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boina-n / Install Cloud Foundry Usage report from source
Last active Jan 27, 2017
Install the Cloud Foundry usage report plugin
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## How to install the Cloud Foundry usage report plugin for the CLI:
tar -zxvf go1.7.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.7.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
go get
mkdir $HOME/work
export GOPATH=$HOME/work
go get
go get
boina-n / proxy-gradlew
Created Jan 27, 2017
Set a proxy with gradlew to build a project
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git clone
./gradlew -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=3128 -Dhttps.proxyHost= -Dhttps.proxyPort=3129 build
boina-n / Hawq-cups
Last active Jan 27, 2017
How to create a user provided service with an external Hawq DB
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vboxmanage list vms
vboxmanage import /opt/application/PCF-BDS/HDB-Sandbox-2.01-vbox.ova
VBoxManage modifyvm "HDB-Sandbox-2.01-vbox" --natpf1 delete http
VBoxManage modifyvm "HDB-Sandbox-2.01-vbox" --natpf1 "http,tcp,,8888,,80"
VBoxManage modifyvm "HDB-Sandbox-2.01-vbox" --natpf1 delete gpdb
View io_disk-measurement.txt
vcap@agent-id-pcfdev-0:~$ while true ; do iostat -p sda -x ; sleep 1 ;done
Linux 4.2.0-42-generic (agent-id-pcfdev-0) 02/09/2017 _x86_64_ (16 CPU)
avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle
0.80 0.00 4.49 0.10 0.00 94.61
Device: rrqm/s wrqm/s r/s w/s rkB/s wkB/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz await r_await w_await svctm %util
sda 0.19 28.61 4.30 15.53 262.87 1166.64 144.22 1.07 53.79 19.09 63.40 3.64 7.21
sda1 0.19 28.61 4.28 15.37 262.78 1166.64 145.49 1.06 54.18 19.17 63.93 3.65 7.18
sda2 0.00 0.00 0.01 0.00 0.04 0.00 8.34 0.00 0.34 0.34 0.00 0.34 0.00
boina-n / virtualbox-snapshot-clone.txt
Last active Feb 20, 2017
virtualbox snapshot and clone commands
View virtualbox-snapshot-clone.txt
rm -rf /opt/application/PCF-DEV/pcfdev/clones/$(date +"%Y%m%d" --date="+2 days ago").pcfdev-v0.389.0
vboxmanage clonevm pcfdev-v0.389.0 --basefolder /opt/application/PCF-DEV/pcfdev/clones/ --name $(date +"%Y%m%d").pcfdev-v0.389.0
# 1. Take a snapshot
vboxmanage snapshot pcfdev-v0.389.0 take $(date +"%Y%m%d").pcfdev-v0.389.0
# 2. Clone the Snapshot
vboxmanage clonevm pcfdev-v0.389.0 --snapshot $(date +"%Y%m%d").pcfdev-v0.389.0 --basefolder /opt/application/PCF-DEV/pcfdev/clones/ --name $(date +"%Y%m%d").pcfdev-v0.389.0
boina-n / gencfscript.txt
Last active Feb 21, 2017
This java program will create a script to recreate all the ressources of you Cloud Foundry installation (Account, orgs, spacs, quotas etc...)
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export MAVEN_OPTS="-Dhttps.proxyHost= -Dhttps.proxyPort=3128"
./mvnw clean package
mkdir -p /root/script/cfbackup
java -jar target/gencfscript-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar http://api.pcfdev admin admin --skip-ssl-validation --hideProgress > /root/script/cfbackup/$(date +"%Y%m%d")
0 0 * * * /root/script/ &>/dev/null
boina-n /
Created Apr 6, 2017
Simple script to quickly to monitor pcfdev
date=$(date +%d/%m/%y)
daterev=$(date +%Y%m%d)
timestamp=$(date +%s)
if [ ! -d "$dir" ]; then
mkdir -p $dir
boina-n /
Last active Apr 8, 2017
Enable android tethering with Ubuntu
sudo ip route delete default
sudo ifconfig usb0 up
sudo dhclient usb0
sudo ip route add default via
boina-n / cf-haproxy.cfg
Created Apr 8, 2017
HaProxy conf for Cloud Foundry
View cf-haproxy.cfg
mode http
log global
log local2
option tcplog
option dontlognull
option http-server-close
option forwardfor
option redispatch
retries 3
boina-n /
Created Apr 11, 2017
This is memo script that replay the DNS traffic captured in order to load a DNS Server for test purpose.
# To be executed on the DNS server and output to be copied
dip=$(ip addr show dev $dif | egrep -o '(addr:)?([0-9]*\.){3}[0-9]*' | head -n1)
dmac=$(ip link show dev $dif | egrep -o '(link/ether:)?([0-9a-f]{2}\:){5}[0-9a-f]{2}' |head -n1)
echo -e "dmac=$dmac \ndip=$dip"
#To be executed on the injector
#Past the previous copied content from the DNS server
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