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Working from home

Rian Ariona ariona

Working from home
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ariona / script.js
Created Nov 16, 2015
CSS show/hide animation
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// User HoverIntent
$(".dropdown-menu .menu-item-has-children").hoverIntent(
var isMega = $(this).hasClass("mega-menu");
var sub = $(this).find("> .sub-menu");
if( isMega ){
} else {
ariona / pxtoem-function.scss
Created Nov 20, 2015
Pixel to Em function for SASS
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$browser-context: 16;
@function em($pixels, $context: $browser-context) {
@if (unitless($pixels)) {
$pixels: $pixels * 1px;
@if (unitless($context)) {
$context: $context * 1px;
ariona / proportional-scale.js
Created Nov 25, 2015
Proportionally Scale Any HTML Content
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var $el = $("#very-specific-design");
var elHeight = $el.outerHeight();
var elWidth = $el.outerWidth();
var $wrapper = $("#scaleable-wrapper");
resize: doResize
ariona / background-video.css
Created Dec 4, 2015
Minimal CSS to create background video
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* This method can be applied to video tag and
* can be applied to iframe video like youtube, but with some issue to be considered
/* Centering the video */
position: absolute;
top: 50%;
left: 50%;
transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%);
ariona / input-placeholder.css
Last active Dec 4, 2015
Styling the input placeholder
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* If you want to style specific Input, prepend the input selector like:
* .control::-webkit-input-placeholder{ ... }
::-webkit-input-placeholder {
color: red;
ariona /
Last active Dec 7, 2015
Dynamic Menubar Height with Flexbox

#Dynamic Menubar Height with flexbox

ariona / _Add custom option for
Last active Jan 25, 2016
Add Custom Options for Widgets
View _Add custom option for

##Add Custom Options for WordPress Widgets This snippet will add some option to all registered widget in wordpress.

ariona /
Created Apr 8, 2016
Simulate Click Outside Element

Simple plugin for detecting click outside element

ariona /
Created Apr 15, 2016
Grouping wordpress search result by post types

##Grouping wordpress search result by post types