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DanHerbert /
Last active Aug 5, 2020
Instructions on how to fix npm if you've installed Node through Homebrew on Mac OS X or Linuxbrew

READ THIS Very Important Update

This entire guide is based on an old version of Homebrew/Node and no longer applies. It was only ever intended to fix a specific error message which has since been fixed. I've kept it here for historical purposes, but it should no longer be used. Homebrew maintainers have fixed things and the options mentioned don't exist and won't work.

I still believe it is better to manually install npm separately since having a generic package manager maintain another package manager is a bad idea, but the instructions below don't explain how to do that.

Fixing npm On Mac OS X for Homebrew Users

Installing node through Homebrew can cause problems with npm for globally installed packages. To fix it quickly, use the solution below. An explanation is also included at the end of this document.

dodyg / gist:5823184
Last active Aug 2, 2020
Kotlin Programming Language Cheat Sheet Part 1
View gist:5823184


Kotlin is a new programming language for the JVM. It produces Java bytecode, supports Android and generates JavaScript. The latest version of the language is Kotlin M5.3

Kotlin project website is at

All the codes here can be copied and run on Kotlin online editor.

Let's get started.

visenger /
Last active Jul 8, 2020
Scala and sbt installation on ubuntu 12.04
# one way (older scala version will be installed)
# sudo apt-get install scala
#2nd way
sudo apt-get remove scala-library scala
sudo dpkg -i scala-2.11.4.deb
sudo apt-get update
anonymous / solution.scala
Created Apr 8, 2013
Solve 10 problems of eulerproject using 20 lines scala code
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import collection._
import Stream._
implicit class D(n: Int) {
def fs = (1 until n) filter (n%_ == 0) sum // sum of n's proper divisors
val r = mutable.Map[Int, Any]() // to store the result
val num = from(0) //all non-negative integer numbers
def isprime(n: Int) = BigInt(n) isProbablePrime 10
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