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atuttle /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Relevant links for my Philly Tech Week 2014 talk: Integrate ALL the Things!
atuttle / ACF_custom_errors_partial_match.cfm
Last active Aug 29, 2015
This file demonstrates that ACF (Tested on latest patched CF10) does allow for "partial matching" of custom-typed thrown exceptions.
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try {
} catch(com.myService.FooException e){
writeOutput("caught it @ com.myService.FooException");

Here's a simple repro case. Since this test involves ORM, you'll have to create a DSN. I'm testing against MySQL but it should be DB agnostic (that's part of the draw of ORM, right?)...

Just create a database and a new DSN named "repro" (or update the code accordingly), put foo.cfc into a folder named "orm", and everything else should work as expected.

atuttle / package.json
Created Oct 2, 2014
Using a free RedisToGo Nano instance on heroku, or the default settings on your local environment
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"dependencies": {
"redis": "^0.10.1"
atuttle / example.cfm
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Generating random numbers with a trend to make data appear more realistic in some scenarios. 50% chance for a direction change.
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//to initialize to a random number instead of 50, set last to ""
last = 50;
for(var i = 1; i <= 100; i++){
last = trendingRandom( 0, 100, 12, last );
writeOutput( "#last#<br/>" );
atuttle / Application.cfc
Created Nov 4, 2014
How I like to do configuration with DI/1
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component {
function getEnvironment(){
if (cgi.server_name contains ".local" or cgi.server_name contains ".dev"){
return "dev";
if (cgi.server_name contains "qa."){
return "qa";
return "prod";
atuttle / adminBase.cfc
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Securing FW/1 applications; segmented by controller
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component accessors="true" {
property framework;
property memberService;
function before( rc ){
local.safeEvents = 'main:member.login,main:member.forgot,main:member.resetpassword';
//require login for everything in this controller except login method
if (!structKeyExists(session, 'user')){
View .gitconfig
name = Adam Tuttle
email =
ui = auto
autocrlf = input
excludesfile = /Users/adam/.gitignore_global
default = tracking
atuttle / .jscsrc
Created Jul 1, 2015
My JSCS config and a sample of how it formats
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"preset": "node-style-guide"
,"validateIndentation": "\t"
,"disallowAnonymousFunctions": true
,"disallowSpacesInsideParentheses": { "only": [ "{", "}" ] }
,"requireSpacesInsideParentheses": { "all": true, "except": [ "{", "}" ]
,"requireSpacesInsideBrackets": { "allExcept": [ "[", "]", "{", "}" ] }}
,"requireSpacesInsideObjectBrackets": "allButNested"
,"validateParameterSeparator": ", "
,"disallowCommaBeforeLineBreak": true
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