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Justin Thomas base698

  • VDMS
  • Santa Monica, CA
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View stock.sol
pragma solidity ^0.4.10;
contract Stock {
mapping (address => shares) stockHolders;
uint numShares;
function Stock() {
numShares = 100;
base698 / chord.html
Last active Feb 17, 2017
Sample chord diagram. Look at L235 to change the data.
View chord.html
// CSV file for link visits
// if there are 3 links here , then the data for the matrix is 3x3 for the links.
var uris = "link,visits,color\n" +
"/discover,1000,#E41A1C\n" +
"/tv,800,#FFFF33\n" +
// Visitors from one page to another, eg this says 4 visitors went /discover -> /tv
base698 /
Last active Feb 11, 2017
Easy copy and paste markdown.
uploaded_name=jt-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%s")-sn.png
file=$(ls -tr ~/Desktop/Screen* | tail -n 1)
aws s3 cp "$file" "$s3_path" --acl public-read
base698 /
Created Dec 20, 2016
Task List in Progress

Defining a Process [%]

Collective Standards

Pricing Spreadsheet [50%]

do yearly cost with DB/API included
make one single dropdown for time selection

How much can we spend? How Performant does each node need to be?

Sheet for determining resources of a service. How many CPU? How much RAM?

Circuit Breakers [0%]

View perf
# hello world
This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 1706008 $>
Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd,
Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation,
Benchmarking localhost (be patient)
Completed 100000 requests
Completed 200000 requests
Completed 300000 requests
Completed 400000 requests
base698 /
Last active Nov 9, 2016
Stack Trace
import java.lang.StringBuffer;
public class HTTP {
public static void get() throws Exception {
String urlString = "http://localhost:1234/";
base698 / handler.clj
Created Oct 26, 2016
You can create a template app with lein with: lein new compojure hello-world
View handler.clj
(ns in-mem.handler
(:require [compojure.core :refer :all]
[compojure.route :as route]
[ring.middleware.defaults :refer [wrap-defaults site-defaults]]))
(def start (slurp "../../tests/start.json"))
(defroutes app-routes
(GET "/start" [] start)
(route/not-found "Not Found"))
View couchbase-bench.go
package main
import (
base698 / nginx.conf
Created Aug 24, 2016
nginx Built with: ./configure --add-module=../memc-nginx-module/ --add-module=../ngx_devel_kit/ --add-module=../set-misc-nginx-module/ --add-module=../redis2-nginx-module/ --add-module=../srcache-nginx-module/ --add-module=../echo-nginx-module/ --add-module=../ngx_http_redis-0.3.8
View nginx.conf
#user nobody;
worker_processes 2;
#error_log logs/error.log;
#error_log logs/error.log notice;
#error_log logs/error.log info;
#pid logs/;
base698 /
Created Aug 22, 2016
Create a bunch of random users for a PG Database
psql < create.sql
cat /usr/share/dict/words | awk 'BEGIN{srand()}{printf "%06d %s\n", rand()*1000000, $0;}' | sort -n | cut -c8- | head -n 20000 > $shuffled
exec 5< $shuffled
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