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Bret bcomnes

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On some files that are missing duration, parsing metadata is very slow.

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bcomnes / .gitignore
Last active Sep 13, 2017
sticky tables
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var Nanocomponent = require('nanocomponent')
var html = require('bel')
var onIdle = require('on-idle')
var url = require('url')
var TwitterWidgetsLoader = {
src: '//',
loading: false,
listeners: [],
interval: 50,
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Dom Event scheduling
<yoshuawuyts> bret: the order of resolution per tick is:
16:18 bret: 1. microtasks; they're part of promises and mutationobservers but you can hook into them. See
16:18 bret: 2. setTimeout(cb, 0) calls
16:18 bret: 3. requestAnimationFrame() calls
16:19 <bret> Bret Comnes is that all of them?
16:19 <yoshuawuyts> bret: now this is where it gets tricky. If there is any rendering, it'll happen now. If there is none, setTimeout() and RAF will resolve _again_ on the same tick. Not sure about microtasks but suspect them too
16:19 bret: but assuming we modified the dom:
16:20 bret: 4. the render pipeline triggers here. E.g. paints and reflows
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Yoshua Wuyts 9:36 AM
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var from = require('from2')
exports.fromBuffer = fromBuffer
function fromBuffer (buffer) {
return from(function (size, next) {
if (buffer.length <= 0) return next(null, null)
var chunk = buffer.slice(0, size)
buffer = buffer.slice(size)
next(null, chunk)
bcomnes / .gitignore
Last active May 15, 2017
electron-builder yarn sqlite3 bug
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bcomnes / .gitignore
Last active Jul 3, 2017
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module.exports = {
use: [
input: 'index.css',
output: 'dist/bundle.css',