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Clayton Watts cletusw

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View designer.html
<link rel="import" href="../core-icon-button/core-icon-button.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-toolbar/core-toolbar.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-scroll-header-panel/core-scroll-header-panel.html">
<polymer-element name="my-element">
:host {
position: absolute;
cletusw / attribute-web-components.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Attribute Web Components (Decorators?)
View attribute-web-components.txt
View live:
TODO: Make dynamic (adding or removing the attribute adds or removes the functionality)
cletusw /
Created Apr 15, 2015
Convert video to x264 in mp4
ffmpeg -i "$1" -c:v libx264 -preset veryslow -crf 35 -c:a copy "${1:0: -4} low.mp4"
cletusw / backdrop.html
Created May 21, 2015
Generate a backdrop with a cutout (ie, for highlighting a page element in an app walkthrough)
View backdrop.html
<svg xmlns="" width="100%" height="100%">
<mask id="walkthrough-backdrop-mask">
<rect width="100%" height="100%" x="0" y="0" fill="white"></rect>
<ellipse class="hole" ng-attr-cx="{{cutoutCenterX}}" ng-attr-cy="{{cutoutCenterY}}" ng-attr-rx="{{cutoutRadiusX}}" ng-attr-ry="{{cutoutRadiusY}}" fill="black"></ellipse>
<rect width="100%" height="100%" x="0" y="0" fill="black" fill-opacity="0.75" mask="url(#walkthrough-backdrop-mask)"></rect>
cletusw / polymer-element.sublime-snippet
Last active Dec 21, 2015
Here's a Sublime Text snippet for quickly creating polymer-elements. Just type "<polymer" and press TAB to generate the empty element, then tab through the different fields to add a name (which is automatically mirrored to the Polymer() call), attribute default values in the prototype (which are automatically mirrored to the "attributes" attribu…
View polymer-element.sublime-snippet
<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/polymer/polymer.html">
<polymer-element name="$1" attributes="${2/:[^\n$]*(\n[ \t]*|$)/ /g}">
:host {
display: block;
git blame --line-porcelain -L 300,319 path/to/file.js | sed -n 's/^author //p' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | sed -n '1 p' | sed -n 's/^ *[0-9]* //p'
# Or to see all for an entire directory
git log --pretty=format:"%an" -- path/to/dir/ | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
View test
cletusw / html-webpack-header-loader.js
Last active Jul 14, 2017
Add javascript to be added to the webpack-built JS file directly in your HTML (for declaring dependencies, etc.)
View html-webpack-header-loader.js
// template.html
<script type="text/javascript-webpack-header">
console.log('loaded template');
<h1>This is the template</h1>
View My Git config
apply.whitespace fix
core.whitespace 'space-before-tab,-indent-with-non-tab,trailing-space'
core.ignorecase true
diff.renames copies
merge.ff only
merge.conflictstyle diff3
pull.ff only
push.default upstream
push.followTags true
rerere.enabled 1
cletusw / almost-amd-to-commonjs.js
Last active Aug 16, 2017
Codemod: AMD in CommonJS style -> CommonJS
View almost-amd-to-commonjs.js
* Run this with jscodeshift
* Live demo:
* Converts:
* define(function (require) {
* var React = require('react');
* const props = { foo: 'bar' };
* return React.createClass(props);
* });
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