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Constantine Nikolaou cnicolaou

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cnicolaou / gist:1438212
Created Dec 6, 2011
Convert string chars to hex values
View gist:1438212
ree-1.8.7-2011.03 :027 > array = []
=> []
ree-1.8.7-2011.03 :028 > "hello".each_byte {|x| array << x}
=> "hello"
ree-1.8.7-2011.03 :029 > array.join(",")
=> "104,101,108,108,111"
cnicolaou / super_simple_sqs.rb
Created Oct 26, 2011 — forked from ssimeonov/super_simple_sqs.rb
This is a simple way to post a message to Amazon SQS w/o any gems (the queue must already exist)
View super_simple_sqs.rb
module Amazon
module Authentication
@@digest ="sha256")
def sign(auth_string)
Base64.encode64(OpenSSL::HMAC.digest(digester, aws_secret_access_key, auth_string)).strip
def digester
cnicolaou / compress_requests.rb
Created Aug 5, 2011 — forked from subdigital/compress_requests.rb
Rack Middleware to automatically unzip gzipped/deflated POST data
View compress_requests.rb
class CompressedRequests
def initialize(app)
@app = app
def call(env)
if env['REQUEST_METHOD'] =~ /(POST|PUT)/
if env.keys.include? 'HTTP_CONTENT_ENCODING'
input = env['rack.input'].read
View nl.yml
# Dutch translation in YML by Ariejan de Vroom <>
# - Sponsored by Kabisa ICT -
# Fully compatible with Translate (the Rails translation plugin)
# -
separator: ","
cnicolaou / git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull --rebase origin 2.0.0pre
Created Jun 14, 2011
git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull --rebase origin 2.0.0pre
View git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull --rebase origin 2.0.0pre
(14:38) user:~/dev/rubinius(master)$ git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull --rebase origin 2.0.0pre
HEAD is now at 9175c06 Merge pull request #1014 from apotheon/master
remote: Counting objects: 8015, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3301/3301), done.
remote: Total 7234 (delta 4511), reused 6178 (delta 3695)
Receiving objects: 100% (7234/7234), 3.40 MiB | 51 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (4511/4511), completed with 320 local objects.
From git://
* branch 2.0.0pre -> FETCH_HEAD
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
cnicolaou / rvm + rubinius
Created Jun 14, 2011
installing rubinius using rvm
View rvm + rubinius
(12:17) user:~$ rvm install rbx-2.0.0pre
rbx-2.0.0pre installing #dependencies
Pulling from origin 2.0.0pre
ERROR: Error running 'git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull --rebase origin 2.0.0pre', please read /Users/user/.rvm/log/rbx-2.0.0pre/rbx.repo.log
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
Copying from repo to source...
chmod: ./configure: No such file or directory
rbx-2.0.0pre - #configuring
ERROR: Error running '/Users/user/.rvm/wrappers/ree-1.8.7-2011.03/ruby ./configure --prefix=/Users/user/.rvm/rubies/rbx-2.0.0pre --skip-system ', please read /Users/user/.rvm/log/rbx-2.0.0pre/configure.log
ERROR: There has been an error while running '/Users/user/.rvm/wrappers/ree-1.8.7-2011.03/ruby ./configure --prefix=/Users/user/.rvm/rubies/rbx-2.0.0pre --skip-system '.
View Unicorn capistrano deploy.rb
# capistrano deployment
require "bundler/capistrano"
require "capistrano/ext/multistage"
set :stages, %w(canary production)
set :default_stage, "canary"
set :application, "lolcats"
set :deploy_to, "/srv/#{application}"
View trivial_file_upload_service.rb
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
require 'fileutils'
# upload with:
# curl -v -F "data=@/path/to/filename" http://localhost:4567/user/filename
post '/:name/:filename' do
userdir = File.join("files", params[:name])
View rails binary gems
config.gem 'factory_girl',
:version => '>= 1.2.3' unless, 'vendor/plugins/factory_girl'))
# Cucumber and dependencies
config.gem 'polyglot', :lib => false,
:version => '0.2.9' unless, 'vendor/plugins/polyglot'))
config.gem 'treetop', :lib => false,
:version => '1.4.3' unless, 'vendor/plugins/treetop'))
config.gem 'term-ansicolor', :lib => false,
View gsl install failure
(09:34) cn5:~/Downloads/gsl-1.9$ gem install gsl
Building native extensions. This could take a while...
ERROR: Error installing gsl:
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby extconf.rb
checking gsl version... 1.9
checking gsl cflags... -I/usr/local/include
checking for main() in -lcblas... yes
checking for main() in -latlas... yes
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