please choose a file that you would like to send
Please choose a folder
Please choose a folder to save to
Please choose a new folder you would like load the personal groups from
Please choose a new folder you would like to save the exam stores to
Please choose a new folder you would like to save your bookings to
Please choose a new folder you would like to save your logs to
Please choose a thumbnail before selecting this option
Please choose an image
Please choose the file you would like to open
Please choose the file you would like to save to
Please choose the file(s) you would like to send.
Please choose which class list you would like to load
Please choose which folder you would like to save the signatures to and enter a filename
Please click browse and select a custom logo
please click End Exam to be able to close.
Please click 'Open' to open an exported Exam File, or 'New' to define a new Exam File
Please click the 'Register' button to Register now
Please complete the 'Search For'. It must have at least three letters
Please contact me by
Please continue in the same direction after the 2nd point (e.g. clockwise or anti-clockwise)
Please copy the URL manually into your browser (press CTRL+C to copy the URL)
Please create at least one task
Please detail the issue you wish to report
Please double click a username to display that downloaded file.
Please ensure all items are filled in correctly
Please ensure this Server has a public IP address if you would like user from your school, campus or organisation to view the web page ...
Please ensure you have entered a password
Please ensure you have entered an activation code.
Please ensure you have entered an email address.
Please ensure you have entered an establishment name.
Please enter a chat topic
Please enter a conversation topic
Please enter a group name
Please enter a mark for this answer to continue.
Please enter a message to display on the remote machine while the screen is blank
Please enter a message to send
Please enter a new console access password.
Please enter a new name for the selected Policy
Please enter a numeric phone number
Please enter a numeric value
Please enter a short message
Please enter a username
Please enter a username and password to gain access to the remote computers
Please enter a Username Separator Symbol
Please enter a valid contact email address
Please enter a valid email address for
Please enter a valid Pin code.
Please enter a valid username
Please enter a website or filename you wish to run
Please enter a YouID Identifier.
Please enter a YouID URL.
Please enter an application
Please enter an application description
Please enter the following details to register Impero.
Please enter the Impero Enhanced Security password in order to stop the Impero Client service
Please enter the URL for your YouID deployment. This is required for YouID desktop integration.
Please enter valid credits information
Please enter your details for YouID login
Please enter your YouID Identifier. This will allow you to securely access the YouID password reset functionality
Please give a name to identify this 'Acceptable Use Policy'
Please go to the mail server tab under settings and fill in the required settings
Please install an allowed version to re-activate Impero
Please Load YouID
Please make sure all details are completed.
Please make sure you have filled the filename in
Please make sure you have filled the Mimic Script in
Please make sure you have included a username and password
Please note that the Impero Server service will require restarting before port changes come into effect.
Please Note
Please note: Only ACTIVE users will be updated.
Please note: The users you have selected must be ACTIVE for Impero to be uninstalled.
please pick a smaller file
Please press Register to continue
Please save your work or it will be lost.
Please save your work.
Please Select
Please select
Please select a day
Please Select a file
Please Select a Folder to export the exam to
Please Select a Group to perform the Report on
Please select a GROUP you wish to give access to. You can expand a group to see which users are in that group.
Please select a profile with members.
Please select a profile.
Please select a question to add
Please select a time.
Please select a timetable to import
Please select a user to replace the user you are deleting.
Please select a User, not a Category
Please Select an Exam in the Exams List
Please select an executable
Please Select an Image to portray this User
Please Select an image you Want to use as the Background Image for Lock Screens
Please select one of the answers below. Only one answer is correct
Please select one or more directory groups that you wish to setup on Impero. You can expand a group to see which users/computers are in...
Please select one or more directory groups you wish add to this group. You can expand a group to see which users/computers are in that group.
Please select recording options, you can watch recordings by selecting 'watch recording' on the main menu bar
Please select the Console Username column
Please select the End Time column
Please select the Group Members Usernames column
Please select the Policy to which you wish to add the blocked item to
Please select the Start Time column
Please select the type of question to add, or Click 'ExistingQuestion' to select one from all current questions.
Please select the users that are assigned to this issue.
Please select who you wish to send your report to
Please select your answers below. More than one answer can be correct
Please specify a filename before proceeding
Please specify a licence limit before proceeding
Please specify a report name
Please try again in 30 seconds
Please type a contact name longer than 2 characters
Please type a longer description of your Issue
Please unblank the users screen before ending remote control
Please wait...
Please wait, connecting to Impero Server
Please wait, trying to register Impero
Please wait...
Please write your answer in the box provided below.
Plugged In
PNP Device ID
PNP support
Pointing devices/micePolicy
Policy Access Rights
Policy being imported does not match the target policy type
Policy Import
Policy Item
Policy Items
Policy Name
Policy names must be at least 3 characters
Policy Priority
Policy Settings
Policy TypePort
Port connector
Port name
Port sub classPortable battery
Portion of Screen
Potential Saving arises by powering off computers that are Idle for more than [something] minutes
Potential Saving arises by powering off computers that are Idle for more than 10 mins
Potential Savings*
POTS modem
Power Cost
Power Cost (while computers are turned on and in Standby)
Power logs are being compressed, please wait at least 10 minutes for this process to complete.
Power Management
Power management Admin
Power Management for [something]
Power Management Options
Power Management Report
Power Management Report generated by Impero Software for [something]
Power Management Setting not applied
Power management support
Power off
Power Off Computers
Power Off feature
Power On
Power On Computers
Power On feature
Power On PC
Power state
Power supply state
Power Usage
Power Usage in KW (while computer is idle)
Power Usage in KW (while computers are turned on and in Standby)
Power Usage in KW (while computers is idle)
Power Usage in KW (while in Standby)
Power Usage in KWh (while computers are turned on and in Standby)
Power Used
Power Used (in Standby)
Power Used (while Idle)
Power used due to being Idle
Power used during Standby
Power Used in KW (while in Standby)
Powered on
Preferences have been cleared (reset)Preparing new filePress to go back to Previous screen
Prevent new sessionPrevious
Previous Exam Results,Print Credit Request Failed
Print Credit Request Submitted
Print credit system
Print Logs
Print Options
Print processor
Print Quota
Print Report
Print screen support
Print was successfully sent to the printer
Printed Docs
Printed DocumentsPrinter Credit System (pCredit)
Printer Credits
Printer is hidden
Printer is local
Printer is shared
Printer Name
Printer name (eg. Room A Color Printer)
Printer Path
Printer path (eg. \\server1\color*)
Printer status
printer supportPrinting Disabled
Printing is currently DisabledPrivate
Private recordings can only be viewed by you.
Process Details
Process NameProcessor IDProduct
Product NameProfile
Profile Name
Profile name already exists
Profile name is too large
Profile names can only contain alphanumeric characters e.g. A-Z, 0-9
Profile SettingsProperties
Properties for [something]
Properties for My Personal Group
Protection managementProtocol supported
Provider name
Provider type
Proxy Enabled
Proxy Server Settings
Proxy SettingsPublic RecordingsQuestion
Question is Not Deployable
question text
Question Time Left
Question Timed OutQuestions
Quick overview of the last 10 captures
Quick Question
Quick Recording 1 Hour
Quick Recording 1 Minute
Quick Recording 10 Minutes
Quick Recording 20 Seconds
Quick Recording 3 Minutes
Quick Recording 30 Minutes
Quick Recording 5 Minutes
Quick Recording 5 Seconds
Randomise the order of questions for each student at the start of the exam
Randomize At Start
Range 1
Raw only
Reached Minor Capture Threshold
Reached Moderate Capture Threshold
Reached Severe Capture Threshold
Reacivate Activation Code
Reactivate Activation Code
Reactivate My Activation Code
Read Only AccessReady.
Real time exam result are found below. The GREEN circle denotes which question the user is on.Reason added to group
Reason for this block / Glossary of Term (Will not be displayed to user)
Reason in GroupRecalculate Costings
Receiving Broadcast
Recent Actions
Recent History
Recharge time
Recharge user credits by addingRecord Access
Record Remote Screen
Record Screen
Record Screen Feature
Record Screen Options
Record Screens
Record the ticked users' screens into a file. The recording will be uploaded to the Impero Server once complete, available for you to ...
Record This Computer
Recording Duration in SecondsRecycle BinRefresh
Refresh All
Refresh Display
Refresh Groups
Refresh Interval
Refreshed at
Refreshing...Refrigeration UnitRegister Impero
Register Impero using a Browser
Registered users
Registering the product activates the Trial or Full version.Registration Complete
Registration Error
Registration Problem
Release date
Reload All and Clear Users
Remediating Patch
Remote Command Prompt
Remote command prompt allows you to perform commands on the remote computer such as Defragging, IPConfig etc. All feedback is relayed b...
Remote Command Prompt feature
Remote Computer Name
Remote computer performance monitor to see the average values of CPU, Memory and bandwidth
Remote Control
Remote Control - Automatically take Control when switching to full screen
Remote Control - Go to full screen on maximize
Remote Control (<1 Kbps)
Remote Control (0 Kbps)
Remote Control feature
Remote Control Timeout
Remote Deploy
Remote Deploy MSi
Remote Event Viewer
Remote File Search
Remote File Search feature
Remote Installer
Remote Screen Viewer
Remote Task Manager
Remote View Consoles
Remote View Workstations
Removable Media Disabled
Removable Storage Device
Removal DateRemove a Group
Remove Access Right
Remove All
Remove all Clever groups and schools
Remove All Group Members
Remove Application
Remove clients from Impero 'computer list' who haven't been active since a set date (below).
Remove datasource
Remove from allow list
Remove from Group
Remove From Palette
Remove Group
Remove Group Members
Remove licences for computers if not used within
Remove Machines from Profiles
Remove Personal Group
Remove Policy
Remove Policy Items
Remove Printer
Remove Report
Remove Report Definition
Remove School ID
Remove Selected Group
Remove Stale Licences
Remove the currently selected group from Impero
Remove User
Remove Users
Removed from policy listRename a Group
Rename Group
Rename Policy
Rename Selected Group
Rename the currently selected group
Rename to .bak
Re-Order Answers
Re-Order answers into the correct order
Repair Agent
Repeat booking option availableReplace User?Report between
Report Criteria
Report End Date
Report log type
Report Name
Report Page Settings
Report Period
Report Period:
Report Result
Report Results
Report Start Date
Report typeReporting from
Reporting toRepository auto cleanup status
Repository cleanup period
Request Active Directory credentials or a username.
Request Active Directory credentials.
Request Assistance
Request Assistance Administration
Require all console users to enter the password once per session. (Highly recommended security setting.)
Require password to enter Impero Server
Require users to authenticate when joining a Pin group.
Requires Attention
Requires daughterboard
Requires YouID browser extensionReset Credentials
Reset Layout
Reset Layout to Default
Reset Maximum Licence Count
Reset Password
Reset Welcome Text
Reset YouIDResolved
Resolved as False PositiveResource Graphs
Resource LoggingRestart Computers
Restart Computers feature
Restart Insight Broker connectionRestore Backup
Restore ControlResult LocationsResultant Set of SettingsReturns the first 500 entries of each event category for each computers Event V...
Reuse File already Imported.
Review / MarkRight Click to delete
Rings before answer
Risk ManagementRoom
Room Booking
Room Image
Room layoutRun any Application, File or Website on the ticked computers. The operation can be completed using the Logged on user crede...
Run As
Run As logged in user
Run as the following user (leave blank to run as local system)
Run as the following user
Run as the logged on user
Run Console
Run File
Run File / Website feature
Run File or Website
Run Files and Websites
Run Mimic Script
Run mimic scripts
Run report every
Run the file after sending
Run website / file
Run website / file - Run as
Run Website/File
Run with the highest privilege available
Run<BR>Website/FileSample rate
Sample SizeSaturdaySave All
Save All to Disk
Save As
Save Builder Settings
Save Changes
Save Classroom Layout
Save collected files to
Save Current
Save Exam
Save file to the following location
Save file(s) to the following location
Save file(s) to users home directory (under ImperoDownloads)
Save Mimic Script
Save Report Definition
Save Report Settings
Save Screen Shot
Save Screenshot
Save Screenshots
Save Script
Save selected searches to file
Save Signatures
Save Tasks
Save to Disk
Save was successful
Saved Report Definitions
Say '[something]'Scan
Scan Event
Scan Group for Missing Patches
Scan Machines for Missing Patches
Scan Profile for Missing Patches
Scan Start TimeSchedule
Schedule ReportsScheduled daily importScheduling Event
Schema is corrupt and does not match specified schema
School IdScreens LockedScreenshot limit reached, please save current screenshots, then try againScreenshots saved to
Script is Not Valid
Script is Valid
SCSI and RAID Controllers
SCSI controllerSearch Criteria
Search Criteria
Search Filter Name
search for
Search in
Search Results
Search Results (maximum search limit is 5000 results)
Search Tag
Search the Impero logs here. Results are returned for your search criteria.
Search the logs here. Results are returned for your search criteria. Double click a result to go to the log.
Search Type
Search Type: Avoid Exact Match
Search Type: Avoid Sequence
Search Type: Exact Match
Search Type: Find All
Search Type: Match SequenceSearching...
second(s) remainingSecurity
Security Password
Select a Folder to store this exam and all students results for this Exam.
Select a Folder to view students results for that Exam.
Select all users in this group
Select an exam to send and hit deploy. It will be sent to all ticked users.
Select Broadcaster
Select Columns
Select File to send
Select File(s) to send
Select from a series of answers (e.g. A,B,C)
Select how to display the HotSpots (Invisible, Outline or Filled In)
Select Icon...
Select Image to View
Select 'MarkLater' if you want to mark by hand after the exam, or the number of marks to be given per correct answer.
Select Policy
Select prefered date format
Select Record Area
Select reports to export
Select repository location
Select the cells representing the schedule and press the 'set' button. Select an individual cell to be more specific in the timing.
select the correct answer from the drop down's.
Select the Correct HotSpot(s), and how to mark them.
Select the left and right mouse starting colors,
Select the port Impero should use to perform the Wake On Lan (Default: Port 9)
Select which Task you wish to perform
Select your answer
Selectable boot support
Selected Computer Info
Selected profile
Selected Windows 8 application doesn't exist
selecting correct answers and maximum selections
Self-HarmSend a Rich Text message to the ticked users. Change the Font or add images to the message.
Send any file to the remote users with the option to automatically run the file as the logged on user or any user you specify. You can...
Send Ctrl-Alt-Del
Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete
Send email alert
Send Email Alerts To
Send Exam
Send File
Send file - Run as
Send File(s)
Send Files
Send Message
Send Message feature
Send Messages
Send MiMiC
Send Mimic Scripts
Send Msg
Send Options
Send Performance Info
Send Power Management Data To Impero
Send Progress
Send Question
Send Script
Send Task feature
Send Tasks
Send Test Email
Send the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key sequence to the ticked thumbnail computers
Sent By
Serial number
Serial ports
Serial supportServer Certificate
Server Deployment Options
Server name
Server patch repository location
Server ReconnectionsService Display Name
Service name
Service Not Started
Service Not Stopped
Service pack major
Service pack minor
Service Started
Service StoppedSession Ended
Session ID
Session Name: (optional)Set active
Set All
Set Background
Set Background Picture
Set Booking File Location
Set Correct Answer by-
Set Credits
Set credits to
Set device username to
Set Group Properties...
Set Impero Settings
Set Log File Location
Set Logging Level
Set Printer Costs
Set Printer Credits
Set printer credits for the users your currently viewing
Set printer credits for users in <b>[something]</b>
Set the access rights for [something]
Set the group access rights for [something]
Set the maximum selections to the highest number of correct Links currently displayed?
Set the maximum selections to the number of correct answers currently displayed?
Set the policy access rights for [something]
Set up the Default Time a New User is added to a New Group
set URL
Set user credits for
Set User Print Credits
Setting ProxySettings ChangeSevere
Severe Capture Threshold Reached
'Severe' captures email addressesSeverity changed to
Severity ListShadowing allowed
Share Control
Show Alerts in Console
Show All Exams
Show Annotation
Show Annotation Tools
Show both group types in console.
Show broadcast in Window
Show Capture Alerts
Show capture thumbnails
Show Captures in Console
Show Current Exam
Show Current YouID Default Layout
Show Feedback for Exam In Progress
Show floating information form
Show General Alerts from Workstations
Show Idle Computers
Show Mouse Pointer
Show Operating System
Show Remote Cursor
Show Reporting Button on Desktop
Show Reporting on Logon Screen
Show Reports
Show Request Assistance Alerts
Show Transparent Windows
Show users an 'Acceptable Use Policy'Shutdown After Updates
Shutdown Computer
Shutdown if user idle for (mins)
Signed On
Signed On ComputerSingle PC
Single Rate Energy Cost
SIS Integrationsize
Size (Mb)
Size Limit Exceded
Smart battery support
Socket designationn
Software Description
Software File Name
Software Licence Cleanup
Software Licencing
Software Licencing Control
Software Licensing
Software Package
Software Products
Software Products Installed
Software Update
Some elements of Impero assume that Active Directory access is available. These details are required if linking to Active Directory.
Some Questions are Invalid and have been Ignored.
Some Users With a <Blank UserName> have been skipped,
Sort NodesSound MutedSpace
Space remaining
Special match
Specify a network path accessible to everyone, where all the images are located. These will be turned into YouID desktop tiles.
Specify message to be shown
Specify the action you would like to perform when this policy is enabled
Specify what you would like to allow
Specify what you would like to block or detect
Specify what you would like to white listStale
Standard WindowsStandby computers
Standby Cost
Standby Costs
Standby feature
Standby if user idle for (mins)Start Date
Start Order
Start Order Re-Ordering
Start Service
Start TimeStateStatus changed toStop
Stop a schedule if it runs for longer than
Stop broadcasting
Stop Exam
Stop recharging credits once user reaches
Stop ServiceString format
Sub Category
Sub-Classification changed to
Sub-Classification List
Subject / DescriptionSubmitted BySuccess
Success: Test email sent.Successful Install
Successfully contacted the Directory
Successfully Exported Exam
Successfully Exported Results
Successfully imported groups from the directory
Successfully savedSunSupport
Support Expiry Date
Support Queries
Support Website
Supports callback
Survey / Exam
Switch between Treeview, Room Layout or Live Thumbnail images
Switch to Desktop
Sync InfoSystem device
System directory
System enclosure
System Errors
System Events
System status
System typeTake Control
Take Exam
Take remote control of the ticked thumbnail computers
Take Screen Shot
Take Screenshot on Activation
Take Screenshots feature
Talk and Listen
Talk and listen in RC
Talk to user
Task Complete
Task List
Task Manager
Task manager / Resource Graphs
Task Manager feature
Task SubjectTCP number of connections
TCP Port Blocked
TCP-IP NETBIOS optionTemplate
Template Setup
Temporary Location Selected
Test Directory Settings
Test directory settings failed
Test ids
Test Module
Testing Directory Connection
Testing email settings entered into the Impero Server ApplicationText Here
Text Messaging
Thank you for downloading Impero. Impero is easy to install and can be installed to your network in minutes. Please read below for fur...
Thank you for installing Impero
The Acceptable Use Policy signatures are below. You can export these to CSV.
The activation code you have entered has already been registered. Please contact Impero Solutions Ltd to re-activate this code
The activation code you have entered has not been recognised
The ACTIVE clients have been added to the update queue
The administration tab allows you to add computers to patch management profiles, deploy missing patches and manually start scans to det...
The allow-only list restricts all websites except those in this list. See <a href=''>advanced policies</a> for more advanced options.
The amount of credits a single document costs to print in Color
The amount of credits a single document costs to print in Mono
The application below tried to run but the operation has been denied
The application exclusion you entered already exists
The backup was not successful
The backup was successful
The broadcast message was sent. Your personal group will fill up with group members if they accept the request
The broadcast was unable to start because this computer appears to be unable to connect to the remote host. Please check the remote hos...
The changes you have made can't be applied. This is because an Impero Console user has made changes to the settings whilst you were making changes. Please make these changes again
The computer you have selected to remote control is currently offline or the Impero Client software is not running
The correct keywords are highlighted in yellow.
The current group could not be determined, please refresh groups and try again
The Dashboard allows you to view the latest information about your protected computers.
The dashboard tab shows you the latest information about your protected computers and deployment settings.
The Directory does not exist, please retype.
The directory is being enumerated, please wait
The directory you have choosen contains no compatable images, compatable extentions are
The disable account command was successfully sent to Impero Server
The downloads folder could not be accessed
The email settings have been successfully changed
The enable account command was successfully sent to Impero Server
The entered Pin code is currently inactive. Please try again later.
The exam is still in progress, are you sure you wish to stop the exam?
The File was successfully exported
The File was successfully exported but Impero could not run the file from the specified location
The file you have chosen cannot be accessed
The File you have selected is invalid or corrupt
The File you have selected is invalid or corrupt, or does not have a valid FileStore Directory next to it called
The File you have typed in doesn't exist, please check and re-type, or use the 'Browse' button to locate your file.
The File You selected is over the individual file size limit,
The following Console user is requesting to Remote Control your screen, do you wish to accept or deny the connection?
the following date
The following group will be removed
The following information is for debugging purposes only
The following will add the ticked users to the appropriate group
The group could not be added at this time. Please try again
The group could not be removed at this time. Please try again
The group settings are applied depending on the 'Priority' of the group they are set for. A higher priority group will take precedance...
The group was added successfully
The group you are trying to add already exists, please use a different group name
The 'Hibernation' schedule is not set
The ID field can not be empty.
The Impero AutoUpdate will start approximately 5 minutes after Impero Server has started. The clients in the list below will then begin...
The Impero Capture Viewer gives you access to view any captures triggered by users within groups you can see. Click Groups and expand each node to view more details.
The Impero Client installation file could not be executed, please check in the 'Installations' directory
The Impero Console password is currently set to nothing. We do not recommend this
The Impero Console user <b>[something]</b> would like you to join their group. Do you accept?
The Impero Logviewer gives you access to view what has been happening on the computers in your network. Click the date to see captures ...
The Impero reactivation website cannot be accessed. Please ensure you are able to access
The Impero registration website cannot be accessed. Please ensure you are able to access
The Impero Remote Deploy file could not be executed, please check in the 'Installations' directory
The Impero Server appears to be unavailable
The Impero Server could not be started, please contact Impero Support
The Impero Server could not be started, please try again
The Impero Server could not be stopped, please try again
The Impero Server installation file could not be executed, please check in the 'Installations' directory
The Impero Server service is not running
The Impero Server was started successfully
The Impero Server was stopped successfully
The Internet is <br>DISABLED
The IP range you tried to enter threw an error, please review the range you have entered and try again
The item you are trying to add already exists
The last question has not been added to the exam, do you wish to add this question?
The latest Impero Server version you are permitted to run is [something]
The MAC installer file will be sent to the ticked users. Users who are not on an Apple MAC will be ignored
The Member Name you have added already exists, please use a different name
The message can not be empty.
The MSi package you specified cannot be found
The name you are trying to add already exists, please try again
The name you are trying to add already exists. Would you like to see the access rights for this access right?
The name you are trying to add is too short, please try again
The new booking file location will be set once you press the 'Apply' button
The new Exam store location will be set once you press the 'Apply' button
The new group name already exists, please choose another group name
The new group name you have entered already exists
The new Lock Screen will be set once you press the 'Apply' button
The new log file location will be set once you press the 'Apply' button
The new policy name must be longer than 3 characters
The new Software File Name you have chosen already exists
The number of concurrent bookings the user can make
the Palette Editor
The password is incorrect.
The Password needed to run the console (if full access is enabled OR if a specified computer is given access to Impero)
The Path you have selected is a temporary location and will be deleted when the exam finishes.
The pCredit (Printer Credit System) settings are defined on a group basis. How the settings are applied depends on the priority of you...
The policy you are trying to add already exists
The 'Power Off' schedule is not set
The 'Power On' schedule is not set
The printer credits system is group based and you can only manage pCredit settings for User groups such as Entire Network
The printer name must be at least 3 characters
The printer pathname must be at least 3 characters
The profile tab allows you to create and edit your profiles and add products to be protected.
The proxy port you entered is not numeric
The range has more than 4000 computers, only the first 4000 will be added
The remote computer appears to be unable to connect to this computer, please check this computers firewall settings
The reports tab lets you query the Patch Management database to build reports.
The request has been sent to the Impero Server
The restore was not successful
The restore was successful. Impero Server will now be restarted which may take up to 1 minute
The Selected Attachment Is already attached to this Question.
The settings for this group will not be applied to its group members because the Entire Network group has a higher priority
The 'Standby' schedule is not set
The text when an Impero Policy locks the Screen
The text when the network cable is pulled out
The ticked processes have been ended on the ticked computers
The total time for all questions in the exam is more than what has been allocated for the exam length. Would you like to set the exam l...
The 'Turn Monitor Off' schedule is not set
The uninstall has been initiated for the ACTIVE clients
The use of this software is governed by Impero Software Licencing Control and is not allowed to run as you have ran out of licences.
The user list has been loaded and your group has been enabled
The version of Impero Workstation that is currently installed is greater than the version you are allowed to run
The version of Impero you are using ([something]) is newer than the version you are allowed to run. Please install an earlier version t...
The version of Impero you are using ([something]) is newer than the version you are allowed to run. You are only permitted to use the earlier version
The wake up command was sent. The computers should show as being active in a few minutes
The website you tried to access<br> has been banned
The website you tried to access<br> is not on the Allowed List
The Windows 8 application list contains applications that Impero has detected on your network
The Windows 8 application list contains applications that Impero has detected on your network this may take some time if Impero has onl...
The website could not be contacted<BR>Please make sure you can access the website and try againThere are [something] user(s) ticked
There are 3 ways that you can add users to your personal group. Either:<br/>1. Manually add them<br/>2. Ask them to Join your group (us...
There are existing groups with the same name as the built-in computer groups you are enabling. Continuing with this operation will delete these groups. This action cannot be undone.
There are multiple alerts requiring your attention
There are no active computers in the current group
There are no active users in this group that will receive your broadcast, try another group
There are no captures to print for today
There are no console users to service your help request
There are no console users to service your Print Credit Request
There are no Correct Answers Defined and MarkLater is Not checked,
There are no logs to print, please choose a users logon session before pressing print
There are not enough answers for the question type.
There are not enough Licences available
There has been a new Confide Issue reported
There has been an unusual amount of synchronisation attempts with the Impero Server, this usually means there is a data error. Please ...
There is a reservation in place for this computer, you will be logged off when the timer elapses.
There is no Question Text
There is/are duplicate username(s)
There was a problem copying the access rights. Please reopen Impero Server and try again
There was an error and Impero couldn't launch your default web browser
There was an error attaching the new question to an exam, Please exit exam and try again.
There was an Error Copying the file to your location
There was an Error Copying the file to your location it should be saved here:-
There was an error getting the computer usage events, please try again
There was an error printing the page
There was an Error saving the file
There was an error saving the screenshots
There was an Exception uploading the file
Thermal state
These are the current profiles on the patch management system
These can be set on Impero Server.
These settings enable certain functions within Impero that support the integration of YouID. Desktop integration for single sign on app...
This action will affect
This client is not authorised to run the Impero Console.
This computer has been idle too long.
This computer has been locked by an Impero Policy
This computer is in use by an Administrator
This favourite has no
This favourite has not been given a name
This feature allows you to install Apple MAC software
This feature allows you to record a Macro of keyboard events and 'replay' them on the ticked remote computers. Ideal for software inst...
This feature allows you to run an application, website or document on the computers you ticked on the main window.
This feature allows you to search the selected remote computers for a file and automatically perform an operation on all files found.
This feature allows you to send a file to all the users selected.
This feature allows you to send a file(s) to all the users selected.
This feature allows you to transmit a message to all the users you ticked on the main window.
This feature allows you to transmit a message to the user.
This feature lets you see the processor usage of remote computers, end remote tasks and start or stop windows services.
This feature will allow you to ask one or more questions in an Exam style format. The answers will be marked and returned back to you....
This feature will import keywords into this policy from a text file. Each keyword must be on a new line.
This feature will only work with Impero Clients which are v3.0.51 or above
This feature will only work with Impero Clients which are v4.1.26 or above
This form allows you to overwrite the settings for the selected polices. You can choose to overwrite all or just the ticked entries.
This increases the total time for all timed questions, so we have increased the total exam time to match.
This is a Randomised Exam
This is a time limited Drop In session.
This is the Impero Confide System, It allows you to keep track of Confide issues in your system.
This is where you can set the default authentication options for Pin groups.
This is where you can tell us about an issue or concern you have about yourself, a friend or someone else.
This is wildcard based such as
this may take some time if Impero has only just been deployed.
This name is already being used by an existing filter or report
This option helps improve security by disabling compatibility code only used by old client versions.
This option helps secure your Impero Server by forcing console users to authenticate. Are you sure you want to disable this option?
This page allows you to define various settings for the Impero Confide System
This Page allows you to Define who can access the Impero Confide System
This Page allows you to set the Welcome page display of the Impero Confide System
This Pin group requires you to enter a username
This Pin group requires you to login
This should be installed to a network server or any Windows XP (or later) based computer which is always turned on. Install this first ...
This user is a member of a directory group called
This user must be replaced
This user will be recreated the next time they log onto a computer
This User/Computer has BASIC console only
This user/group must ALSO enter the Impero password above
This version of Impero is newer than your licence permits, please contact Impero Solutions to upgrade your licence or install a lower v...
This Website Has Been Banned
This will add the selected device to the allow list
This will allow unencrypted devices to be used for the selected group
This will disable USB Management on the selected group
This will enable USB Management on the selected group
This will only allow encrypted devices for the selected group
This will refresh the current view
This will reload the layout and reload all images from this directory. This will also clear the current layout for all users
This will remove all Clever imported groups and schools. Are you sure?
This will remove the selected device from the allow list
This will replace all policy items with those stored in the XML. Do you want to proceed?
This window allows you to add a new group. Choose a group name, type, members and access rights for other console users.Thumbnail SizeT...
Tick all
Tick ALL computers
Tick all the computers that are in use, double clicking will tick all computers except computers that are powered off. Select the drop...
Tick computers in use
Tick computers not in use
Tick Powered OFF computers
Tick Powered ON computersTime Active
Time Allowed For Exam
Time before reservation times out (minutes)
Time between consecutive drop-ins (minutes)
Time Limit
Time Logged On
Time of last reset
Time On
Time on battery
Time Open
Time Period End
Time Period Start
Time Remaining
Time stamp
Time Taken
Time taken
Time to full charge
Time Up
Time zoneTimeline
TimeTable file could not be loaded
Timing ErrorTitleTo be contacted
To cancel the close event, please close this form.
To change a users password, please enter their username in the box provided and enter a new password. To change more than one users pa...
To choose a logon time you must expand a user, then the computer they were using and choose a logon time
To Delete - right click any Result Location (Blue Outline) and click Delete.
To enable or disable a Windows User Account, please enter their username in the box provided. You can perform this operation on more t...
To include these Please enter a Username.
To Many Selections
To Printer
To send an Exam to all ticked users
To view the computer availability web page browse to
To view the room booking web page browse to
Todays Captures
Todays Printed Documents
Too many answers selected
Too Many Links!Top 10 Computers with the most missing patches
Top 200 Applications Used
Top 200 Computers by Capture Count
Top 200 Phrases by Capture Count
Top 200 Users by Capture Count
Top 200 Websites Visited
Top 200 Window Captions
Top 5 Costly Computers
Top 5 Idle ComputersTotal Computers Used
Total Cost
Total Idle Time
Total Logons
Total Missing Patches
Total physical memory
Total Power
Total Power Used (KW)
Total Received KBs
Total Sent KBs
Total Time Logged On
Total Time On
Total Wasted Power
Track MouseTransparency
Trial Days Remaining
Trial FinishedTrigger Word
Trimmed backupsTrue type optionTuesday
Turn Auto-Marking Off and Mark Manually after the exam.
Turn Monitor OFF
Turn Monitor Off if user idle for (mins)
Turn Off Monitor
Turn on Impero YouID autologintype
Type in any Template / Starting text.
Type in your Question, and set any Time Limit (Optional)
Type of Group
Type Of Licence
Type of Log
Type of Recording
Type of Report
Type the text you want and Double Click any words you want to be Drop Downs
Type your answer below.
Unable to communicate with the Impero Services, please ensure the ImperoClientSVC is started under the Services Control Panel or see yo...
Unable to contact the Impero Server.
Unable to determine state of the datafiles.
Unable to insert image format selected
Unable to insert image format selected.
Unable to load timetable because the file no longer exists
Unable to load timetable file because it is in use by another process
Unable to Lock Screens for group
Unable to login at this location. Please contact your network administrator. (Error: Login Location Restriction)
Unable to login because the domain controller could not be contacted. Please contact your network administrator. (Error: Domain Control...
Unable to login because your account is disabled. (Error: Account Disabled)
Unable to login because your password has expired. (Error: Password Expired)
Unable to login due to a restriction on your account. Please contact your network administrator. (Error: Account Restriction)
Unable to login due to a time restriction on your account. Please contact your network administrator. (Error: Login Time Restriction)
Unable to login. Please check your username and password and try again. (Error: Invalid Parameters)
Unable to login. Please check your username and password and try again. (Error: Invalid Username or Password)
Unable to login. Please check your username and password and try again. (Error: Unknown Error)
Unable to Perform Web Check
Unable to run Impero Server Management Interface because eitherUnauthoriseUnavailable
Uncheck AllUnder InvestigationUninstall Impero
Uninstall Impero Client
Uninstall stringunknown
Unknown state: [something]
Unless the word or phrase is enclosed in asterisks it may not be detectedUnlimited
Unlimited Choices
Unlimited TimeUnlock Group
Unlock Internet
Unlock Screen
Unlock Station
Unlock this Group
Unlock ticked Users
Unlock Windows feature
Unlock Windows Sessions
Unlock workstation
Unmute Sound
Unmute<BR>SoundUnset All
Untick all
Untick all computers that are ticked in this group
Untick all users when changing groupUntil allowed again
Until removed
Until the following time
Up To DateUpdate at any time
Update between the following times
Update Impero Collective Block List
Update infoUpdates Available
Updating Definitions
Updating SettingsUpgrade complete
Upgrade pending
Usage AnalysisUSB controller
USB Controllers
USB Device Name
USB Flash Disk or Removable Drive has been inserted
USB Flash Disk or Removable Drive has been removed
USB legacy support
USB Tracking
Use browser extensions for web filtering
Use browser extensions for web filtering (disable the internal Impero Proxy)
Use Custom Lock Screen image
Use drop down menus to fill in the blanks
Use Exam
Use Jpeg Compression
Use Low Colour
Use New Exam
Use new File and Rename.
Use small icons on the Impero main 'ribbon' bar
Use the following port to send Wake On LAN packets
Use these settings with the Patch Management proxy
Use this feature to associate print costs to your printers.
Use this feature to associate print costs to your users
Use this tool to deploy software to remote computers across your network. Software will be deployed to the ticked computers.
Use Video Driver
Use YouID Seamless Sign-In
Use zero-configurationUser accepted invite to join
User disconnected on
User disconnected today at
User disconnected yesterday at
User Group
User has a capture, expand the user for more details
User has been idle since
User has no open Windows
User ID
User Information
User is running an Impero Console
User Logged On
User must change password at next logon
User name
User name (Format: DOMAIN\USERNAME)
User Permissions
User Preferences
User UsageUsername (leave empty to use your username)
Username already exists
Username doesn't exist
Username Separator Symbol
Users (computers they have used)
Users are required to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy if it is enabled. Failure to agree to the policy will result in the user being...
users tickedUsing the MiMiC feature, you can replicate or mimic a list of keyboard commands on the selected remote PCs. This is ideal for remote installation or repetitive jobs that need to be performed on multiple computers.
Using this remote logon feature, you can log on to iOS devices to help identify them on your network.Validate Script
Validating upgrade file
Variable speedVerifying upgrade sourceVersion :
Vertical resolutionVideo architecture
Video memory
Video mode description
Video processorView a list of processes and services running on the remote computer. Optionally end the processes, start/stop the serv...
View Acceptable Use Policy Signatures
View Attachments
View by username
View Capture
View Capture Screenshot
View Certificate
View Client Update Queue
View Consoles
View Containers
View Downloads Folder
View Files
View Groups
View Image
View Info
View Logs
View Policy
View Process Details
View Recording
View Screen
View Screenshot
View Signatures
View Students
View the list of users who have agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy
View thumbnails in Low Color mode - reduces bandwidth
View Website
View Workstations
Viewed By
Visible alarm
Visit Impero Support ForumVLVESA support
Wake Computers
Wake On Lan
Wake-up type
Warn user of log off time (minutes)
Warn user that they are being recordedWarning - Closing this window will lose all task data, are you sure you wish to continue?
Warning - This will lose all task data, are you sure you wish to continue
Warning Levels
Warning: Select a folder dedicated to patch management
Warning: The test is taking a long time to complete. Either wait for it to finish or Cancel the test and recheck your settings.
Wasted Power
Watch Recording
Watch RecordingsWe accept the following file types
We could not find the main results in the Directory you selected, it should finish with
We could not find the main results in the Directory you selected, it should finish with Web Check
Web Check Now
web serverWebsite / URL
Website Address
Website Address contains
Website Content
Website Content (e.g-flash games)
Website HTML contains
Website HTML Content (eg. flash games)
Website refresh time (seconds)
Website Reports
Website session timeout length (minutes)Websites Used
Websites VisitedWednesdayWelcome
Welcome Page Settings
Welcome to the Confide Reporting Service.
What to broadcast
What would you like to allow-only?
What would you like to block or detect?
What would you like to do with this screenshot?
What would you like to white list?
When a blocked resource is detected by Impero, you can be alerted by email. However, in order for this feature to work we need to use a...
When a computer boots up that has the Impero client installed to it, Impero gathers an inventory of all the Hardware and Software that is installed to that computer, then uploads this information to the Impero Server for later review.
When new printers are automatically detected by Impero, give the following default values.
When would you like to perform this action? All exit windows commands are forced, unsaved work will be lost
White List
White List Activation is disabled for Written Word policies
Whitelist Policy
Who do you wish to email?
Whole ScreenWin8 AppWindow Caption
Window Caption Reports
Window Captions
Window HistoryWindows / Tabs
Windows 8 app error
Windows 8 apps
Windows directory
Windows operating system
Windows Session ID
WINS enable LM host lookup
WINS primary server
WINS secondary server
Word Wrap
Work offline
working...Workstation Limit
Workstation Limit
Workstation Security
Workstation Settings
Would you like to abort this operation?
Would you like to Cancel the Upload?
Would you like to clear the group members that are in your personal group?
Would you like to enclose it in asterisks?
Would you like to exit editing anyway?
Would you like to expire any existing sessions now?
Would you like to pick another file?
Would you like to pick another?
Would you like to remove these access rights so only YOU have access to this group?
Would you like to save this edit?Written Answer
Written Phrase
Written WordWrong Extension
Yes (Deny)
Yes / NoYou already have an attachment do you want to replace it?
You are about to join session
You are adding a written detection block/email block but haven't enclosed it in asterisks (*)
You are being logged off due to an action policy
You are being shutdown due to an action policy
You are not allowed access to the: <BR>
You are not allowed to access patch management
You are not allowed to access software licencing
You are not allowed to access the remote event viewer, you must be allow to access the Log Viewer to use the Event Viewer
You are not allowed to enter duplicate usernames
You are not allowed to make any changes in the LogViewer, please check your Impero Console access rights
You are not allowed to manage policy items, please check your Impero Access rights
You are not allowed to manage the pCredit settings for the current group as it is a Computer group.
You are not allowed to modify SYSTEM policies
You are not allowed to Remote Control other Consoles
You are not allowed to Remote Control Workstations
You are not allowed to remove clients that have been used within the last 7 days. Do you want to use the following date
You are not permitted to Add Groups
You are not permitted to add policies
You are not permitted to change this groups members
You are not permitted to delete this policy
You are not permitted to Enable/Disable this group
You are not permitted to 'Manage Group Policies' for this group
You are not permitted to remove DEFAULT group policies
You are not permitted to Remove Groups
You are not permitted to remove room layout background images
You are not permitted to remove SYSTEM policies
You are not permitted to rename DEFAULT group policies
You are not permitted to Rename Groups
You are not permitted to rename SYSTEM policies
You are not permitted to rename this policy
You are not permitted to reset the room layout
You are not permitted to run Impero Console
You are not permitted to save room layout background images
You are not permitted to save room layout changes
You are trying to deploy a non ipad compatable exam to an ipad/ipads, Ipads only accept Essay and MultiChoice Question types.
You are trying to remotely install Impero Server which is not allowed. You have probably chosen this by mistake, please try again
You can automatically remove licences for computers and users that haven't run software in a while. This is on your Software Licensing ...
You can change your Impero experience by changing the preferences below
You can edit exams and results offline
You can not Import or Export a System policy
You can not remote control more than 5 users at a time.
You can not remote view this version of the Impero iOS Client
You can now chat to the users on the right of this screen by entering text in the bottom text box.
You can only import a maxmimum of 30 days at one time
You can only record a users from for a maximum of 600 seconds (10 minutes)
You can only temporarily add a user to the Lock Screen group for a maximum of 60 minutes
You can only temporarily add a user to this Ban Internet group for a maximum of 60 minutes
You can select who you would like the report to go to.
You can still mark these now and the marks will be saved.
You can take more than one screenshot by clicking the screenshot button on the remote control window again.
You can use Wildcards in the list below to include members in this group. Eg- ITRoom1* will cover all computers in ITRoom1. To EXCLUDE ...
You cannot lock the screens of the Entire Network, please create a group or use the screen menu to lock certain computers
You cannot perform this operation on a built in User or Computer group
You cannot remove computers when installations are still in progress
You cannot remove licences of applications with a 'per session' licence type.
You cannot use a Custom Lock Screen without setting a background image
You can't remove computers when installations are still in progress
You do not have access to view this group policy
You do not have permission to delete policy Items, please see your administrator
You don't have to tell us your contact details if you don't want to, if however you are telling us something that you would like us to ...
You have accessed banned resources
You have been given the following Tasks, tick each when they are complete.
You have installed version [something]
You have lost connection to the Impero Server. The Impero Console has closed.
You have no licence to run Impero
You have not chosen what you would like to allow. (e.g - ** )
You have not chosen what you would like to always allow. (e.g - An application)
You have not chosen what you would like to block. (e.g - A window)
You have not purchased the module: <BR>
You have not saved the changes you have made, are you sure you wish to continue? If you choose Yes, you will lose the changes you have ...
You have reached the maximum amount of items allowed.
You have recently used this computer. Please wait till
You haven't answered the current question
You haven't created a question
You haven't created any questions
You haven't defined any answers
You haven't selected a directory group
You haven't selected a directory group or an organisational unit
You haven't set any group access rights. By default, all Impero Console users will have access to this group
You must define at least one user to turn the system on.
You must send your report to a minimum of 1 user
You must supply a username and password to continue the installation process, aborting installation
You need to be given the 'Manage Group Members' access right for this group in order to do so
You only have readonly access to pCredit, please check your Impero Console access rights
You should have exported an exam to load here
You sti