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Programmer: Atlanta, GA, No Remote, Full-Time

Layer 3 Communications is a professional services organization and network systems integrator. We use Haskell to build network security applications that revolve around either analyzing network data or configuring networks.

Networking knowledge can be learned on the job, and thus is not required.

Our stack:

  • Backend: Haskell
  • Frontend: Small amounts of JavaScript
  • Database: Postgres

Backend frameworks include:

  • Lucid + Trasa, for the largest application which requires more type safety
  • Yesod + Persistent, for a small application that is much simpler than the first
  • Lucid + Scotty, for an application which mostly sees work done by interns

For workers relocating: At this time, we cannot sponsor new H1B candidates.

Why work for Layer 3?

  1. Small team. Layer 3 is not a startup, but we like to keep our teams small, avoid bureaucracy, and move fast. As a consequence of this, you'll work on many aspects of a project, gaining broader and deeper knowledge than if you had been hired at a larger company where each developer has a narrower focus.
  2. Self-managed. As was said before, we're a small team, so there's less bureaucracy and more personal autonomy.
  3. Interesting problems. The largest application is a SIEM written entirely in Haskell. The engineering and ideas that go into a good SIEM are not trivial, and have proven fun to implement.
  4. Haskell. Haskell's immutability, static typing, and numerous other benefits allow us to write less code that does more, in a more maintainable way.

Other Perks

  • Company that cares about the products they provide
  • Most customers are school systems, hospitals, and local governments
  • Health/Dental/Vision
  • 401(k) matching
  • Large kitchen and snack closet
  • Equipment paid for (laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitors, etc.)
  • Ping Pong Table and Pickleball court
  • Tons of good Indian/Thai food nearby
  • We work hard but don't expect people to come in late into the night or weekend unless there are exceptional circumstances.

About Layer 3

Layer 3 is a professional services organization and network systems integrator. Essentially what this means is that we work with our clients to build networks from the ground up based on their individual needs. Layer 3 is involved in all aspects of our client's networks, but the one aspect a candidate for this position will be working on is the in-house security and monitoring software.


To apply, please email with your resume, and anything else that would be helpful in evaluating you as a candidate (GitHub, LinkedIn, Website, past work, conference talks, code samples, etc.)

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