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CREATE (n0:Object { name: "monopile", description: "A generic monopile." }),
(n1:Object { name: "geared drive train", description: "A generic geared drive train" }),
(n2:Object { name: "substructure", description: "A generic substructure." }),
(n3:Object { name: "gravity base", description: "A generic gravity base." }),
(n4:Variable { name: "WT position", description: "The spatial position of a turbine, expressed as a longitude and latitude or in another coordinate system." }),
(n5:Variable:MBZ13 { name: "wind speed at hub height", description: "This expressed the speed of the wind at hub height of a given turbine.", unit: "m/s", type: "real" }),
(n6:Variable { name: "steel price", description: "This variable is used to express the price of steel.", type: "real" }),
(n7:Variable:MBZ13 { name: "free stream wind direction", description: "This variable expresses the direction of the free stream wind as a north-based azimuth, so N=0°, E=90°, S=180°, and W=270°.", unit: "°′″", type: "real" }),
(n8:Object { name: "