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xcode-select --install
cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy
# -> add ssh key to github
git clone ~/.dotfiles
sh ~/.dotfiles/bin/dotfiles --with-apps
# -> open google backup and sync and log in
sh Google\ Drive/.configfiles/bin/setup
codfish /
Last active Dec 20, 2019
Prettier + ESLint + airbnb config + Husky + lint-staged + commitlint + markdownlint

My personal & professional linting setup. Extends airbnb's ESLint config first, then Prettier. Run's Prettier as an ESLint rule via their ESLint plugin. Dynamic support for react or non-react applications depending on your project dependencies. Dynamic inclusion of Kent C Dodds' ESLint Jest config depending on your project dependencies.

Convenient opt-in configs for projects using Docker or Ethereum to avoid common false positives.

To understand more, see

To avoid having to manually setup everything and add all configuration/boilerplate code to your project, use cod-scripts instead. It was forked from kcd-scripts and ultimately inspired by react-scripts.


codfish /
Last active Dec 11, 2019
Dev Resources & Reference

Here are some sites with useful developer tools & reference material. Some of them are simple links to the original source, while some are also elaborated on below for quick & helpful reference.

  • Cheat Sheets -- Source
  • HEAD: A list of everything that could go in the head of your document -- Source
  • We serve fast and scalable informational images as badges for GitHub, Travis CI, Jenkins, WordPress and many more services. Use them to track the state of your projects, or for promotional purposes. -- Source
  • Storybook: The UI Development Environment. -- Source
  • Branching & Release Strategy -- Source
  • Probot: GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow. Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub, and easily build and share your own. -- [Source](https://probot.gith
codfish / .php_cs.dist
Last active Nov 12, 2019
PHP-CS-Fixer configuration file. PSR-2 plus some opinionated options to make code cleaner.
View .php_cs.dist
* Rules we follow are from PSR-2 as well as the rectified PSR-2 guide.
* -
* -
* -
* If something isn't addressed in either of those, some other common community rules are
codfish / meta-service.js
Created Sep 16, 2019
AngularJS v1 Meta Service
View meta-service.js
// ***********************************************************************************
// meta-service.js
'use strict';
* Meta Service
* The Meta Service allows you to abstract a lot of business logic
* that goes into setting meta & link tags for your templates.
codfish /
Last active Aug 7, 2019
Helpful bash commands & reference. Some commands specific to Debian-based distros.

Bash Notebook


  • $ mkdir -p /path/to/dir/to/create - Recursively create directories if necessary
  • $ scp -r <host>:</source/path> <host>:</destination/path> - Recursively copy files & directories over ssh
  • $ printenv - List all environment variables
  • $ lsof -i :<port> - Find out which process is listening upon a port

Conditional Logic

codfish / Dockerfile
Last active Feb 20, 2019
Example json-server module for marketing campaigns. `json-server api.js`
View Dockerfile
FROM mhart/alpine-node:11.10
RUN mkdir /app
COPY ./package.json ./package-lock.json ./
RUN npm install
CMD npm run dev
codfish / now-headers.json
Last active Jan 16, 2019
Cache control headers for static assets with Now.
View now-headers.json
"version": 2,
"name": "",
"alias": "",
"builds": [{ "src": "package.json", "use": "@now/static-build" }],
"routes": [
"src": ".*\\.(js|css|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|svg|txt|ttf|woff2|webmanifest)$",
"headers": {
"Cache-Control": "public, max-age=157680000, s-maxage=157680000"
codfish / Ethereum event fixtures for
Last active Jan 15, 2019
Ethereum event fixtures for js.
View Ethereum event fixtures for

To install a relatively recent version of Faker you'll need to install from a commit. The maintainer is still active and merging new features, but does not cut new releases.

npm install --save-dev faker@Marak/faker.js#<commit-sha>

I.e. npm install --save-dev faker@Marak/faker.js#d3ce6f1 (latest commit at the time of writing).

codfish /
Last active Jan 10, 2019
GIT Cheat Sheet & Reference

GIT Cheat Sheet & Reference

Here's some helpful git examples and reference for everyday issues.

# set new remote url
git remote set-url origin <remote_git_url>

# Update the latest commit
git commit --amend
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