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Conrad Buck conartist6

  • Boulder, CO
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conartist6 /
Last active March 16, 2023 15:55
cst-tokens internal data stucture
  A range is represented as a [Token, Token] tuple.

  A range can only be iterated backwards, which creates the need to store tokens in an array!

  Each node must have its own tokens array to enable efficient editing.

  A context object often abbreviated `ctx` holds WeakMaps, including `paths` and `previousTokens`.

  Tokens reference their preceding token using the `previousTokens` WeakMap.
conartist6 / index.js
Last active March 1, 2023 19:33
cst-tokens grammar snippet
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import { prod, tok, sym, Grammar } from '@/helpers';
new Grammar({
productions: {
// This version of ImportSpecifier uses helpers to be concise:
*ImportSpecifier() {
yield eat(prod`Identifier:imported`);
yield eatMatch(tok`Keyword:as`, prod`Identifier:local`);
conartist6 /
Last active March 1, 2023 15:02
Conrad Buck - A resume for humans

This is my resume for humans! It is meant to be read, not parsed, and that is on purpose. My goal here is to start conversations, so you are welcome to email me any questions or comments.

Conrad Buck
Remote, Eastern Time

I consider myself to be foremost a linguist and a champion of developer experience. I am always considering how it should be possible to express technical concepts with readable code, how to uphold and combine the fundamental principles of development, and what the next step is on the path to much larger goals. I hope that you will read the code I have written and find it unremarkable, but I hope that you understand also that this reflects what I believe is an exceptional ability to reach into many, many different projects, languages, and disciplines to triage and fix bugs, build missing functionality, and most importantly to make the right

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function /*1*/ foo /*2*/ (/*3*/) /*4*/ {/*5*/} /*6*/
conartist6 / index.js
Last active January 28, 2023 00:00
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const _ = Symbol('private');
class ReadOnlyMap {
constructor(map) {
this[_] = map;
static from(entries) {
return new ReadOnlyMap(new Map(entries));
conartist6 / ranges.js
Last active January 22, 2023 18:10
Tokenizer ranges
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class Tokenizer {
constructor(source) {
this.source = source;
this.result = null; // result is a token, i.e. a stack of tokens
this.pathRangesByToken = new WeakMap();
this.prevTokensByToken = new WeakMap();
ownTokensFor(path) {
const { prevTokensByToken, pathRangesByToken } = this;
conartist6 / json-parser.js
Last active January 17, 2023 17:33
A human-friendly json parser with parserate
View json-parser.js
import parserate from '@iter-tools/parserate';
const t = {
token: (value) => ({ type: 'token', value }),
literal: (value) => ({ type: 'literal', value }),
const escapes = {
'"': '"',
'\\': '\\',
conartist6 / lamp.js
Last active December 16, 2022 16:28
State machine with generators
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Lamps often have on-off switches that twist clockwise, clicking as they do.
Some such switches have four states, even though the lamp has only two (on, and off).
On these lamps clicking the switch will only cause an on/off transition every other click.
Just looking at the lamp you'll know if it's on, but not if the next click will turn it off.
To reliably interact with such a lamp you will use an algorithm, even in real life.
I use the term strategy to refer to an algorithm expressed with generators like this --
the strategy pattern is useful to abstract an algorithm from the representation of the data.
conartist6 / parse-grammar.js
Last active December 4, 2022 21:35
Parser spitballing
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import { Grammar } from '@cst-tokens/grammar';
import { objectEntries } from '@cst-tokens/helpers/iterable';
import { eat, match } from '@cst-tokens/helpers/commands';
import { capture, ref, PN } from '@cst-tokens/helpers/shorthand';
// 2-+2+-2
$capture = '2';
$node = { type: 'Digit', value: $caputure };
$capture = '-';
conartist6 / bench.js
Created November 26, 2022 03:37
Common empties microbenchmark
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console.time('new Set');
for (let i = 0; i < 1_000_000; i++) {
new Set();
console.timeEnd('new Set');
console.time('new Map');
for (let i = 0; i < 1_000_000; i++) {
new Map();