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dagalti / vue-material-swipe-tabs-with-animation.html
Last active Nov 5, 2020
Vuejs Material design tabs with swipe, transitions effects without using extra libraries.
View vue-material-swipe-tabs-with-animation.html
1. Set Tabwidth in data
2. Tabs are swipeable
3. Scrollable tabs
4. No external libraries used expcept vuejs
5. Using vuejs transition for animation
Demo :
Codepen :
dagalti / vue-timeago-filter.js
Last active Mar 31, 2019
Vuejs timeago filter (Milliseconds to Readable string)
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It converts timestamp / milliseconds to readable time ago string. for eg. 12 mins ago, 1 month ago
How to use?
import { timeago } from '@/filters.js';
export default {
name: ...,
dagalti / vue-viewmore-directive.js
Last active Feb 27, 2019
Simple View more / Read more directive for vuejs based on number of lines. Add v-viewmore="MAXIMUM_LINES_T0_SHOW" to content div. Demo :
View vue-viewmore-directive.js
/* How to Use?
1. Add v-viewmore to content div.
2.Add CSS to the component.
3. Javascript
import { viewmore } from 'vue-viewmore-directive.js'
export default {
dagalti / dynamic-keyframes.js
Last active Feb 17, 2019
Dynamic Css Keyframes
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///Create keyframes for moving X position TranslateX
//How to use?
// import {animate} from dynamic-keyframes.js
// animate(element, from_X_pos, to_X_pos, callback_function_after_animation_finish)
export const animate = (elm, from, to, done) =>{
var animfn = "linear"
var duration = "300ms"
var direction = "forwards" ///or "backwards"
var style = document.createElement('style');
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