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cupakromer / gist:2773353
Created May 23, 2012
which way is the way?
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# The points are stored in a nested hash
# {
# "bounds"=> {
# "northeast"=>{"lat"=>39.0464399, "lng"=>-76.9836289},
# "southwest"=>{"lat"=>38.995162, "lng"=>-77.033157}
# },
# }
# We just want the values, as an array:
# [north_lat, east_lng, south_lat, west_lng]
def extract_bounding_box_version1
View gist:2901020
module Fetcher
class Base
# ... other code ...
def uri
def options
View gist:2902415
module Fetcher
class BasicTraffic < Base
add_fetcher_options after: :count_severe_incidents
def self.inherited( subclass )
subclass.add_fetcher_options after: :count_severe_incidents
cupakromer / .rspec
Created Jun 10, 2012 — forked from coreyhaines/.rspec
Loading just active record
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-I app
View cream_and_sugar.rb
require "money"
class Decorator < BasicObject
undef_method :==
def initialize(component)
@component = component
def method_missing(name, *args, &block)
cupakromer / basic.rb
Created Aug 4, 2012
Steel City Ruby Lightning Talk
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def steelcityruby
"I heard you like programming."
cupakromer / gist:3371003
Created Aug 16, 2012
each_with_object vs inject
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my_array = %w[test one two three]
# Inject takes the value of the block and passes it along
# This often causes un-intended errors
my_array.inject({}) do |transformed, word|
puts transformed
transformed[word] = word.capitalize
# Output:
# {}
cupakromer / Guardfile
Created Sep 8, 2012
Guard double test run
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# A sample Guardfile
# More info at
guard 'rspec', :version => 2 do
cupakromer /
Created Oct 3, 2012
Abusing Class and Struct

In tonight's meeting I tried, and failed, to show how to create a Struct with a custom method. Turns out, you can't do that. But you can use to accomplish this. UPDATE: You can do this. I don't remember what syntax I was trying before, but in 1.9.3 you can successfully pass a block to; though this isn't documented.

The end result is the same:

  • A new Class object
  • Default initialize handling the attributes
  • attr_accessor methods defined for those attributes

Big thanks to @steveklabnik for his two posts which inspired me to try to show this horribleness (that's a reflection on my silliness, not Steve):

cupakromer / gist:3867596
Created Oct 10, 2012
Is there a better way to have this?
View gist:3867596

So recently I was looking for a way to do a comparison on a String with either another String or a Regexp. Looking online didn't yield much help, most discussions on equality focused on ==, eql?, equal?. None of which would satisfy the requirement. So I was left with this code:

def matches(compare_with)
  if compare_with.is_a?(Regexp)
    @data_string =~ compare_with
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