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contra / gtfs-feeds.json
Last active Jul 28, 2021
huge collection of gtfs and gtfs-rt feeds - originally from
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[{"id":"roam-transit/953","type":"gtfs","name":"Roam Transit GTFS","raw":"","location":{"type":"Point","properties":{"name":"Banff, AB, Canada","shortName":"Banff"},"coordinates":[-115.570769,51.178363]}},{"id":"mission-bay-tma/952","type":"gtfs","name":"Mission Bay TMA GTFS","raw":"","location":{"type":"Point","properties":{"name":"San Francisco, CA, USA","shortName":"San Francisco"},"coordinates":[-122.419415,37.774929]}},{"id":"avalon-transit/951","type":"gtfs","name":"Avalon Transit","raw":"","location":{"type":"Point","properties":{"name":"Santa Catalina Island, California 90704, USA","shortName":"Santa Catalina Island"},"coordinates":[-118.41631,33.387886]}},{"id":"blue-grass-ultra-transit-service/950","type":"gtfs","name":"Blue Grass Ultra-Transit Service GTFS","raw":"http://dat
contra /
Last active Jul 18, 2021
Age of Empires II HD - For Mac OSX

Stealing WiFi


This will let you access any google owned site. This includes: youtube, google cache, google translate, google search, gmail, google news, etc.

  • Install the HTTPS Everywhere extension
  • Add these rules to your /etc/hosts file
contra /
Created Sep 23, 2013
Command Encoder for Brookstone Rover 2.0 TCP Protocol
package com.wificar.component;
import android.util.Log;
import com.wificar.WificarActivity;
import com.wificar.util.BlowFish;
import com.wificar.util.ByteUtility;
import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
import org.apache.http.util.ByteArrayBuffer;
contra / polyfill.js
Created Aug 28, 2013 — forked from remy/gist:350433
LocalStorage/SessionStorage polyfill
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var isStorageAvailable = function (storage) {
if (typeof storage == 'undefined') return false;
try { // hack for safari incognito
storage.setItem("storage", "");
return true;
catch (err) {
return false;
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contra / redis-loader.js
Created May 28, 2013
Loads a JSON object into redis - good for testing. Supports flat keys as well as nested values
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var redis = require('redis');
var async = require('async');
module.exports = loadRedis;
function loadRedis(opts, cb) {
var errored = false;
var client = redis.createClient(opts.redis.port,;
client.once('error', function (e) {
contra /
Created Jul 7, 2015
Instax SP-1 Android Source
package com.Instax.sdk;
import java.util.*;
import android.util.Log;
import com.Instax.sdk.InstaxStatus.ErrCode;
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html {
filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-o-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-ms-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-moz-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-webkit-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-salesforce-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-dropbox-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
-blink-filter: brightness(0.8) sepia(0.9);
contra /
Last active Oct 21, 2019
installing private internet access on kali linux
apt-get install network-manager-openvpn
mv /etc/openvpn
cd /etc/openvpn
rm -rf
# set up the rest in the gui
# gateway =
# CA.crt will be in /etc/openvpn