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chris2286266 /
Created January 5, 2018 21:58
Eine Copy-Paste-Anleitung zur Installation eines IOTA (IRI) Headless Full Nodes auf Ubuntu
chris2286266 /
Created March 8, 2017 08:48 — forked from eelsivart/
Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) Test & Exploit Python Script
# Modified by Travis Lee
# Last Updated: 4/21/14
# Version 1.16
# -changed output to display text only instead of hexdump and made it easier to read
# -added option to specify number of times to connect to server (to get more data)
# -added option to send STARTTLS command for use with SMTP/POP/IMAP/FTP/etc...
# -added option to specify an input file of multiple hosts, line delimited, with or without a port specified (host:port)