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OliverJAsh / bar-es6.js
Created Nov 13, 2014
sandboxed-module error with transitive ES6 deps
View bar-es6.js
export default 'bar';
jrafanie / gist:3011499
Created Jun 28, 2012
ActiveRecord::Base doesn't serialize instance variables
View gist:3011499
~/Code/playground/rails-3-2-stable $ cat app/models/person.rb
class Person
attr_accessor :abc
~/Code/playground/rails-3-2-stable $ cat app/models/story.rb
class Story < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessor :abc
barockok / veritrans_vtweb_activemerchant_snippet.rb
Last active Dec 24, 2015
Sample code for implementation vt-web with activemerchant
View veritrans_vtweb_activemerchant_snippet.rb
merchant_hash_key = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'
# implemetation for generating form
payment_service_for, merchant_id, \
merchant_hash_key: merchant_hash_key,
service: :veritrans,
amount: @order.total_amount,
currency: 'IDR',
html: {:id => 'payment-form' , :authenticity_token => false } do |service|
barockok / saad_al_ghamidi.rb
Last active Jun 10, 2016
Al-quran 30 Juz 114 surah downloader reciter : Saad Al Ghamidi
View saad_al_ghamidi.rb
require 'mechanize'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'active_support/all'
class SaadAlGhamidi
def initialize
@page_agent =
@file_agent =
@file_agent.pluggable_parser.default = Mechanize::Download
otaviomedeiros / alias_matcher.rb
Created Mar 1, 2012
RSpec matcher for alias_method
View alias_matcher.rb
# RSpec matcher for alias_method.
# Usage:
# describe User do
# it { should alias_from(:username).to(:email) }
# end
RSpec::Matchers.define :alias_from do |alias_method|
alieseparker / Floyd-Warshall
Last active Jan 1, 2018
Floyd-Warshall - Find shortest path
View Floyd-Warshall
# Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
## Introduction:
Finds Shortest Path (or longest path) among all pairs of nodes in a graph.
Complexity: O(|n|³)
## How does it work?
- There can be more than one route between two nodes.
- The number of nodes in the route isn’t important (Path 4 has 4 nodes but is shorter than Path 2, which has 3 nodes)
- There can be more than one path of minimal length
linjian / deferred_garbage_collection_all_in_one.rb
Created Jul 19, 2012
Deferred Garbage Collection All in One
View deferred_garbage_collection_all_in_one.rb
# Usage:
# DEFER_GC=10 rspec spec/
# DEFER_GC=10 cucumber features/
# put it to spec/support/deferred_garbage_collection_all_in_one.rb
# or feature/support/hooks.rb
class DeferredGarbageCollection
jasoncodes / create_item_children_count.rb
Created Oct 23, 2011
Create ActiveRecord models for database views
View create_item_children_count.rb
class CreateItemChildrenCountView < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
execute <<-SQL
CREATE VIEW item_children_count AS
SELECT parent_id AS item_id, COUNT(*) as children_count
FROM items GROUP BY parent_id;
def self.down
d11wtq / let.js
Created Aug 18, 2012
RSpec style let() in Jasmine/Mocha
View let.js
* Get RSpec-style let() in your Mocha/Jasmine specs.
var let = function (callback) {
var value, called = false;
var memoizer = function() {
if (called) {
return value;
} else {
called = true;
jacqui / gist:983051
Created May 20, 2011 — forked from pauldix/gist:981916
Redis SORT command examples
View gist:983051
# Optimized for writes, sort on read
redis.hset("bonds|1", "bid_price", 96.01)
redis.hset("bonds|1", "ask_price", 97.53)
redis.hset("bonds|2", "bid_price", 95.50)
redis.hset("bonds|2", "ask_price", 98.25)
redis.sadd("bond_ids", 1)
redis.sadd("bond_ids", 2)
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