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View flamegraph.rb
# Step 1:
# FlameGraph.generate(output: 'asdf') { ... },
# Step 2:
# git clone
# cd FlameGraph
# ./ < ../asdf > out.svg

CSS-ish styling for graphviz DOT

digraph {
  rb_find_file_safe [class="emph,strong"];
  search_required [class=emph];
  open_load_file [class=emph];
  rb_find_file -> rb_find_file_safe;
  search_required -> rb_find_file_safe;
  rb_require_internal -> search_required;
View fs.d
#pragma D option dynvarsize=32M
#pragma D option switchrate=1msec
#pragma D option bufsize=25m
#pragma D option quiet
syscall::open:entry /pid == $target/ { self->path = arg0; }
syscall::shm_open:entry /pid == $target/ { self->path = arg0; }
syscall::open_extended:entry /pid == $target/ { self->path = arg0; }
syscall::accept:entry /pid == $target/ { self->fd = arg0; }
syscall::accept_nocancel:entry /pid == $target/ { self->fd = arg0; }
burke / genkey.rb
Created Oct 12, 2016
Create an Elliptic Curve keypair in ruby
View genkey.rb
require 'openssl'
k ='secp384r1').generate_key
p =
p.public_key = k.public_key
puts k.to_pem, p.to_pem
  1. Build app like this
  2. Open app
  3. open omgscheme://whatever
View run-in-terminal.scpt
-- compiled from
on run argv
set command to argv
-- without doing this as a var, it will launch iterm2
set iterm to "iTerm2"
if application iterm is running then
tell application "iTerm"
set _window to (current window)
if _window is equal to missing value then
burke / APKBUILD
Created Oct 28, 2015
Alpine Linux APKBUILD for runc
# Contributor: Burke Libbey <>
# Maintainer:
pkgdesc="CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCF specification"
license="ASL 2.0"

Lots of these commands have two versions: one with and one without a :. The colon modifies operators to treat a declared-but-empty variable as nonexistent.

More detailed docs and examples for all of these are at:

bash ruby
${a} a
${a-b} `a
${a:-b} `(a == "" ? nil : a)
${a=b} `a
View getrubystack.bash
if [[ $# -ne 1 ]]; then
>&2 echo "usage: $0 <pid>"
exit 1
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