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Burak Say buraksay

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toobulkeh / performance_data.rb
Last active Oct 8, 2020
rbvmomi performance manager usage
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vim = RbVmomi::VIM.connect host: vcenter.hostname, user: vcenter.username, password: vcenter.password, insecure: true
pm = vim.serviceInstance.content.perfManager
# this is for a single cluster with hosts directly in one cluster. 'first' returns the cluster object.
hosts =
pm.retrieve_stats([hosts[0]], ['cpu.usagemhz'], {interval: '300', start_time: ( - 6.hours)}).first[1][:metrics]['cpu.usagemhz']
# This above query queries for the 'cpu.usagemhz' counter, which by default matches the (none) rollup counter (NOT THE AVERAGE) in vSphere API.
# This is a problem with the RbVmomi gem helper function "retrieve_stats" only. To override this, use the following manual counter selection:
caseywdunn /
Last active Sep 28, 2021
Docker cheat sheet

Docker cheat sheet


Docker is a tool for bundling together applications and their dependencies into images that can than be run as containers on many different types of computers.

Docker and other containerization tools are useful to scientists because:

  • It greatly simplifies distribution and installation of complex work flows that