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* ecto (Hex package)
the dependency ecto
> In deps/scrivener/mix.exs:
{:ecto, "~> 1.0", [optional: false, hex: :ecto, manager: :mix]}
does not match the requirement specified
> In deps/phoenix_ecto/mix.exs:
{:ecto, "~> 1.1.2", [optional: false, hex: :ecto]}
Ensure they match or specify one of the above in your deps and set "override: true"
** (Mix) Can't continue due to errors on dependencies

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am bcardarella on github.
  • I am bcardarella ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is C279 1DBA 10CE A943 BFFD C1CF 9C46 DEE2 63B8 1F8F

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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** (Mix) could not load Dockyard.Repo, error: :badfile. Please pass a repo with the -r option.
18:29:45.549 [error] Loading of /Users/bcardarella/Dropbox/projects/dockyard-api/_build/dev/lib/dockyard/ebin/Elixir.Dockyard.Repo.beam failed: :badfile
18:29:45.549 [error] beam/beam_load.c(1278): Error loading module 'Elixir.Dockyard.Repo':
module name in object code is Elixir.DockYard.Repo
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defmodule ExampleTest do
use ExUnit.Case
test "foobar" do
task_sup = Module.concat(__MODULE__, TaskSup)
children = [
Supervisor.Spec.worker(Task.Supervisor, [[name: task_sup]])
Supervisor.start_link(children, :one_for_one)
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"Make it up as I go" Keto program

From early Jan - start of April I stuck to a ketosis diet and increasing difficulty exercise program. Over that time I lost about 25lbs.



  • 1 Mozarella Cheese Stick
  • 1 tablespoon of organic chunky peanut butter
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defmodule MySupervisor do
def start
import Supervisor.Spec
children = [
worker(FooBar, [])
opts = [strategy: :one_for_one, name: MySupervisor]
Supervisor.start_link(children, opts)
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defmodule ElixirDaze.Foobar do
require Logger
def start_link do
{:ok, spawn(__MODULE__, :foo, [0])}
def foo(count) do
if count > 5 do
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◉ Testing settings in dotspacemacs/layers Show in File
**○ TEST: Each path in dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path is a string
**○ TEST: Each path in dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path exists in filesystem
**○ TEST: Each layer in dotspacemacs-configuration-layers can be found
****✸ PASS: auto-completion
****✸ PASS: emacs-lisp
****✸ PASS: git
****✸ PASS: markdown
****✸ PASS: elixir
****✸ PASS: erlang
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import { presence, length, confirmation} from 'ember-validations/validators';
passwordValidations(context) {
return context
::presence('password', 'passwordConfirmation')
::length('password', { greaterThan: 8 })
errors: computed('name', 'email', 'password', 'passwordConfirmation', function() {
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import { presence, length, confirmation, format} from 'ember-validations/validators';
errors: computed('name', 'email', 'password', 'passwordConfirmation', function() {
let user = get(this, 'model');
return user
::presence('name', 'email', 'password')
::length('password', { greaterThan: 8 })
::format('email', /@/)