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Working from home

Sebastian Golasch asciidisco

Working from home
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asciidisco / gist:8731237
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Check existence of attributes with Dalek
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test.execute(function () {
var nl = document.querySelectorAll(".menubar a[href]");
var as =;
as.foreach(function (el) {
var attr = el.getAttribute('data-tracking-id');
this.assert.ok((attr !== null), 'Attribute exists for:' + el.outerHTML);
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// given that the Logout function looks something like this:
// contents of functions.js
module.exports = {
Logout: function (aVar, bVar, test) {
console.log('Im logging the 2nd argument, just for fun:', bVar);
.click('#logout' + aVar)
asciidisco / iap.js
Created Mar 11, 2014
Integrated Appium Server
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// using appium 0.9.something it was paossible to do this
// appium server (this file doesn't exist anymore)
var appium = require('appium/server');
// some args
var appiumArgs = {
app: null,
ipa: null,
quiet: true,
asciidisco / dcu.js
Created Mar 28, 2014
Dalek/Chosen urghhh
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'use strict';
module.exports = {
'Can fill out form': function (test) {'')
.type('#name', 'Sebastian Golasch')
.type('#email', '')
.execute(function () {
// use "in Browser" javascript to select the items
asciidisco / collect_links.js
Created Mar 30, 2014
This code is not tested, but at least should give you an inspiration on how to solve your issue.
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Headline: Local Bower Registry
Description: As a developer, I want to be able to maintain & version private modules & dependencies in the frontend
Estimation: 8SP
Acceptance criteria:
∆ A local bower registry is up & running
∆ The registry can be accessed from the developer machine (onsite & from home office)
∆ The CI server can access the registry
∆ Modules can be uploaded
∆ Modules are stored in every version ever published
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var myLoopedFn = function (test) {'')
.assert.text('#hugendubel', 'Steinlaus')
.assert.text('#hugendubel', 'Weinlaus')
var myObj = {};
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// how to install/first steps
// how to use it within grunt:
module.exports = {
'Can access the DOM': function (test) {'')
// the execute method executes JavaScript within a browser & also has
// full access to the DOM
.execute(function (message) {
// the "data" method is a simple wrapper around a key/value store

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