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vitorbritto /
Last active April 23, 2024 14:21
Remove MySQL completely from Mac OSX

Remove MySQL completely

  1. Open the Terminal

  2. Use mysqldump to backup your databases

  3. Check for MySQL processes with: ps -ax | grep mysql

  4. Stop and kill any MySQL processes

  5. Analyze MySQL on HomeBrew:

    brew remove mysql
Restuta /
Last active March 7, 2024 00:01
Sizes of JS frameworks, just minified + minified and gzipped, (React, Angular 2, Vue, Ember)

Below is the list of modern JS frameworks and almost frameworks – React, Vue, Angular, Ember and others.

All files were downloaded from and named accordingly. Output from ls command is stripped out (irrelevant stuff)

As-is (minified)

$ ls -lhS
566K Jan 4 22:03 angular2.min.js
steinwaywhw / One Liner to Download the Latest Release from Github
Last active April 14, 2024 15:39
One Liner to Download the Latest Release from Github Repo
  • Use curl to get the JSON response for the latest release
  • Use grep to find the line containing file URL
  • Use cut and tr to extract the URL
  • Use wget to download it
curl -s \
| grep "browser_download_url.*deb" \
| cut -d : -f 2,3 \
| tr -d \" \
dasilvaluis / gulpfile.js
Last active September 27, 2021 09:34
Gettext Scanner Gulp Script for Twig Projects
* Gettext Scanner Script for Twig Projects
* v1.3
* Developed by Luís Silva
* Purpose:
dmurawsky / index.js
Last active February 4, 2024 17:20
How to make a page full height in Next.js
const FullHeightPage = () => (
Hello World!
<style global jsx>{`
body > div:first-child,
div#__next > div {
height: 100%;
joeytwiddle /
Last active April 22, 2024 15:24
Do not use forEach with async-await

Do not use forEach with async-await

TLDR: Use for...of instead of forEach() in asynchronous code.

For legacy browsers, use for...i or [].reduce()

To execute the promises in parallel, use Promise.all([].map(...))

The problem