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bgotink /
Created Aug 6, 2012 — forked from koshigoe/
Like tmpfs in Mac OS X. This code is public domain.
# This program has two feature.
# 1. Create a disk image on RAM.
# 2. Mount that disk image.
# Usage:
# $0 <dir> <size>

Badass git pull alternative

Add this in your path as git-up and git-reup (symbolic link) and it amps up your git pull by means of git up

  1. Adds in a list of the commits you're pulling down
  2. Auto-prunes remote branches
  3. Defaults to pull --rebase - gets rid of unnecessary merge commits. If you don't know what rebase does, this is probably safe for you. If you know what rebase does, you should know where this will not be safe for you.

Kyle Neath, Ryan Tomayko and then Zach Holman basically figured out how to do this. TheSpyder found a small error on case sensitive file systems.

set SSH_ENV $HOME/.ssh/environment
function start_agent
echo "Initializing new SSH agent ..."
ssh-agent -c | sed 's/^echo/#echo/' > $SSH_ENV
echo "succeeded"
chmod 600 $SSH_ENV
. $SSH_ENV > /dev/null