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# Setup dir and repo
mkdir underscore-string
cd underscore-string
git init
# Make some files we'll need
touch package.js smart.json
# Add the submodule and checkout the desired branch
git submodule add git:// lib/underscore.string
fightingtheboss / configuration.yml
Last active September 15, 2023 07:29
An Amazon Elastic Beanstalk configuration file for a Meteor project. This file needs to be saved in the .ebconfiguration/ directory at the root of your project. Deployed with `git aws.push`. Replace MONGO_URL with the URL to your MongoDB instance (I use MongoHQ).
git: []
mode: "000755"
user: root
group: root
encoding: plain
gabrielhpugliese /
Last active April 19, 2022 14:37
Tutorial for running Meteor in Windows using Vagrant

Tutorial: Meteor in Windows using Vagrant


  • Now, Meteor runs in any Windows without any line of this tutorial. Just download the Meteor binary! Yay!!
  • mrt is no longer used with Meteor 1.0

These days some people were discussing at meteor-talk group about running Meteor at Windows and I’ve recommended them using Vagrant. It’s a very developer-friendly piece of software that creates a virtual machine (VM) which let you run any operating system wanted and connect to it without big efforts of configuration (just make the initial installation and you have it working).

Many packages (I've tested) for running Meteor+Vagrant fails because Meteor writes its mongodb file and also other files inside local build folder into a shared folder between the Windows host and the Linux guest, and it simply does not work. So I've put my brain to work and found a solution: do symlinks inside the VM (but do not use ln. Use mount so git can follow it). It’s covered on

kevin-smets /
Last active June 17, 2024 23:01
iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS)





evantahler / dmx.js
Last active July 26, 2018 19:59
enttec open dmx + nodejs
#!/usr/bin/env node
// A simple DMX example which will turn all the lights on and off every second
// You can use this as a fork within another application as well (cluster-awareness)
// dmx.js //
var ftdi = require('ftdi');

Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness

Instructions to Subjects Included With Task Slips Packet

This is a study of interpersonal closeness, and your task, which we think will be quite enjoyable, is simply to get close to your partner. We believe that the best way for you to get close to your partner is for you to share with them and for them to share with you. Of course, when we advise you about getting close to your partner, we are giving advice regarding your behavior in this demonstration only, we are not advising you about your behavior outside of this demonstration.

In order to help you get close we've arranged for the two of you to engage in a kind of sharing game. You're sharing time will be for about one hour, after which time we ask you to fill out a questionnaire concerning your experience of getting close to your partner.

You have been given three sets of slips. Each slip has a question or a task written on it. As soon as you both finish reading these instructions, you should

jdmaturen /
Last active July 29, 2023 22:39
Who pays when startup employees keep their equity?

Who pays when startup employees keep their equity?

JD Maturen, 2016/07/05, San Francisco, CA

As has been much discussed, stock options as used today are not a practical or reliable way of compensating employees of fast growing startups. With an often high strike price, a large tax burden on execution due to AMT, and a 90 day execution window after leaving the company many share options are left unexecuted.

There have been a variety of proposed modifications to how equity is distributed to address these issues for individual employees. However, there hasn't been much discussion of how these modifications will change overall ownership dynamics of startups. In this post we'll dive into the situation as it stands today where there is very near 100% equity loss when employees leave companies pre-exit and then we'll look at what would happen if there were instead a 0% loss rate.

What we'll see is that employees gain nearly 3-fold, while both founders and investors – particularly early investors – get dilute

defmodule Raven.Util.Transaction do
use GenServer, restart: :temporary
@moduledoc """
Claim a given transaction handle
Blocks if other callers have already claimed the handle. This will return with
`:ok` if the current process wins the claim, otherwise it will return `:already_taken`
### Example Usage

An introduction to alternative keyboard layouts

This is a post to satisfy your curiosity about alternative keyboard layouts, why some people use them, and whether they're for you. It is intended to discuss the topic in broad terms, but I will share my personal preferences towards the end. Due to time constraints and my own limited knowledge, I will focus on layouts optimized for the English language (ANSI variants, with an occasional nod to ISO).

First off, it's important to understand how much debate there is about how we got here: I will not even attempt to settle the issue of who invented the 'first' typewriter layout, because the modern device had many predecessors going back centuries. The usual legend of typewriter evolution holds that American Christopher Latham Sholes debuted the typewriter in 1868 with a 2-row layout that was (nearly) alphabetical. A horizontal stagger between the rows made room for the lever arms attached to each key:

 3 5 7 9 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
2 4 6 8 . A B C D E