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// Get dependency: `ng add @angular/material`
// Save to `src/app/material/material.module.ts`
// June 2024
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
/* ================================ MATERIAL ================================ */
// Importing Angular Material modules individually
// Each import provides a specific UI component from Angular Material
# I wrote a shell script that takes a project name and then configures an Angular project with a prefix and all my preferences,
# which include eslint, prettier, and the Airbnb styles guide for Angular using pnpm (instead of npm).
# Download it to the parent directory where you want to create a new project ( I have them all in a directory called wdd430)
# and then make it executable with this command.
# chmod +x
/** 1 */
// Inside build method, in form widget
void toggleDropdownEnabled(bool val) {
.update((state) => val);
/** 2 */
// Inside form

Linting (ESLint) and Formatting (Prettier) in Angular

Term Tool Explanation Use Docs
🔦 Linter ESLint - Runs a set of discrete rules
- Slower
- Explicit logic for edge cases
Code quality (bug catching) 📑
🧹 Formatter Prettier - Reformats in one pass
- Faster
- Can't find and fix bugs
Code Formatting 📑
  • eslintconfigprettier -> Prettier -> Lint

Linters have two categories of rules: