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Last active Feb 20, 2018
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KPTI to-do list

  • R|W mapping of TSS? (should check if this is still the case and whether we can make it RO, since we don't really need to change esp0 every switch back to userland any more)
  • Should we add other intrs to kpti_flt IST? All the other "contributory" interrupts?
  • Nicer way to generate MACHCPU_PAD? Maybe break the structs up?
  • KPTI "off" switch and boot argument (set old IDT etc)
  • Clean up __i386 sections now that that is gone?
  • Make T_FRAME_* and T_FRAMERET_* into
  • kmdb blacklists for single-stepping or BPs in the dbg trampolines (and maybe normal trampolines?)
  • Figure out why single-stepping a return tramp still breaks the world even with the kdi_idt punched in
  • int $8 push logic: use addr instead of zero at (%rsp), maybe? seems hacky.
  • Copyrights and cstyle and shiz

Testing to-do list

  • Exhaustive trap tester
  • Test weird floating point things like #XM, #MF and so on
  • Test NMI in bad situations (maybe put an infinite loop in a trampoline?)
  • Find a box that takes MCEs a lot
  • #BR?
  • Find someone who cares about sol10 brand zones?
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alaslums commented Feb 5, 2018

I believe Solaris 10 Branded Zones are currently broken and have been for quite some time. We have to run our last remaining S10 zones on an older SmartOS release (our own build):

uname -v


So I wouldn't worry too much.

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arekinath commented Feb 5, 2018

@alaslums I'm sorry to hear that :| Would you mind filing a bug about it on the illumos-joyent github? I guess we'll come back to that some time in the future. Hopefully we haven't broken it any more than it already was, anyway.

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alaslums commented Feb 14, 2018

@arekinath I'm not sure there's any benefit in maintaining/keeping Solaris 10 binary compatibility in illumos given that we're probably the only people using it ;-) We're not fussed about it as we only have a few zones that are due to be decommissioned.

I'm also not sure about filing an illumos bug on this as I don't have the technical information to hand regarding whether the issue relates to the Joyent fork of illumos specifically or is in illumos proper. "Solaris 10 Zone compatibility possibly broken" sounds a little vague ;-)

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alaslums commented Feb 14, 2018

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