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Chris Roos chrisroos

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Then /^the "([^\"]*)" checkbox should be checked$/ do |label|
field_labeled(label).should be_checked
Then /^the "([^\"]*)" checkbox should not be checked$/ do |label|
field_labeled(label).should_not be_checked
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use URI::Escape qw(uri_escape_utf8);
use open IO => ":utf8", # UTF8 by default
":std"; # Apply to STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR
chrisroos / INSTALLATION
Created Feb 27, 2010 — forked from adonaldson/INSTALLATION
HSBC login bookmarklet
These are the steps I took to get the HSBC Bookmarklet ( installed.
1. Get a copy of John Gruber's perl script to create bookmarklets (I've copied it and created a gist)
$ git clone git:// make-bookmarklet
2. Get a copy of Andrew Donaldson's HSBC auto logger inner
$ git clone git:// hsbc-bookmarklet
chrisroos / README
Created May 5, 2010
Mysql data export script
I've moved this to its own repository -
chrisroos / Gemfile
Created May 7, 2010
Example tests and the equivalent specs
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gem 'rspec'
chrisroos / lighthouse-ticket-2340-rails-smtp-error-check.rb
Created May 7, 2010
Check Rails apps to see whether they suffer from the vulnerability in lighthouse ticket 2340
View lighthouse-ticket-2340-rails-smtp-error-check.rb
# Introduction
# ------------
# I wanted a fairly simple/standalone way to check whether our rails apps were affected by the ActionMailer/SMTP error
# in lighthouse ticket 2340 -
# Usage
# -----
# Use the script/runner within your rails app
# $ script/runner lighthouse-ticket-2340-rails-smtp-error-check.rb
# Remember to run it in the relevant environment, e.g. production
chrisroos / flash_helper.rb
Created May 14, 2010
Playing around with moving html from flash messages into helper methods
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module FlashHelper
# If message contains symbol like strings we'll inject the value from that helper method
# e.g. 'foo :bar baz' will return 'foo <return value of the bar method> baz'
def render_flash_message(message)
h(message).gsub(/:(flash_\w+)/) { send $1 }
def flash_helper_method
'*you called a_helper_method*'
chrisroos / gist:490352
Created Jul 26, 2010
Monkey patching soap4r to force it to use net/http so that we can mock/stub requests with Fakeweb
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# HTTPStreamHandler will use httpclient if installed (which it will be if you've installed soap4r as a gem, as httpclient is listed as a dependency) and fall back to net/http if it's not. We want to force net/http so that we can use FakeWeb. This hack is pretty crappy because it relies on the implementation of Soap4r but it works so is good enough for now.
def force_soap4r_to_use_net_http!
require 'soap/netHttpClient'
SOAP::HTTPStreamHandler.send :remove_const, :Client
SOAP::HTTPStreamHandler.const_set(:Client, SOAP::NetHttpClient)
chrisroos / download-calendar.rb
Created Oct 7, 2010
Command line util to download a google calendar
View download-calendar.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
calendar_url = ARGV.shift
unless calendar_url
puts "Usage: #{File.basename(__FILE__)} <calendar-url> [<download-directory>]"
exit 1
download_directory = ARGV.shift
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