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bonsaiviking /
Created May 24, 2013
Simple MD4 digest implementation in pure Python
#!/usr/bin/env python
import struct
def leftrotate(i, n):
return ((i << n) & 0xffffffff) | (i >> (32 - n))
def F(x,y,z):
return (x & y) | (~x & z)
def G(x,y,z):
bonsaiviking /
Last active Nov 15, 2019
A simple/simplistic implementation of AES in pure Python.
#My AES implementation
# By Daniel Miller
def xor(s1, s2):
return tuple(a^b for a,b in zip(s1, s2))
class AES(object):
class __metaclass__(type):
def __init__(cls, name, bases, classdict):
cls.Gmul = {}
bonsaiviking /
Last active Nov 1, 2019
Guide to using Nmap to scan for the Heartbleed bug.


  1. Nmap. The script requires version 6.25 or newer. The latest version, 6.47, already includes the next 3 dependencies, so you can skip directly to the Scanning section below.
    • An easy way to get the latest Nmap release is to use Kali Linux.
    • Binary installers are available for Windows.
    • RPM installer available for Linux, or install from source.
    • .dmg installer available for Mac OS X.
  2. tls.lua. The script requires this Lua library for TLS handshaking.
  3. ssl-heartbleed.nse. This is the script itself.
bonsaiviking / lua.vim
Last active Dec 10, 2018
A Vim indent file for the Lua scripting language. Install as ~/.vim/indent/lua.vim
View lua.vim
" Vim indent file
" Language: Lua
" Maintainer: Daniel Miller <>
" Original Author: Daniel Miller <>
" Last Change: 2014 Feb 6
" Only load this indent file when no other was loaded.
if exists("b:did_indent")
bonsaiviking /
Created Dec 20, 2013
YMMV, but this should export a PNG of a zenmap topology from a Nmap XML file
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
if len(sys.argv) != 4:
print """{0} - Output a PNG from Nmap XML
Usage: {0} <scan.xml> <out.png> <width_in_pixels>""".format(sys.argv[0])
bonsaiviking /
Created Jun 13, 2013
Pure-python SHA-2 implementation, including all FIPS 180-2 specified variants (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-512/224, and SHA-512/256)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import struct
def rightrotate(i, n, wsize):
return ((i << (wsize-n)) & (2**wsize-1)) | (i >> n)
class SHA2(object):
"""Abstract class for SHA-2 variants"""
def __init__(self):
bonsaiviking /
Created May 23, 2013
SHA1 implementation in pure Python
#!/usr/bin/env python
import struct
def leftrotate(i, n):
return ((i << n) & 0xffffffff) | (i >> (32 - n))
class SHA1(object):
def __init__(self, data=""):
self.h = [
bonsaiviking /
Created Jun 6, 2014
Display progress reading/writing a file according to position information on the file descriptor.
# Usage: $(pgrep myprocess) $FD_NUMBER
# Find $FD_NUMBER by doing: ls -l /proc/$(pgrep myprocess)/fd/
name=$(readlink $fd)
size=$(wc -c $fd | awk '{print $1}')
while [ -e $fd ]; do
bonsaiviking /
Created Apr 9, 2014
Check for bugs and code quality issues in Nmap source files.
PEP8=$(which pep8)
if [ -z $PEP8 ]; then
echo "No pep8 in your path. Skipping Python checks"
for file in $(find "$@" -name '*.py'); do
"$PEP8" -r "$file" > "$OUTPUT"
bonsaiviking / mcafee-epo-agent.nse
Created Jun 5, 2012
McAfee ePO Agent detection (Nmap NSE script)
View mcafee-epo-agent.nse
-- mcafee-epo-agent.nse V0.0.2, checks if ePO agent is running
-- Developed by Didier Stevens and Daniel Miller
-- Use at your own risk
-- History:
-- 2012/05/31: Start
-- 2012/06/01: extracting data from XML; tested with ePO 4.5 and 4.6
-- 2012/06/05: V0.0.2 convertion to version script by Daniel Miller
-- 2012/06/20: new portrule by Daniel Miller
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