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ENV["RAILS_ENV"] = "test"
require File.expand_path('../../config/environment', __FILE__)
require 'rubygems'
gem 'minitest'
require 'minitest/autorun'
require 'action_controller/test_case'
require 'miniskirt'
require 'capybara/rails'

AngularJS Directive Attribute Binding Explanation

When using directives, you often need to pass parameters to the directive. This can be done in several ways. The first 3 can be used whether scope is true or false. This is still a WIP, so validate for yourself.

  1. Raw Attribute Strings

    <div my-directive="some string" another-param="another string"></div>
cbioley / cVim-alfred.css
Created January 23, 2016 19:33 — forked from franklinjavier/cVim-alfred.css
cVim theme inspired by Yosemite Spotlight
#cVim-link-container, .cVim-link-hint, #cVim-command-bar, #cVim-command-bar-mode, #cVim-command-bar-input, #cVim-command-bar-search-results, .cVim-completion-item, .cVim-completion-item .cVim-full, .cVim-completion-item .cVim-left, .cVim-completion-item .cVim-right, #cVim-hud, #cVim-status-bar {
font-family: Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, Neue, sans-serif, Arial;
font-size: 9pt !important;
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased !important;
border-radius: 4px!important;
#cVim-link-container {
position: absolute;
pointer-events: none;
cbioley /
Created February 1, 2016 14:48

Bootstrap integration

There are - like always with computer science - multiple ways to integrate Bootstrap in your project.

The easiest one probably being by referencing both needed resources:

<link rel="stylesheet"
cbioley / gulp-este-bare_gulpfile.js
Created February 10, 2016 00:04
Update in `gulpfile.babel.js`
gulp.task('bare', () => {
// By default, this task is a no-op.
// If you want to activate it in order to remove the demo files from
// your Este.js project, please do the following:
// 1. run `npm install gulp-este-bare`
// 2. add "import blank from 'gulp-este-bare'" at the top of this file
cbioley /
Created April 25, 2016 22:47
esnextbin sketch
// 4. Setup your app.
import { Provider } from 'react-redux'; // <-- and not 'react-redux-router'
// 5. Setup your store.
import {
} from 'redux';
import {
cbioley /
Last active April 28, 2016 21:46
esnextbin sketch
cbioley / overrides.lua
Created May 16, 2023 15:44 — forked from ianchesal/overrides.lua
copilot.lua + copilot-cmp in NvChad
-- Add the following in your custom/configs/overrides.lua file. You can configure copilot to meet your needs here.
M.copilot = {
-- Possible configurable fields can be found on:
suggestion = {
enable = false,
panel = {
enable = false,