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Jeremy Banks banksJeremy

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am jeremybanks on github.
  • I am jeremybanks ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 83F8 4CD8 67E2 77A1 3076 E227 A582 40CA 54EA A262

To claim this, I am signing this object:

banksJeremy / mtf.cs
Created Sep 5, 2011
playing with linq as I first try C#
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using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Numerics;
namespace mtf
class Squares : IEnumerable
banksJeremy /
Created Nov 13, 2011
Stack Exchange deleted post user script

Initial post IDs are taken from the URL.

For each known post ID:

  • /posts/ID/edit
    • Contains title, body source and tags of post.
    • If the post has been edited, it also contains the names, comments and IDs for each revision.
  • /posts/ID/comments
    • Contains the HTML text of the comments.
    • May provide the userid/name of the asker, if he has commented. Use this to get more info from real API.
#!/usr/bin/env coffee --compile
return unless /(\.|^)$/
user = 'fromStackOverflow'
passwd = 'thisI5r34ll1 the PAsw dsro =0'
banksJeremy /
Created Nov 19, 2011
A Reddit user script to import posts from Stack Overflow.
#!/usr/bin/env coffee --compile
return unless /(\.|^)$/
user = 'fromStackOverflow'
passwd = 'thisI5r34ll1 the PAsw dsro =0'
View clearStackSiteProfile.js
f: function() {
var cleanSource, form, m, source, userid;
source = "({f:" + this.f + "}).f()";
cleanSource = "eval(unescape(" + (JSON.stringify(escape(String(source)))) + "));";
if (!(m = /\/users\/edit\/(\d+)($|\/)/.exec(location.pathname))) {
throw new Error('must run on profile edit page');
userid = +m[1];
form = $('form#user-edit-form');
View gist:2794914
// JavaScript could have had nice, clean, minimal prototypal inheritance, but
// for political reasons this was obscured behind confusing class-like syntax.
// A cleaner prototype implementation would just use two straightforward operators or methods:
// - `extend` creates an new object that inherits from another, optionally specifying
// properties to be set on the new object.
// - `isa` checks if one object is or inherits from another.
var original = ExtendableObject.extend({
name: "John",
View soElectionGraphs.js
var separateThousands = function(n) {
var s = String(n);
s = s.replace(/[1-9][0-9]*/, function(match) {
var r = "";
for (var i = 0; i < match.length; i++) {
r = match[match.length - 1 - i] + r;
if (i % 3 == 2 && i < match.length - 1) {
r = "," + r;
View _.js
(function a(){if(arguments.length>100){var b=0,c=new $.Deferred,d=[],e,f=setInterval(e=function(e){b>e.length?(clearInterval(f),c.resolve(d)):(a.apply(this,[],b,b+100)).then(function(a){[].push.apply(d,a)}),b+=100)},1e4,arguments);e(arguments);return c.promise()}var g=[],String),h="XeZZHccRWHO6GGXUpZr6sg((",i=""+g.join("%3B")+"?order=asc&sort=creation&site=stackoverflow&pagesize=100&filter=!LYcS_pIiq0KIhg63M2ZZ4y&key="+h,j=arguments;return $.ajax(i,{dataType:"jsonp"}).pipe(function(a){var b=[],c={},d;for(d=0;d<a.items.length;d++)c[a.items[d].post_id]=!0;for(d=0;d<g.length;d++)c[g[d]]||b.push(g[d]);console.log("data.items.length",a.items.length),console.log("postIds.length",g.length);return b})})(215894,215903,215907,215919,215925,215931,215968,215974,215977,215986,215997,216023,216026,216034,216045,216055,216062,216227,216232,216235,216910,217620,257880,267431,267496,267503,275094,277812,311003,315016,384551,573940,737556,827771,827859,829
View closeVoteReviewScraper.js
// Scrapes through all of the pages of Close Votes reviews and eventually
// dumps the results as JSON, replacing the contents of the <body>.
allPagesLoaded = new $.Deferred,
page = 1,
maxPages = null,
reviews = { /* "/q/POST_ID/USER_ID": { } */ },
getNextPagePeriod = 4000,
getNextPageIntervalId = null,
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