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/* eslint-disable func-names */
/* eslint quote-props: ["error", "consistent"]*/
* This is an skill to learn how the Alexa API works. Created by Dan Mayer
* Built with the Amazon Alexa Skills nodejs skill development kit.
* Initially edited from the getFact example.
'use strict';
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Yeah AWS Lambda / API gateway and such, I do think in terms of a no manage DB firebase looks better.
The concern I have with all of the serverless approaches comes down to scaling with a team:
* The deployment story is still a bit messy
* dev environment generally connects to shared resource
* testing is tricky / non existant
* debugging tools aren't up to speed.
* doesn't do well with dev/staging/prod completely forgetting as the team scales branch based dev
* less so on AWS to standard DBs, but firebase doesn't have a great story for data analysis yet.
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user_pass = "password1"
User.where(:email => '').first.update(password: user_pass, password_confirmation: user_pass)
resource = User.find_by_email("")
bcrypt =
password = BCrypt::Engine.hash_secret("#{user_pass}", bcrypt.salt)
valid = Devise.secure_compare(password, resource.encrypted_password)
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GEM_NAME = "ls-secure_gmaps"
COMMIT_MESSAGE = "update to latest ls-secure_gmaps\n This makes sure all calls are made with the correct keys for our new contract"
APPS = ["browse", "browse-service", "escapes", "events", "preferences", "sponsors"]
CMDS = ["git pull origin master",
"bundle install",
"bundle exec rake",
"bundle update #{GEM_NAME}",
"bundle exec rake",
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def method_a
puts "hi"
def method_b
puts "boom goes the awesome"
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#specific commiter
git log --numstat --pretty="%H" --author="dan.mayer" --since="2 years ago" app | awk 'NF==3 {plus+=$1; minus+=$2} END {printf("+%d, -%d\n", plus, minus)}
#team total
git log --numstat --pretty="%H" --since="2 years ago" app | awk 'NF==3 {plus+=$1; minus+=$2} END {printf("+%d, -%d\n", plus, minus)}
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a counterpoint
a pair, article and a response
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'jenkins_api_client'
require 'ruby-debug'
CI_PROJECT_NAME = "server_responder"
@client = => 'localhost',
:server_port => '8888',
:username => 'somename',
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$:.unshift "#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/lib"
require "swagger"
# Get request API endpoints
require "index_api"
require "project_name_api.rb"
require "project_path_api.rb"
# Post request endpoints
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./bin/ -DskipErrors com.wordnik.swagger.codegen.BasicRubyGenerator "key"
base path is
********* Failed to read swagger json!
Error: Operation - responseClass | missing required field
**** ignoring errors and continuing
swagger version: 1.2
api version: 1.0
missing models: Set()